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Fertilisation #pessary

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So I got the call this morning, 11 out of 18 eggs has Fertilised. And first pessary in, which was tricky to beginning with, as I pulled it out, it was still on the applicator 😂 any tips on this would be helpful. Also was the % on how many fertilised eggs will make it to the next stage? Another anxious wait. Good luck to all you ladies, it appears a lot of us had egg collection on Wednesday, I’m wishing us all the luck in the world 😘 xxx

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Wow that's a great percentage! Congratulations and good look for the 5 day wait.

Which passage are you using for pessaries?xx

Thank you 🙏🏽

It’s going into the vaginal area xx

I didnt get an applicator with mine so have done it manually, sometimes with a glove, I do mine at 5am and 9pm where I can lay down for at least an hour after. Sometimes it turns sideways which I think helps it stay in a bit better. They arent pleasant tho Haha xx

maybe il try that, Iv got to insert 3 a day. Luckily I’m off work for two weeks now, so I can just chill once it’s in. Thank you for your comments 🙌🏽 Xx

Yeah I found it much easier on my 2ww when I was off. Luckily I do 1 pessary then 1 injection then 1 pessary so no time bomb at work lol. Good luck xxx

Amazing number! Well done :)

Ooooooooh 11! That's great news! Pessary applicator?!?! Luxury! I'm using my God-given applicators (fingers). Best of luck for your 11! xxxxx

Haha I’m glad you wrote this I was having a nightmare this morning with the pessary and mine doesn’t come with a applicator😂 I just laid down for a good 20 mins and hoped for the best haha

Great number :)

I use applicators too - it really does seem to be luxury! Just make sure after you have pushed it in you're doing the final click at bottom to release it as sometimes I think I have clicked and its only gone a little way - not to the final bit - if that makes any sense?!

I always have a little bit left on the applicator, I did query it and it's fine as there's plenty in them not to affect anything.

Good luck xxx

Wow that's amazing numbers, congrats to you!! 😊 I've got an applicator on mine too, I just tried to plunge it in with a bit of force hoping it would shoot out 😂 No problems so far, I also have to do progesterone injections though and hubs and I already had a panick about those!! 😅 This whole thing is such a minefield sometimes lol xxxx

Can’t wait for tomorrow girls, it’s crazy that we go through all this and then the two week wait to find it hasn’t worked, each stage is such a milestone. You think your getting there and then just like that it’s over.

Sorry I’m having a low moment, just trying to be realistic about what the outcome could possibly be. Hope your all having a good day xx

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