Feeling so low!

This is the first time since our bfn in early March that i have felt this low! I always get pmt but this feels so much worse! Will be contacting clinic next week when i get my period to schedule fet, but dont think they will as I've put on so much weight! 😢 I just can't seem to shif it!

Hate feeling like this, i just want to get going now, it's such a roller coaster ride with no guarantees!

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  • Hello

    You sound so blue :( I think it's really natural when you have emotionally & physically put yourself through so much then for it to result in huge disappointment is just so sad.

    We have had two failed cycles and I'm with you - but! you can do this. You DID do it! I never took enough time between two cycles so jumping into my FET after failed fresh was a major mistake. I really never coped, the whole time I expected it to fail plus everyone had reassured me I would find it "easier" which I did not due to hormone side effects!

    I won't tell you what to do, but I will say you need to be feeling well and resilient enough to cope before you start, some time would have helped me inbetween. Take care & keep sharing xxx

    PS I forgot to say I have gained at least half a stone since Oct! Keep active & eat well if you can xxx

  • Thank you for your kind words! Part of me wants the fet to be asap but I want to get my weight down so i can give our little embies the best chance! We only have two frozen and will be having both put back together, otherwise it's a second fresh cycle! I think it's the not knowing that's getting to me! Xxx

  • It's really hard trying to stay positive especially when you're feeling so low and negative about the whole process. It takes a lot out of you mentally and physically.

    We're due to start our second round of IVF next month after we failed our first round in November. The hospital actually didn't want us to have another attempt because of my high FSH (30s) but they said they will let us have another go. I pretty much go through periods of being okayish to being pretty depressed and have had to take time off work. I don't really know the best way to cope really but there is a little hope still in me and that's what I hold on to. We can all only hope for the best x

  • Ah Hun I'm so sorry to hear about how you feel, it's such kick in face isn't it. Its good you've had some time out between cycles as you're body will be better rested without pumping all those hormones in, so you'll be ready to go again very soon. I'm with you on the weight gain, over the last year I've put on 7kgs!! Which is also making me really down. I've joined slimming world to help shift the pounds and I'm finding it pretty easy as you can eat a lot! 👍 We've decided to wait 3 months so I can get myself back in the game mentally and physically ready for our FET in August.

    You can do this, you're a strong beautiful woman and you've come so far. Be strong 👊. Sending you positive thoughts xxx

  • Managing to keep busy at work today, but still feeling low! Thank you for your kind words, I'm sure it'll pass! Xxx

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