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I have my next hospital appointment on Wednesday which will be day 21 of my cycle. I found out my protocol number as they couldn't give me it at consent appointment because my amh results weren't in,on the same day I took my period,but they just made two appointments one for this Wednesday and then on the 12th April ,should they have sent my protocol info out?or will they just give me it when am in on Wednesday?and what happens at this one little nervous xx

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  • Hi littleone, im with the royal too. I got the protocol sheet when they hold me what one i was on, it told me the process and key dates etc.

    I assume they will give you that on Wednesday when you go.

    Wishing you the best of luck xxx

  • Hi lbm1979 my problem was when I first seen nurse there she took my amh bloods and gave me away consents then when I went to consent appointment it was different nurse and she couldn't find results they had been lost so had to take them agaway n and I was to phone up on a certain date to get results and when I took my period it jut so happened both happened on same day but I just got my profile number but nothing sent out and I have my next appointment this Wednesday xx

  • You will find out on Wednesday then. What I would say is ask as many questions as you like. I thought they were great but if I had one critisism I would say they maybe do not give you enough information on things like why they chose that protocol for you and what things mean. They are dealing with so many people but this time around I think I will ask a lot more questions. I felt a bit in limbo xx

  • I was told my protocol number would be determined by my amh result and that came back 4 which was pretty low for my age so am told it will be protocol 9 so I will ask about that on Wednesday ,what stage are you at?xx

  • I was on protocol 4 which was a short protocol. I have just finished my first cycle and it was a rollercoaster. I managed to get to the stage of a positive pregnancy test but withon a few days of that they advised the pregnancy was not progressing and to expect my period, which has arrived today!! Its a cruel journey and nothing can prepare you for the highs and lows.

    Im hoping you dont have any of this rubbish and you sale through your first cycle. Let me know how you get on come Wednesday xx

  • Aw am sorry to hear that 😞That's the constant worry that never leaves my mind that even if I get a positive I will find it hard to be excited in case that happens I know you need to think positive but it's really hard,are you going to try again?if you don't mind me asking what fertility problems did you have?xx

  • Hey you of course I dont, my husband and I are in the unexplained fertility category which in itself is frustrating. Yeah we will try again, i am hoping to receive notification through of my follow up appointment in the next few weeks and see what they recommend next time. I think for girls like us it would be hard to relax until that 12 week mark, if even then! Im trying to take the positive that I did manage to get pregnant, hopefully next time its a bit more sticky!!xx

  • Hey I went to the Glasgow royal too they are amazing I now have 2 precious boys good luck to you xx

  • Aw that's lovely can I ask how many try's you had before you got your boys?xx

  • My husband and I had unexplained fertility we tried for 12 years for a family we had 4 rounds of IUI treatment all failing then we had Ivf and it worked first time for us then when my little boy was 8 months old I conceived naturally and had another little boy.Ivf was the hardest thing I've ever been through but I never had anyone to talk to that's why I joined this it's nice to talk to people going through it and sharing my story.We are all different but never give up I wanted to so many times but you find a strength you never new you had and keep going I wish you's all the luck in the world on your journey keep in touch xx

  • Aw thank you so much ,that's an amazing out come for  yourself ,I unfortunately had an ectopic and it was pretty bad and lost tube and other one damaged I got it unblocked but it never worked to much scare tissue and now I've found out my amh is only four which is pretty low for being trying everything I can to relax and be proactive in every way as I suffer depression ,doing fertility massage eating better etc but it's out of my hands .xx

  • My friend went through ivf the same time as me she had to ectopic pregnancies and she gave birth 5days before me to twins I really hope your lucky xx

  • Thank you alimacbell means a lot am just eagar to start now although once I do will prob be nervous wreak xx

  • Yip I know that feeling well I went through every emotion possible my heart goes out to everyone starting this journey it's the hardest thing to go through but yet it's the best thing to as hopefully your journey will end the same as mine xx

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