Forgot to take Progesterone Pessary!

I am 1-2 days away from embryo transfer at Blastosyst stage and I've just realised I forgot to take my Progesterone/Cyclogest Pessary last night!! So annoyed with myself, they obviously make you take it at this early stage for a good reason and I'm so scared it could affect my chances!

Has anyone else done this?? Needing some reassurance it will still be ok 😖

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  • I forgot to take a pessary one evening and panicked but your body already produces the hormone so my clinic told me not to worry and just carry on as normal. I googled it and a lot of people said it was ok so Don't panic!! Xx

  • Hi bluebell_behcets.  Just carry on as normal like "lianm8" says.  This often happens, so try not to worry, as I'm sure you won't forget again!  Good luck!  Diane

  • Yes it'll be fine, not much you can do now. I always left it on my bedside table x

  • Dear bluebell! You're still ok!!! Do not get into such a panic, hun. It is possible to escape meds once - but not more. And do not try to take them later to keep your schedule!! In this way a doubled dose WILL definitely bring harm to your process.

    I this happened to you just once - then be sure - everything's still OK. No need to worry that much. Next time be more precise, hun, and everything's gonna be alright xx

  • How have people coped with inserting the pessaries? I'm more worried about that than the injections as I struggle with tampons even. x

  • Hi ClareWD, they are a bit of a faff, but really not that bad. I don't get on well with tampons either! I find putting the pessaries in in morning and going back to bed for 20 mins or so (and then right when you go to bed at night ) just helps them absorb rather than gravity instantly pulling it down or accelerating the leakage- they can be messy as they are oil based I believe, so you will worry more of it's leaking out than is being absorbed but I've read the leakage you see is just the residue as they get absorbed really quickly. You'll probably need a panty liner for them x 

  • Thanks. Something to look forward to then!

  • Oh the pessaries are the absolute best thing about fertility treatment! You are really in for a treat ;)

  • I find rectally is so much easier! No mess at all and you can just carry on with your day as normal x

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