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1 year old after successful IVF, about to enter FET cycle for number 2!


Well this week my beautiful Little Miss turned 1! It feels like an eternity ago that we were struggling with infertility, but having our precious daughter now makes it all so so worth it. It is definitely a hard road to walk down, as you are all no doubt feeling too!

We have our appointment with clinic on Tuesday to start the process for FET to get her a sibling, should start in my next cycle. Exciting times ahead!

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She's gorgeous 💗

Good, luck on your journey for number 2 💝😘💝

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Thank you! She is the light of our life ❤️

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Im not surprised hun,💝😘💝


She's adorable! I'm glad it worked out beautifully for you. Good luck for your FET xx

She’s beautiful xxx good luck with your next round!

We have a 14 month old and I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant with number 2 from a fresh round xxx


Aw she’s gorgeous. Good luck with number two. We’ve got a 13 week old and can’t wait to try for another but we will wait a bit longer xx

Congrats she’s beautiful 💗 good luck with ur FET cycle xxx

Absolutely gorgeous!!💕💕xx

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous! As you say so worth all the struggles good luck with no 2 x

She is so gorgeous 💓 Same me here . My little girl turn year old last week and we gonna go soon though FET for us baby to have a sibling too. Good luck Hun 🍀 xx

Number 2 Yey! Good luck xx

Hi congratulations my little boy is 8 weeks old and we are going to do the same jw how long ur clinic told u that u had to wait for ur FET xxx

Love this post & oh my goodness, she is just adorable 💛 Good luck with your next FET & thanks for sharing xx

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Thank you ☺️


Such a positive inspiring story xxx

Aaaw how beautiful is she?! 💗 wishing you all the best with your FET.

I have a 2 year old and have a FBT scheduled starting with a scratch in July and the transfer in August. Very nervous but excited to hopefully have a sibling for my little one! xx

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All the best! It’s such an exciting and nerve-wracking time huh?!

Oww what a gorgeous little girl!!! Good luck with your ivf cycle! We are here if you need. Take care 💖

It flies by. My daughter was 19 months when I had my FET. I’m now 12 weeks pregnant - still hasn’t sunk in.

I think the earlier the better as you don’t know if it might not work a few times.

Get rest now ! As being pregnant & having to run round after a toddler (& in my case work as well) is bloody hard work!!


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