No period ?? 😠

Hi , just looking for advice!  I was due to start my 2nd round of icsi on the 1st day of my next cycle which was Monday just gone but my period hasn't showed up yet. Which is very unusual for me,  normally bang on every 25 days. I wake up with that 'period felling' but nothing. 

I have been stressed out building to the this round starting , is it possible that stress can delay my period ?? Has this happened to anybody ?.

I'm so frustrated and down because I really want to get the ball rolling to start again,  I have all my meds here ready amd waiting for my period to show up to start ! 😠 


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  • It happened to me on my first ICSI, 5days late. I went to the acupuncturist to help you it worked. I be used her twice for that.

    Good luck

  • Hi daydreamer89. Try and be patient, as being stressed can sometimes delay your menstrual cycle, even when it is always on time.  It won't matter being a few days out.  Hope you can soon get going and good luck!  Diane

  • I have been having reflexology for the past few weeks InTheMiddleOfIt  I don't fancy acupuncture because I hate needles at the best of times lol but thank you :) 

    DianeArnold thank you for your advice , I spoke to the clinic this afternoon and they confirmed what u have just said about the stress causing a impact on my cycle.. I am trying my very hardest to distract myself so hopefully it will show up soon ! Thank you for the good luck wishes X 

  • And a gentle hug too!  Diane

  • I am the same! I am waiting to start a 'frozen embryo transfer' cycle- was due on period on Saturday. It's now Day 31 of my cycle, and no period!! Ridiculous! And quite frustrating! I have PMS symptoms, too, so expecting it any minute- all the time. Trying to relax and not stress about it- it will come when it's ready.

    Good luck to you.



  • It's so frustrating isn't it Ersky13  when we don't want it to come it always shows its ugly face but when we want it to come it decides to play games πŸ™ˆπŸ˜  ha 

    Good luck for your FET , fingers crossed it doesn't make u wait to much longer !! Xx

  • Exactly! Thank you :) I've never had a menstrual cycle as long as this...Crazy!


  •  Well my period has finally turned up πŸ˜† I have never been so happy to see it πŸ˜‚  ring the clinic in the morning now for a scan and if all is well my 1st injections will be tomorrow evening πŸ˜† 

    Hopefully, yours won't keep you waiting much longer Ersky13  ! Xx 

  • Aaahhh that's great news!! Good for you :) Hope all goes well.

    No news here... yet.......


  • Thank you! My scan is booked for tmz , couldnt fit me in today.. I'm sure it won't be to much longer  for you lovely ! Xx 

  • Hi daydreamer89. Just hoping all goes/went well with the scan.  Diane

  • We have lift off!!!! So relieved! Ringing the clinic later.

    Hope all OK with the scan and injections. Message me if you like :)


  • DianeArnold thank you for your well wishes. I had my scan this morning and all went well so I start my injections tonight :) feels so good to finally get here again ! 

    Ersky13 yay! Finally :) let me know what the clinic say,  And when u can start your injections xx

  • Thanks :) Just on meds this time- doing a frozen embryo transfer, so will be on oestrogen tablets for a couple of weeks. Or at least that's the plan! I've learnt that anything can happen with IVF!

    Good luck with the injections. Give yourself a treat straight after- it can help make it more bearable! I also got a funny taste in my mouth with Orgalutran and it helped to have mints.


  • Ah I have never heard off the treatment plan but I have been told that FET as a higher success rate so fingers crossed for you :) 

    I am on the same meds as last time , suprecur and menopur but I am on a higher dosage this time because I didn't respond well last time x 

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