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Fertility mine field

Hi everyone I'm 34years young & going through the fertility process of illumination. Trying to concieve & wanting to start a family but worrying i have left it too late.

I have had an HSG & a laparoscopy which found a uterine septum which went from the top of my uterus down to my cervix blocking one of my fallopian tubes. 

I have had the lower septum removed via the laparoscopy & then a further 3 hysterocscopys to remove the rest all in the space of a year🤕

Got the ok for the septum removal today, & now waiting to see my fertility doc to see where we go from here! 

Any info on fertility or anyone in a silmilar situation would be much appreciated.

It's a dark place to be with loads of questions needing answering & lots going on in your head, I'm hoping I'm not the only one going through this.

Look forward to hearing from you. Xx

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Hey, I'm 34 as well and I totally understand how you feel. Spent my 20 trying not to get pregnant and my 30 desperately trying to do the opposite. My husband and I currently have unexplained infertility which is frustrating as I feel like they must be missing something. Was it the HSG or the laparoscopy that picked up your problem? They seem to think I don't need one but I think if they haven't identified the cause of my infertility that they should keep testing. I'm going to push my doctor again next time I see her. Good luck with everything. 😊


I'm the same as you M_V_B. I am 34 and we have unexplained infertility and sometimes I just wish they could identify something to treat! However, a lot of my friends have taken a while to conceive - I wonder if it just takes longer in your 30s! Anyway, we are on round 1 of IVF - we find out next week if it has worked 😁

And Kiz34 my cousin had a septum in her uterus and has just announced her pregnancy after 2 years of trying so it can happen 😊

Good luck to you both xx

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I think you are right we all want an answer or diagnosis but sometimes  it takes time & nature has to take it's course but being in our 30s feels like time is running out which makes you stressed and anxious! 

That so nice to hear of your cousin thankyou for that bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Goodluck with your ivf xx


Ah you hear stories all the time of people getting pregnant against the odds. The same cousin also had  low egg reserve so the odds really were against her! As frustrating as it is, sometimes things just move at their own irritatingly slow pace! And I don't think our age is a big issue yet - I brought that up at the clinic and they said they weren't concerned at all about my age.

Fingers crossed for a good outcome for us both xxx


Hey it's nice to hear from you.

I initially had an hsg to see if my tubes were clear but one whole side was blocked. The doctor said it could be a heart shaped uterus & when he did the laparoscopy he was right but the heart shape went from the top of my uterus right to my cervix blocking 1 of my tubes causing a complete uterine septate. 


Thanks, it's hard to know what is the best course but I feel as if I won't be able to settle with the diagnosis of 'unexplained infertility' until they have done every test possible. I have a slightly low ovarian reserve. Not enough to prevent pregnancy, just enough to make it now or never and I've been trying for so many years. I feel like there are a lot of thing against me. The doctor thinks I have about 2 years before it becomes a big issue and there is only so much you can do in that time. Especially if the NHS treatments don't work. 2 years isn't much time to save.


Hi ladies- another 34 year old here also with unexplained infertility!! Initially I wasn't ovulating. My ovarian reserve was fine when tested Nov 2014, and during my first IVF we got 5 eggs which was a reasonable result. That got me a bfp but ended in mc last year. Since then my cycles have become longer (a typical sign of ovulation issue) and this round of IVF we only got 1 egg!!! I'm now convinced not only am I still not ovulating but also that my reserve is low. They didn't repeat my reserve blood tests before this round, presumably because a) not enough time has passed to warrant (more than 12 months!?) and b) my previous blood tests must have been good- and they never flagged my reserve as an issue at the time. So long story short I am 4 years on and no further forward.


Hi Kiz,

I had my septum removed which extended down to the end of my cervix in February, I had x2 ops to remove it- Jan & Feb. I had two coils fitted in my womb which were removed after a month then on HRT for 28days following the surgery. I started treatment again on my next period. I was surprised how quickly they moved on, I've had scans and my womb is as good as new. My first cycle failed on tamoxifen (similar to clomid), I also had a trigger shot on day 14 with timed intercourse. I'm on my 2nd cycle now. I have monthly day 21 blood tests to check if I'm still ovulating. The plan is continue on this treatment for another 4 cycles, then onto IVF. My two problems were the septum and not ovulating. hubbys sperm is ok.

We are 3 years down the line of trying, but slowly getting there.

I wish you the best of luck.


Hi kee kee

Nice to hear from you & that we have a similar complication.

Did it take a long time for your septum diagnosis?

Mine has been found & removed all in about 6mths with 1lap & 3 hysterocscopys. Got the all clear for it on tues.

May i ask what the HRT was for?

Sorry to ask you lots of questions but you are the first person i have come across in similar situation.

Are you having ivf due to your ovulation problem or your septum?

I am now waiting to see my fertility doc to see what the next step is so all sorts of things are going through my mind as i though my septum was the problem, but another doc told me that its removal was all part of the illumination process......I'm in no mans land right now. 



We tried naturally for a year, then started investigations. They found it on my HSG, but 1st doctor said it wouldn't be a problem. A year later they eventually did an MRI then referred me For surgery as I had a complete septum. They put me on HRT for the healing process it thickens the lining preventing scar tissue to prevent any future implantation problems. I had a super heavy period when I came off the HRT so it must of done the job.

I don't mind questions, feel Free to ask what you like. I find it difficult to find people who had experienced similar Problems.

We are having ovulation induction for 6 months. We are keen to try everything before IVF. We had the induction before but I had an allergic reaction to the drugs.

I've heard good things about people falling pregnant after the surgery. I was disappointed when it didn't happen last month, but still holding out hope. I've been pregnant before about 10years ago, and made it to 9 weeks. I didn't know about the septum at the time.

When's your appointment?x


I was told kind of the same kind of thing in that the septum shouldn't have stopped me getting pregnant but since having it removed my body feels totally different in terms of no harendous period pain & totally different periods which makes me think that I haven't had a proper cycle for most of my life where one side of me hasn't worked....😬

I'm hoping next cycle to have a good ttc so all is crossed.

My appointment is 23rd next month, I'm abit all over the place atm not knowing what the next step is......or what else is wrong lol. 

While your on ovulation induction are the pregnancy chances higher? 

Goodluck with it & i hope you don't react....xx


Hi Kiz34 and others with uterine septums!

Sorry for answering a slightly old post, but I'd love to know how it's going for you? I'm new here and this was the only thread I was able to find with anyone with similar problems to mine.

We've been trying to conceive for over one and a half years now, but as I was 36 when we started I went to my GP in November 2016 after half a year of trying, and got referred to an infertility clinic (St Mary's hospital in London, NHS) soon after, at 37.

I've known I had a uterine septate since I was 16 and have been told it might cause fertility problems, but after lots of tests they did at the clinic it also seems that my partner has a sperm morphology problem. In August they performed a laparoscopy + hysteroscopy to me to check if I also had endometriosis, as I've got very very painful periods, but didn't find anything so it seems the pain is just due to the septum. We're still waiting for our follow-up appointment, but before I left the hospital they said I'll probably need to have another surgery to remove the septum, and then IVF to get pregnant.

I just turned 38 and am now really worried because everything is moving on so slowly... I'll only be entitled to have IVF on the NHS until I'm 39, so if I have to wait for months for the septum surgery, and/or several operations are needed, I might be 40 before I'm ready to start the IVF. It's not only that I worry about not being entitled to IVF, but also that I was really hoping to have my first child at 38 so that I could have a second at 39... I'm already scared of all the possible adverse effects due to my age as it is, and all this waiting is certainly not helping - one would think that healthcare professionals would try to accelerate the process when it comes to people over 35 as they if anyone should know that the probability of risks increases by each month that passes by...! I would have really wanted to have a family over 10 years ago, but unfortunately wasn't able to find a good man earlier (we don't always choose these things)...

Sorry if I sound a bit frustrated - it's probably because I am. Which is why I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences about the surgery to remove the septum, and what happened after that. Please also bear in mind that I'm new to all this, so would greatly appreciate explaining any acronyms such as HRT BFP etc. <3

Thank you so much for being here and sharing this crazy journey! Lots of luck to everyone!


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