Failed πŸ˜”

Well ladies I don't know what to say I had high hopes as everything seemed to be going well until yesterday when I started with a small amount of brown spotting. I did my test this morning it's was negative so rang the hospital they said to do another test in a couple of days. Then a few hours later my spotting turned into a full period with clotting πŸ˜” So called hospital again and was told to book my appointment to go back and stop my medication. I'm not sure how to feel other than disappointed as I also know my endo is growing back too but can't afford a second round πŸ˜” Good luck to everyone who is going through their cycles xx

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  • Oh sweet I am so sorry to hear of your news,this is my biggest fear hohopefully my EC is w.c 2nd may I've been really panicking about it. 

    I hope you areOK lovely xxxxk

  • Sorry to hear your sad news!  Look after yourself!x

  • This happened to me so I know how you feel. Look after yourself xxx

  • So sorry to hear your news ☹

    Big hugs 

  • That happened to me too, but i had to continue pessaries until otd, it's so hard, take time out for yourselves to recover, do something nice together! It'll take time so take as much as you need! Big hugs! Xxx

  • I'm really sorry to hear your news xx

  • Really sorry, it's not fair.

  • So sorry to hear your news. The same happened to me on my first round. Take some time and look after yourself x

  • Thank you all so much for your kind words. It's my birthday on 13th April so we are going away to lakes then. I wish everyone else all the best with your cycles xx

  • Hi Lj87.  Just enjoy your time together.  Diane

  • Hi Honey..

    I also failed on my first round..currently saving like mad for second round as i am only entitled to one round..i know what you feel like i took home test early when i was on 2ww because i had not bled or anything but was getting cramps like cycle was coming it was negative then i told myself the test was wrong then clinic confirmed and i fell apart!  Once the hormones had gone i started to make plans for second round i am so so sorry it failed but you shouldnt give up sweetie xx

  • I am so sorry to hear this LJ, its such a cruel process. No one can make any sense of it but i hope in the days and weeks to come you start to come to terms that this time was not yours but that you can re focus and move forward xx

  • So sorry to heart your news hun, look after yourself . Xx

  • Sorry to hear your news. We also failed this time. We are self funded and it's crippling financially. Only got a few poorer looking embies left and am so exhausted that we decided to take a month off and try growing them from 3-5 days. If they don't succeed we will probably give it another go as we really want our baby..... But as I go through this I am started to ask whether it's really worth all the emotional stress. That said after a few days I usually pick myself up and decide to battle on for a bit longer. Maybe you will feel like this too after a short time. 

    Hope you have a lovely holiday and big hugs!

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