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FET has failed 😢

So my second go has failed this morning. Had a negative test at 7dp5dt followed by bleeding. I am absolutely gutted I just don't understand how it's failed again! My partner is so upset too. I did everything this go, scratch, eating well, every supplement you can imagine, I tried natural to stop all the drugs - just don't understand how it's failed again using a good embryo (5aa)

We have used all our NHS goes so it's private from here on....I have already had a consultation with a private clinic a couple of months ago and phoned them this morning and they want to do a natural killer and cytokines blood test tomorrow (£750!!!!!) so hopefully I can restart again on my next cycle. Am I rushing things? Is it too soon? I can't stop crying this morning 😢😢 I know it sounds bad but why are we going through IVF?? Why has it happened to us!! all we want is a baby xxx

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You are asking for what the majority of people find easy to get. But for some of us having a baby is the toughest challenge we have ever/will ever face. I'm sorry that you are going through this and please know you are certainly not alone.

I'm not sure if it's too soon to go with the next treatment only you can tell. I have found that I have needed to focus on the what next when things have gone wrong for us but I have always had to take time in between treatments, normally to let my body settle back down. But you should give yourself some time to grieve. This process is as much emotional as it is physical (then laterally a financial one too!)


Aw big hugs I ask myself all the time 'why is' it's such a cruel journey. Only you can really answer what's next, I am a planned so quite often have the next step planned and ready just helps me cope I guess.

Take care xxx


So sorry to hear this. Do what is right for you and your partner. Just take some time to heal. Best of luck x x x


It isn't fair and the doctors don't know why either.

Take time to get over the disappointment. And perhaps have your follow up before going to a private clinic. Get copies of all your notes and test results to take to the private clinic.

Your GP may be able to order of the blood tests, worth a try before forking out £750. Private treatment is very expensive unfortunately.


I feel your pain we went through 4 failed private cycles and all BFN... Had all the tests done and nothing came of it.

Was about to give up then said let's try a donor and here we are nearly 12 weeks and do far God willing it's ok.

Don't give up up. Sorry for your fails xx


Ah you poor love...you have every right to feel confused and sad..especially when you are doing everything right and no more you could do...take some time to grieve, then pick yourself up again, you can do it...I been through 3 rounds, last 2 rounds I have miscarried...so I know I can get pregnant...but angry with my body I can't hold on to them....but I will pick myself up and do round 4. We all heve for you...sending big hugs xxx


Hi, I am sorry you are going through this. Do what is right for you. If you consider going private, I would suggest doing as much research as possible, also on fertility clinics abroad that offer good treatment at friendly pocket prices. A few friends of mine picked overseas clinics (Gdansk/Poland and Czech), have been satiesfied with treatment, prices and service. They got pregnant at their first try. Good luck x


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