No period

Not posted on here for a while.

I had icsi last year which ended up with a positive result unfortunately miscarried. We was going to do a frozen cycle in December but then I decided I wasn't ready after all the stress from first cycle last summer.

So we've just been having fun and relaxing and basically enjoying life but my period has stopped since January which is very wierd for me as I have never missed a period.

I'm now 12 weeks without one and just had routine bloods that have apperantly came my fine but I'm just getting more worried as time goes on.

Anyone else has this or any advice xx

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  • If your frozen cycle is to be medicated then you shouldn't need to have periods because all hormones are controlled by drugs. But something is going on. You haven't lost a lot of weight with worry?

    Hope you receive answers. 

  • Yes I understand that with a frozen cycle I'm not starting my frozen cycle yet anyway.. me and my partner was just going to forget for bit and kind of try naturally but no periods so been a bit rubbish really. Not lost much mate maybe a couple of pounds but nothing major xxx

  • Hi jupiter1234.  I would pop back and see your GP who will either prescribe something to kick-start your period again or refer you to a specialist for further testing and possible treatment. Good luck!  Diane

  • Thankyou the doctor is going to ring me tomorrow but she just makes me feel like I'm being silly worrying but it's been 12 weeks now

  • Hi, hun! I guess I don't have the clear answer to what you're facing now. Except this is due to some hormonal misbalance after your 1st cycle. I believe this should change for better in a couple of months. But I'm a bit surprised your blood tests show no reason for the missed period. Try to book a consultation with an expert just to put your mind at ease. Hope you'll be ok soon. Hugs x

  • Thankyou the doctor is ringing me tomorrow so I'm going to discuss it further with her x

  • Hi. At least you should get some answers re the delay. Hope all goes well. Diane

  • Hi Jupiter. I know this is an old message but I was wondering if your period returned. Were you given something for it to start again? I am in the same position as you. No period since may but I haven't had a miscarriage etc. Blood tests show all normal. But I am hoping to start ivf layer this year as it's been approved. I am getting period pains but no actual period. I had slight blood when I wipped but then it stopped.

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