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Why I’m feeling so low and so emotional..

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I had my ET last Sunday. First two three days I was ok but 2day is day 6 after transfer and from last two days I feel so emotional and low and just wanna cry . I go back with my very old posts when I had my second cycle and what symptoms I had being on 2ww. That time I had only one transferred grade A and I have Beautiful baby girl now . This time was only one due to top quality grade A+ ... Embryologist said that they don’t get that grade often “that this embryo knows what is doing”..so she highly recommended only that one. I don’t know why I’m feeling like giving up ....maybe because I had in my head to put two ..😔 When I suggested two then she we have to put another grade A so she mentioned about twins specially having toddler ... I don’t have any symptoms sometimes for like few min feel like period pain ...no spotting no cramps I did had light headache couple times ..and maybe few time twinkle feeling on sides .... I don’t know what to do with my self ...to “lift my mood “up to feel positive... I’m sorry for so much negative but I just need to get it out ...😔

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You're around halfway through and that's always when the crazies set in. Hang on in there hon, I hope the rest of it passes quickly. It really is like a cruel and unusual form of torture isn't it? Best of luck xxx

Thank u hun . I’m craving so much to do early test ...to see and just get on with my life ... When my daughter coming up to me putting her head on my tummy saying baby ...I just wanna cry saying I hope there is a baby there ... 😔🙏 How r u hun ? How many weeks is now and how u feeling?xx

Oh no, so sorry Olivia you're not feeling too good. I've been the same, only started to feel 'ok' since yesterday. It's really hard, I think I might end up testing early even though I know I shouldn't! Try to stay strong, don't forget we're all in this together xx

I swear hun I just wanna cry ...I don’t know what happens with me ...maybe because I had in my head to put 2 in ...maybe because I’m going back with my second cycle how I was on 2ww ... omg why is so hard this time 😔😔

Don't worry, you'll be ok 🤞. You had a very good grade, A+, so you're in with a very good chance. In what ways do you find this 2ww wait is different from your last cycle? You have to remember that each cycle will be different so try not to compare xx

I know hun I just got all this negative pictures in my head ...I know every cycle is different 😔 My second one I had in my head just one to put in and I was 100% sure on that . With this one I don’t know I had in my head to put two in ...OMG why I’m being so silly 😔 xx

Hi Olivia. How are you feeling today? Xx

Hi hun better when I’m around family so I don’t have time to think ...but they don’t know we went through ivf ...no one knows...so I’m keeping everything in side. My family leave 30 min away so I only see them twice a week ... How r u hun ? How u feeling? Xx

Yeah it's always nice when family are around. My family are over 7 hrs drive from me so I don't see them often. I'm the same, I haven't told anyone. I've only told my Mum.

I'm desperate to test now! Not been feeling anything for the last 2/3 days. I'm actually starting to feel a bit normal now, like I was before I started IVF which is worrying me in a strange way..... xx

I had this morning very light pain like a period pain ...but last only 30 min . Nothing since and exactly like u I’m feeling normal before I started ivf . What going on in us heads hun 😔xx

My husband bought home 4 testing kits earlier today and I'm so tempted to just do one............. xx

Don’t want to come across as rude because I genuinely mean it good on you for venting and letting it all out hun. That’s what these pages are for. I’m sorry that you’re going through such a rough time and having so many doubts/what if’s. Please try and hang in there! Do something for you that might help make you feel a bit better or more positive. Sending you lots of love and hugs xxx

Thank u hun xx

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