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Hi, Just wanted to share my experience of acupuncture whilst going through IVF. I started acupuncture on the last frozen transfer I had, which resulted in pregnancy but unfortunately I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks.

This was the 3rd frozen transfer after 1 fresh transfer and the only time I became pregnant.

Having acupuncture really helped me relax (as much as is possible with IVF) but also helped me feel somewhat sane throughout the process.

I had the Paulus protocol for the acupuncture. Acupuncture before the transfer then after the transfer. There is valid research that it improves blood flow to the uterus and helps implantation.

I will be doing the same on cycle 2 starting at the end of Feb. I also have monthly acupuncture to help me relax, improve my immune system and for fertility.

Hope this info helps somebody out there. Its worth considering.

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Thanks Fushsia, this is good to know. I’m having my first acupuncture session next week to support my first round of IVF. I’m so sorry for your loss, and wishing you all the best for next time xxx

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Fuchsia10 in reply to TheaFX

Thank you. Good luck to you too. Xx

I am sorry to know about miscarriage. My prayers and best wishes for next time.

Thank you for sharing about acupuncture. My wife had her first acupuncture session and she was mentioning that it was very relaxing. We seem to don't have a choice and likely to start IVF in few months. We are preparing for it.

Your post is helpful. I didnt know about Paulus protocol. Will ask my therapist.

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Thank you. Hope all goes well for you. Its a difficult journey and its good to share things that might help others too. Take care.

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Hi Fuchsia. Thanks for all the info and telling the ladies of your experiences with acupuncture. Just wanted to wish you well to next time round, and of curse for success. Diane

Thank you. Appreciate it. xx

Thank you for sharing this, it’s really interesting.

Hello Fuchsia10 , My wife had two acupuncture sessions. In her second session (different acupuncturist after traditional diagnosis), needles were inserted and removed less than a minute. In her first they were left in the same place for about 30 minutes. Could you please share how was yours? In her second session she didn't feel effective. How was your experience?

Others please could you share how was yours?

It is expensive and unsure which technique is better.

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Hi, my acupuncturist always leaves them in for 25 mins or more. Never had them taken out in a minute. Seems strange. I would go somewhere else. It doesnt seem right. Hope this helps.

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Thank you Fuchsia10 . My wife didnt feel positive about it. We have spend over 120£ for traditional diagnosis and one session. I feel a bit lost.

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Sorry, didnt mean to misinform you. There are other types. I only know about the one Ive had. I had a Japanese acupuncture point for fertility in my scalp last week at my acupuncturists. I dont know if anyones had this before but hopefully it helps.

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No. You didn't give any misinformation. Thank you for sharing your experience Fuchsia10

I didn't know that there are two types of acupuncture (five elements and TCM acupuncture) and these two are very different on how it is delivered.

In her TCM session, My wife had on one on her scalp, 6-7 on her stomach area, few on both legs. And then four on her back. Before the cupping sessions. Each body constitution is different and the points are chosen to create a holistic balance based on "current" state of an individual's body.

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Hi frnd4all, I have had both types of acupuncture and found the style where they take the needles out quickly better for me. It’s called classical five elements acupuncture and is the most traditional type before it became westernised. One can often feel a slight tingling / dull ache when the needle hits the meridian / energy channel - I would say try a few sessions but if you don’t feel any benefit after that then try an alternative therapist.

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Thank you londonrc . Oh okay. There are two types. I recollect she mentioning about five elements. I have to read a bit more and then continue or otherwise. My wife was very positive after traditional Chinese form of acupuncture. With the second session, she didn't feel any positive impact. In the second session she was not working on stomach or abdomen. instead on the back and hands. Next sitting is meant to be aroma therapy. I am really unsure.

Before committing on this therapist for IVF and agreeing for multiple sessions, we want to be confident. We are preparing her body for the moment.

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I think you need to stick with the one for a while that makes her feel the benefits - Perhaps don’t mix the two- I went to a few traditional ones and never felt they were doing anything for me- everyone’s body is different.

As for points on hand and back there are many meridians in Chinese Medicine and different ones connect to digestion/ spleen/ liver / etc I don’t totally understand it but I have had points done all over my body- many on my back esp for fertility - and the feet too for grounding - all the best. It’s about improving the whole body to heal itself and do the right thing rather than just fixing a specific ailment.

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Thank you. I agree with your advice.

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I have limited knowledge but i understand that there are a huge range of ways the Chinese practice acupuncture. You might find this website useful: acupuncture.org.uk/

All the best Xx

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Thank you jengi I really appreciate it.

Thanks! I’ve also been having accupuncture which I have found really beneficial to relax. Not yet got to transfer but if we do, we’ll have before & after sessions too! Best of luck to you Xx

With my clinic 2 hours away from where I live, how soon before and after transfer is acupuncture recommended? Sorry for your loss x

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Fuchsia10 in reply to Scarlett13

Thank you. Appreciate it. My clinic was not too far but we were stuck in traffic on the way to the acupuncturists after the transfer, took us an hour to get there. In the morning, before the transfer I went to the appointment that was available I think.

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