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Feeling so low


I don’t even know why I’m writing this....

I just feel so low ... I can’t even now stop crying when I think about it all ... in fact it can be something completely different and I get emotional (this is not me but if a ice queen in the past) I just want to give up ... save the hurt 😔

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Hi lovely, so sorry to read you're feeling so low. Do you have any support around you right now? I do understand how down this journey can make you feel. It's such a stressful time it can be hard to know who to turn to. I came home today from work in tears (again!) as i'm finding the environment so difficult. Feel free to message me any time for a chat. Sending love and BIG hugs xxx

Sorry to read your feeling so low, I think it’s all part of grieving 😢 it’ll take time to become stronger and I think it’s only in time we learn how to live with this pain. I had a massive wobble earlier this month where I felt exactly the same, keep talking about how your feeling we’re all here for you xx

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Thank you so much, I know I’ve got all you lovely ladies! I just can’t keep going on bothering people!

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Your not bothering any of us, we’re all here to support each other. I agree about not being able to stop the tears but I think that’s okay we’re entitled to cry, scream or shout, our hearts are hurting in a way there not designed to be but as others have said don’t give up x

I know how you feel. The tears can come from nowhere, from nothing. But please don’t give up xx

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They really do!! I think I already have xx

So, so sorry to hear that you are feeling so down,pls don't give up, it'll get better

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Thank you, I know they will 😊 it’s just picking yourself up and carrying on ... it’s got to be one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through!! the worst thing is I know there are FAR FAR worse people off than me which makes me feel even worse!!

Hi KitKat82! Just want to say im thinking of you. Dont best urself up about other people being in worse positions...there will always be someone across the world worse off than us but that doesnt make our pain any less raw & real and we are entitled to feel those emotions without guilt. Have u got anyone that can support u at home?

You are going through the grieving process which is just horrible and probably the thought of putting yourself through this again seems unbearable. But give it time, there are brighter days in store, ur jus going through the storm right now. 😘 xxx

oh you poor love, i am sorry you’re going through this.

this journey is cruel, painful and completely overwhelming at times. you are grieving, forget about what other people are going through - this is happening to you, and it’s natural you feel low. be kind to yourself.

i hope you have a friend or family member you can turn to for a hug, a chat or a good cry.

you also have all the fertility warriors here too - each of our experiences are different, but many of us have been through dark days and can offer our support.

you are not alone, we are all behind you xx


I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling down. I have been at this point as well a number of times and didn’t think I could go on. But In the darkest of days you find out how strong you truly are. Try not to be hard on yourself, allow yourself time to weep and cry. It’s a shit situation and journey to go through. And none of us deserve it. Everyone on hear deserves to know what being a mum is and I’m sure we will all get there. It is a long and hard journey and even harder when all around you people are getting what we all want more than anything so easily. But we will get there. You are strong enough. You are braver than even you know. You have got this. Sending you all the love and hugs I possess xxx remember... you got this xxx

Let them out. I still find myself hiding in a cupboard at work stemming a tear I wish I’d given into the night before.

Never forget how strong you are. And while it won’t feel much at the moment; you should be proud of that.

Big hugs xx

I'm really sorry you are struggling .all we have is hope and please hold on to that.so many women have had cycle after cycle but they keep hoping for a better outcome next time.please don't give up yet.your miracle could just be around the corner. Sending you hugs.

You can't ever put a time on grief hun, your bound to feel low you've lost something so precious that wasn't that long ago. You went through a traumatic time not knowing what was right what was supposed to happen and ended up having surgery.

Hun naturally it's easy to say and want to give up it's a coping mechanism to avoid further hurt in the future, but please remember hun life throws the toughest battles to it's toughest members and you are a strong lovely lady. You might not feel it now lovely, but life's experiences and the way you pull yourself back up will teach you that. Your a fighter and a, survivor you want your baby and you will get your baby hun. You may not be ready now but you will be. The fighting positive attitude will come then and you'll be ready to try again and give it all you have got. Remember anything we want that's special in life will most of the time come with a fight and determination.

Some times councilling helps people if your not starting to feel any better hun maybe that's a route you could go down taking does help so does crying hun. Do you have support at home? It is tough lovely but so are you.

I look at my losses as a challenge seems odd I know but I will not be beaten in this and I will keep trying doing things that may help me to succeed next time. I may have lost the battle but I will win the war. That's what keeps me going hun. The fact I got a heartbeat keeps me going I want a, stronger heartbeat next time and I'm determined to get past 6 weeks anything past that will be a positive for me although the ultimate goal we all know that.

Hun if you keep talking and remember that grief doesn't have a time be kind to yourself and slowly start coming up with a plan you will start to feel better. Have you done anything to mark your loss lovely?

You know where I am I'm always here for you big gentle hugs my love 💗🤗😘

Hiya, sorry you’re feeling so low. You are going through an incredibly difficult time and it’s completely understandable. Please don’t feel like you aren’t entitled to grieve or that there are people far worse off than you. This is not the case. Your hurt is real and it will take time to get through it. Sending you lots and lots of love xxx

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