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Next step

Hi everyone

So I've started progynova and reduced my dose of buserelin

I will be scanned in a weeks time to check my lining and fingers crossed we can go ahead with the FET pretty soon

However I'm a florist and with valentines coming and being the most busiest day of the year not sure if I will be able to work. Luckily my boss is very understanding

I love working in the flower shop at this time of year but having a baby is so important to me so it's a no brainer.

I have 6 frozen embryos and I'm having to put in

So do they thaw only two? Or will they thaw them all?

Thanks 😊

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All the best with the thickening of your womb lining and the FET

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I think they’ll only thaw two if you’re having two transferred.

I had one thawed for my first FET and will have another thawed in a few weeks time. I’m a bit behind you, on day 5 of Buserelin.

Do you think you’ll have your transfer before Valentines Day?

Good luck with your next scan.


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Hi Emma

I'm not sure if they will be transferred before Valentine's as I didn't ask the nurse

Sometimes i prefer not to ask questions and go with the flow

I will know more in 8 days



I know what you mean about not asking questions- so much can change it’s just easier to go with the flow!

How did you find the Buserelin? Did you get many side effects?



My first round of ivf I got a lot of head aches and generally I never get them so I did take paracetamol even tho the nurses advised that I can take paracetamol but try to avoid if possible

And this time round I have been absolutely fine

Not sure whether the head aches were just me over thinking and not be able to sleep I was waking at 4am.

I'm more relaxed this time just dreading the 2ww when it comes. It's the worse time ever during this whole process



Yeah the two weeks are the worst. I’m not looking forward to that bit again!

Thanks for the info about your headaches, I’ve been ok so far but only 6 days in and not had a medicated transfer before so it’s all a bit new.

Best of luck with it all xx

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I hope all goes well for you Emmad781 😊. When is your transfer date? I took the day of the transfer and a few days after off work, so I could bumble and relax. I think those first few days are the most important, as it is when your embie will need to start implanting. Beyond that I actually think that working may be a good distraction... The 2WW goes so very slowly! Best of luck and I very much hope you get your BFP x



I haven't been given my transfer date but thank you for your advice

I will definitely work if I can

With my first attempt at ivf I took 2 days off after transfer so planning to do that again ☺️

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Hi Emma

It is so comforting to reAd your post as I’m pretty much at the same stage as you.

It’s day 20 of buserelin for me and I’m waiting for my blood results so I can start the progynova.

We have 5 frozen embryos and were told they would thaw one as I am just having one embryo transferred.

I have so many weddings and hen do’s coming up it’s a nightmare trying to plan or commit to anything!

How are you feeling? Xxx


Yes it does sound like we are around the same stage!👍🏼

Aww tell me about it

This is so important to me (and to all the ladies on here)

but my life is on hold not knowing if I can book a holiday or plan anything right now

It's weird because the time has gone so fast since my first transfer back in October but when your in the routine of medication again time goes quite slow 🙄

Just hoping this is my last time 🙏🏼

Is this going to be your second round too?



I totally agree! Time has been so slow since I started buserelin. We had egg recovery in November but I overstimulated. They took 38 follicles at recovery, 16 of which were eggs! 🙈

So due to risk to my health they froze our embryos so this will be our first FET.

I’m crossing everything for you. I wish other people could understand what a long hard process this all is. 😘 feels very lonely at times.

Do you mind me asking what happened after your first round? Any advice?



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It feels very lonely, I think this is a great page for people to talk.

No I don't mind at all you can ask any questions

So my first round was a fresh transfer of 2 embryos because the quality wasn't so great.

a week after transfer I did a pregnancy test which was too early but I couldn't wait and it was negative and then I did another test on my actual test day and it was also negative

I had sore boobs throughout my 2ww but no spotting or bleeding and then my period came 4 days after my actual pregnancy test day

This time round I'm going to try and keep busy it's so hard not to think of anything else besides am I still pregnant from when they do the transfer

I'm planning on having a few massages and maybe meeting up with friends and family to keep my mind occupied.



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