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Feeling fed up

I could do with cheering up, it feels like every time we take one step forward and it feels like we are getting somewhere, we face another hurdle. We tried clomid and I was resistant, we then started IVF and I didn't respond to Gonal F to start with, we then got to egg collection but I had OHSS so we couldn't do embryo transfer and we have now waited a month and were suppose to be having FET next Tuesday, but got a call from the clinic today to say my progesterone levels are too low and my lining isn't thick enough so they want to wait for my next period and start again! This is after I've booked the time off work and made all the arrangements. It's so frustrating and it just feels like we will never get to FET, let alone get to a BFP. Anyone else feeling the same? 

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I know that feeling oh so well! I waited 3 years for operations and referrals! Finally get to ivf and had another cyst - cue another op, then clinic stopped over Xmas, then nothing grew on gonal f so cycle was cancelled, then my next period never came! 57 days later I started my next cycle - just as rubbish very slow growth, only 5 eggs, 1 left at day 3. BUT my 1 egg is 10 weeks old and has just slept through for the first time!!! Never ever give up and take every day as it comes xxx


Thanks for your reply, it has really cheered me up. I'm going to try and stay positive and hopefully we will get there too! X 


I feel exactly the same as you , I constantly feel there is a barrier preventing me from starting IVF properly, waiting for period , lining too thick , then waited 6 weeks for hysteroscopy, then told have to wait for day 1 of nxt period - waited 11 weeks to come on - came on spotting for a day and still spouting on and off . And now I've got a nasty viral infection. 

Think I'm going to wait till nxt period if I ever get a proper bleed to call clinic to start again . And by that time I'll be off the antibiotics . 

I started treatment in Jan, but had to stop due to lining of womb thick. 

And here we are in may still no further, I'm 39 in July. 


You've just got to keep going, it is so hard though. Think you are right to wait for your best chance though and that's what I'm trying to tell myself too now. The medication is making me bloated as well so I look like I'm pregnant when I'm not, it's like being taunted!! X 


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