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Feeling low!

Sorry for the sad post, but finding things really hard at the moment, had two eptopics and my first failed Ivf cycle at Christmas and I can't shift this low feeling, not only that but my partner is struggling more then me. It's so hard as everyone round us having babies, my little brother had his first child today and my partners brother is due in April, we can't stop feeling why not us, why isn't it easy for us like it is for some. Got our review appointment on Monday and hopefully they will have some answers. Our next cycle will be self funded and still don't know if we have enough for it, just so much to worry about.

Sorry for rambling on. Wish you all well xxx

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Hey hunny, I'm sorry you are feeling like this but your not alone. I myself had a failed ivf cycle in December along with two failed IUIs last year. It's horriable, I feel like I'm letting my husband down. I had my follow up appointment on Monday and the consultant has said if we want to do another cycle (this one will be self funded) that she wants to change my stimming drugs to menopur. Just feel like it's alot of money to spend and to see another negative will break me. I had an amazing understanding husband and we have talked about a future without kids. It's hard when everyone around us is having a baby. Had to visit two new borns after our failed ivf and kept being asked when we were having kids. Iv started being honest with people now and have said iv been trying for a while and it's not happeneded. I think we should be speaking about it than hiding it because it's nothing to be embarssed about. Hope your appointment goes well xx

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I think we can all relate to this.

Its just not fair is it?

I am afraid I don't have the answers- but just to let you not youre definitely not alone.

It is so hard to see others have what you want so easily.

Its not like you are resenting them but rather brings into focus what you are desperately fighting. You're happy for them but sad its not you. You are not a bad person for feeling like this.

I am really sorry for your losses. to- have you had any help to grieve the losses?

Fertility treatment can really take its toll- its really hard emotionally physically mentally and sometimes even financially. The hardest thing about it all is there no guarantees of treatment working. Having had 4 failed rounds of clomid- I honestly thought id been pregnant by now. This month my period forced me to have a month off- it was really getting on top of- until I had a break I didn't see how much..

You go at your own pace- such a personal decision. There is no right or wrong.

All the best with your appointment on Monday-I hope everything goes well. And it makes you feel positive about this awful situation we are all in.

It is ok to have bad days- we all do. Most of the time we do well- occasionally it gets on top of us.

We are all here for you- you are not alone.



Thankyou both so much for your reply's. you are both so right. I am so happy for my brother, his son is gorgeous, just so envious. It's been hard but didn't think we would be struggling this much. My partner is great, we talk about if things don't work etc but hopefully it won't come to that. It's not fair good people on here and others are struggling, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we all get that precious bundle of joy what we all deserve.

Also thankyou for been there it's really appreciated xx


Its so difficult isn't it. Guess you've just got to believe that things will get better xx


Yes very, hope they do for all of us xxx

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Its so difficult when its rubbed in your face tho and hard not to be bitter. Hope you've got a good support network around you. Xx


It's so difficult, a close friend just texted me a picture of baby shoes to let me know she is expecting am happy for her but yet sad as to why it's not me but I think we just have to keep hoping that one day soon it will be our turn


I know, it's hard but I'm keeping everything crossed x


Know how you feel we are starting our 4th cycle soon and it does wear you down but chin up and keep fighting and hopefully you will get your dream xxx

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