Glasgow Royal - top of the IVF waiting list now

My partner and I go next week for our first appointment since reaching the top of the IVF waiting list. Next month, we go to find out what course of treatment we will follow. Can anyone advise on the procedure or waiting times or have any tips on what to ask or prepare for? It is such a scary time - I am excited but at the same time nervous that it doesn't work. I would also be interested to hear how ladies dealt with going through the procedure and continuing going to work. Thanks in advance!

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  • It's slow now (well it is for us).

    We had our first appointment march 31st. This was a seminar. Then a week later we had our first private consultation. They gave me the contraceptive pill and instructed me to stat taking on my second day of menstruation.

    Since then I have spoken to a nurse on the phone who has given me an appointment for May 13th with a proposed date of egg collection June 25th!

    I haven't yet started my period (my cycles are long hence the need for intervention) and I should have done yesterday. If I don't start my period in the next week it will push everything back.

    The nurse said the appointments for egg collection will depend on others too and if there are no available slots they will put off your treatment to fit it in (timing wise) for when the consultant is available to do the procedure.

    As soon as I start my period though that's it.

    I am in Norfolk and there was no waiting list but like I said the process can feel just as long when you're in. A cycle can be up to 6 weeks as they include your two week wait.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, I hope you have a better experience then me. I was referred to the Glasgow royal. There was a mix up with the dates of my referral and they said I was too old the get treatment on the nhs. We had all the test done by my doctor and gynologist before we eventually made to the royal. They said we could go for ICSI. Either fight it with the nhs or go private.

    We surprisingly got positive pregnancy test the week before we had an appointment at the Nuffield. I had a miscarriage last June at my 12 weeks scan. Went back to the Nuffield last month and the consultant said the rules have changed and I should get one free go on the nhs. So we now back on the royal list. Hope all goes well for you that's just my story. Other people's are different. I know someone who was successful with treatment there and now has twins. And someone else who was refused treatments for being overweight. And someone else who had treatment there that was unsuccessful but went the GCRM and now has a little boy.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you all. I am going to try and think positively because really I have no idea what to expect and not knowing anyone else that has gone through the experience I can talk to, there is not much else I can do. My mum still doesn't believe that I need to go through this and in a way I feel that there is more that could potentially be done before having to go through such a costly procedure however, I have to trust the professionals and I am glad that I am finally at the starting line of the IVF journey.

    I had my first appointment today with the nurse and thought it may help others if I write what happened. First things first, she took my weight and BMI. I have a BMI of 27 and she didn't say anything at all at that. She then completed some forms and prepared my IVF file and she gave both myself and my partner a smoking test. We both got a 1 on the test which means not a smoker and not a passive smoker. She asked for the information on my last smear which I had obtained from my GP and she asked about Rubella. I have had the jags but no confirmation on my medical record about the results/if it worked etc so as part of the blood tests she would ask for, she asked to test for Rubella. My husband and I both had a blood test and then she did an internal with me. All our results will be discussed at our next appointment which is next month unless a test comes back with something that they need to get in touch with us. One of the blood tests is to check your egg supply (not sure if that is the right terminology or phrase to use).

    The nurse gave us a whole load of forms to complete and lots of information to read. We have to complete everything and bring it with us to the next appointment.

    I am now looking forward to the next appointment although slightly nervous. I just want to be on my way now and know the timescales. Praying so much that this works!

    Does anyone have experience of what happens at this next appointment when they discuss what procedure they will use? We have unexplained infertility so I think we will go the IVF route. Will I need to know my cycle day etc for this next appointment? I used to record everything in my cycle but since finding out it is unexplained infertility, I have taken a step back and stopped recording my cycle days, temps etc.

  • Hi hopeful 2014 i have currently juat been to glasgow royal infirmary for all the same tests and we are both unexplained infertility , i have to go on thursday to see what the next stage is so i can let you know what happens next.

    im so scared and nervous about it all too but fingers crossed we get a little bundle of joy at the end of it .

    when do you return for you next appointment ? I couldnt get my head around the blood test being able to tell you egg count. X

  • Hi hopeful2014,

    I know this post is 3 months old but I am just wondering how long you have been on the Ivf waiting list til you reached the top?

    I am in Glasgow as well and got officially put on the list 6 months ago but got diagnosed with blocked tubes over 8 months ago and thats when my gyne sent a referral letter to the GRI.

    So just wondering how long the wait is :-)

    I thought of calling them to see where we are on that list.

    How did your Ivf go by the way?

    I wish you all the best x

  • Hi ines2885 i thought i would give you some info too , we were on the waiting list 2 years which has now dropped to a year and a half when we reached the top of the list, out appointments were over a month for each stage after this .

    i hope this helps x

  • Hi weemex,

    thank you for your reply :-) did the clinic tell you that the waiting time dropped to 1,5 years or how did you find that out? hopeful2014 only waited 12/13 months and I believe there is another lady on here that only waited under a year for getting IVF at the GRI as well. This is why I wonder if I should just give them a call to see if they know how much longer it will be. Cause then I could decide whether or not to fly to the USA in February. My OH and I would be away for 2 weeks. I am also thinking to start Acupuncture 2-3 months before the treatment as it apparently increases chances in some cases? :-)

    All the best x

  • Hi innes2885 , yes i got referred on nov 2012 and was told it was two years :-( i got a letter at a year and a half advising i was top of the list , when i went to hosp they saidthat it had dropped to a year and a half thats why i had reached it top all in it has been a year and 8 months :-(

    yes you should give them a call and see what they say , it feels like a lifetime :-( good luck to you too hope its not too long for u x

  • Oh wow its shocking when they tell you its a 2 year wait. I already think that 18 months feels like a lifetime. And I will need to look for a new job from next year spring time as well as my contract runs out by then. My current boss knows that we are on the IVF waiting list as I had a laparoscopy and dye test last December where they diagnosed me and removed Endometriosis. She visited me when I was at home and I told her.

    She has been amazing so far but my contract will run out as it was only until her little one goes to nursery (I work in Child Care) So would be soo glad when the IVF happens during this current job position and not when I am just starting a new one.

    Anyway thank you for all this information and I will give the clinic a call tomorrow to see where we are on the list and what the earliest start could be :-)

    I wish you all the luck in the world for your attempt and that you get the positive pregnancy test you have been waiting for. Thank you, I really hope that we can start within the next 6 months! :-) x

  • Hi ines i work in an office environment and my work nothing is confidential :-( my boss is male which also doesnt help so the only option i have is get a doctors sick line for a week or so as i have used all my holidays as ithought i wouldnt hear from the hosp until nov this year :-( .

    Fingers crossed for you the wait isnt too long for you , il keep in touch and let you know how i get on ;-) .thanks i wish u all the luck in the world too x

  • Hi weemex,

    thank you for your reply. I just called the GRI and they told me the list is down to 12 months now so we will get off it within 6 months :-D sooo glad I called them. The lady on the phone was very nice as well and happy to answer my questions. So happy just now. 6 months is not very long to go now.

    Yes please keep in touch and let me know how you get on :-) x

  • Thats great news glad you dont have to wait as long as us it feels like forever :-( .did they say how many shots of ivf you get on nhs? X

  • Hi, in our letter it says that we get up to two cycles of IVF. And if we get any frozen embryos then they will be transferred before the next fresh cycle. X

  • Hi there, I believe it was 12/13 months that I was waiting for but that was before they started to work to their new targets of everyone seen within 12 months therefore I would like to think your wait would be shorter now.

    I am currently in my two week wait and almost at the end of it. Everything pretty much happened in the one cycle once the first two initial appointments were out the way.

    I really hope you hear soon as it is a daunting waiting game.

    Fell free to ask anything else. I can't believe my first cycle is pretty much done, after all the waiting it ends up all going so fast x

  • Hi there, I believe it was 12/13 months that I was waiting for but that was before they started to work to their new targets of everyone seen within 12 months therefore I would like to think your wait would be shorter now.

    I am currently in my two week wait and almost at the end of it. Everything pretty much happened in the one cycle once the first two initial appointments were out the way.

    I really hope you hear soon as it is a daunting waiting game.

    Fell free to ask anything else. I can't believe my first cycle is pretty much done, after all the waiting it ends up all going so fast x

  • Hi :-)

    Thank you for your fast reply. Wow 12/13 months is fantastic as my Dr said 18-22 months when I last saw him in February. I will give them a call on Monday just to see if they could tell us where about we are on that waiting list. I have heard that they have a 12 months target now but wasn't sure if its for 2014 or 2015?

    Anyway your post gives me a lot of hope that our wait might be a lot shorter than we thought. :-)

    How was it with having to give yourself injections etc.? A lot of women write about some horrible side effects. I am just glad once we reach the top of the list and when we can start the treatment.

    I wish you lots of good luck and babydust for this 2 week wait and that you get that positive pregnancy test very soon :-D x

  • Thank you so much, I got goosebumps because I really hope it does work but know that I can't get my hopes up yet. Even if it is a positive, feel like the first 12 weeks will still be daunting because us ivf couples know that anything can happen in those 12 weeks and if it doesn't work, then we are back to square one. Positive thoughts though!! I'm sure I was on the waiting list from march 2013 because when I went to see dr vani in May 2013 after my hycosy test, he said that his referral for me would be backdated to when I seen him the first time and that was in march 2014. Then it was early april 2014 that I received the letter through saying I was at the top of the list and my first two appointments wee scheduled for late April and early may 2014. If I remember rightly, I had to contact the clinic I think once my period started and they then told me when to start taking my metformin tablets which I was given at the second appointment. At this point, they work out roughly when day 2 of your next cycle will be and give you a provisional scan appt for that day. Amazingly, my cycle day two fell on the date they gave me (2nd July) so I went for my scan and was then given my injections away with me - menpur and centrotide. I am a big fearty and trembled with the thought of injecting myself. I got my husband to do the first one for me and it was fine and then I did them myself. I think day 3 I couldn't do it for some reason. It was as though I couldn't come down on my skin hard enough but by the end of it all I was a pro and became addicted to the alcohol swabs. The more alcohol on the skin right before injecting, the better. So I started first of the drugs on 3rd July and on 14th July I went for my egg collection the 17th I went for the transfer and now I'm just waiting. You will see from my dates that it really does go fast although I was on the short protocol.

    Some advice, after my initial scan on cycle day 2, I didn't take anyone in with me which was and is totally fine as there isn't really a need for anyone to take time off to come with you however reflecting back, it would have been good if someone was there to talk to the nurse after I was examined to query about the progress whilst I was in the toilet getting changed. I never really had the opportunity to take note of how many follicles were there and what their sizes were etc so it was only when I came home and googled info that I then thought "damn, I don't know".

    The target of 12 months is to be in place by 2015 therefore they have to make drastic progress just now in order to be on track to meet the target so fingers crossed you do hear soon! With regards to side effects, I had none at all but bloating and that is to be expected. I'm still bloated now but I'm still on progesterone suppositories. It is these that I have found that totally mimic pregnancy signs so boobs sore and often some cramping. I was on low dosages of all the drugs and only had to take one menpur injection per day. I think some people need to take more but certainly for me, I had no side effects that would put me off doing it all again. Hopefully I don't though :) x

  • Hi,

    just wanted to let you know that I called the GRI and the lady there told me that the wait is down to 12 months now yaaaay :-D we are halfway up the list and will get off it in 6 months. So no holiday in the USA for us. But I am sooo glad I called. 6 months is fantastic.


  • Thats great news we have two attempts too it will be here before you know it.i will update you on thursday so you know what to expect next ;-) fingers crossed to us both :-) x

  • Yes please keep me updated :-) will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that all goes well. I know I can't wait for this next letter to come through the door :-) x

  • Hi ladies, sorry all the messages are all over the place on my phone! That's great you have moved towards the top quickly ines! I've been trying to keep away from the internet because I know I would be tempted to test however tomorrow is test day so heading to bed soon so I can get up early and see what awaits me!!!

    Good luck on Thursday weemex! X

  • Oh wow you must be so excited right now!!! I wish you all the luck in this world and hope you get your BFP :-) is it a home pregnancy test you are doing or do you have to go to the clinic for a blood test? All the best and please let us know the result :-) xx

  • Hello! It's a hospital one they gave me to take away after the transfer, it's just a urine one and it was clearly positive!yay!!!!! Now another desperate waiting game for the next hurdle!!!!x

  • YAAAYYY :-D Congratulations!! Thats fantastic news :-) so happy for you.

    By the way, did they put one or two embryos back in? I am 30 in 6 months when we start and wonder if we get to choose? Do they give you something else now like pessaries or what is the next step now?

    I am so excited for you :-) hope everything goes well for you and that you have an easy pregnancy with no problems xx

  • Hello, we had two embryos put in. We had thought about putting two back in if we had them but at the first appointment we felt they wanted us to consider only one. At second appointment they then said that putting one back in was their advice advice only and that ultimately it's our decision. Then, after retrieval, the embryologist said they would be looking at putting one back in and then when I called later in the transfer week to check the progress of the embies they said they would be putting two in so really, you can think about what you ideally want but it won't be until you know the quality of your embies that you know how many will go back in. I changed to getting two put in because none of my remaining ones looked like they were going to progress I the frozen stage and they were right.

    I've had progesterone to take from the day before my transfer and taken my last one last night. I only got given a 12 day supply. I was worried about finishing them yesterday but I called the hospital and the nurse advised me that a 12 day course is sufficient as I had a fresh cycle. People that had a frozen cycle, tend to get then for longer.

    As much as I'm excited about finally seeing a positive, it's strange, I can't get too excited because I know anything can happen and it's still so early. I must be honest, I did think I was pregnant. I had a few symptoms and yesterday my tummy was making a poking feeling. X

  • Hi again,

    Thats really good that it was your choice in the end :-) did you take any time off work for after the transfer? I wonder if its safe to go back as I wouldn't want to take any risks..

    So many questions lol


  • I took a half day for the transfer as it was in the afternoon (Thursday) and then I had Friday and Monday off. I was going to take Tuesday off too but by then I was fine and my work is in an office so sitting down all day was going to be fine. The whole weekend I was really tired, I slept more than I was awake and they say the progesterone can do that to you. If I stayed at home, I would have gone mad and I think coming to work is what made my two week wait go quicker!!! Ask away with the questions because that was me a while back!!!x

  • Thank you so much for these very helpful answers :-)

    I work as a Nanny so I am on my feet 10 hrs a day running after children lol. Plus I am always out with them playing football, cycling etc. SoI might take at least 1 week off from transfer. Don't know how lifting heavy toddlers and running around all day would affect this. Bit worried that I would stress about it all the time lol.

    Hope you are doing well :-) x

  • Hmm personally I would get a sick line given your line of work. You want to give it your best shot. I'm the type of person who just gets on with things hence why I went back to work after a few days (plus I was luck I also had a weekend to rest) but I think if I were in your shoes, I would take the two weeks off and get a sick line. I'm certain the doctor would be absolutely fine with that. After the two weeks, you would then know if you were pregnant. After the retrieval, I was quite tender for a few days so again, you will need to be careful after that but at least you know you don't have wee embies in you at that point x

  • Thank you :-) yes you are right,

    I will need some time off to actually give myself and those little embies a chance to rest and the best shot possible.

    Some websites even tell you to not lift anything heavy and climb up lots of stairs etc I do that all day in my job lol.

    So will take 2 weeks off for the 2 ww and a day or two after egg collection.

    Thank you and I hope your little ones settle in nicely and grow well :-) x

  • Thank you so much, this is a lot of good information :-)

    I wonder if it would make sense for me to call the clinic just to get a rough idea of where I am though as I am planning to fly to the USA to visit my sister next February. By this time I will have been on the list for 12-14 months! My OH and I would like to book the flights within the next 4 months the latest and we will be away for 2 I am worried that I get my letter through the door while I am away.

    Not sure what to do here, I would never fly to the US if I know that I might be at the top of the list by that time. Do you think they can see where about I am just now and how much longer it roughly would take?

    I am glad to hear that you had no big side effects during your cycle that's fantastic :-)

    I am a bit worried about injecting myself as well even though I am not scared of needles. Just the thought of having to do this myself is a bit worrying. But my partner said that he will be fine helping me with that.

    My fingers are crossed for you that your first attempt will be the lucky one. By the way did they put one or two embryos back in? I wonder if I can choose how many go back. Would love twins :-) But of course know that there could be a risk of ending up with 4 (scary thought).

    All the best x

  • Can't believe I started this post six months ago in the search of finding out what happens at GRI for ivf and here I am now finished with my first cycle and.......14 weeks pregnant with my little miracle! I've stayed quiet on the forums for absolute fear of jinxing things but after seeing our baby at our scan this week, I knew I had to come back on here and leave an update!

    What a 14 weeks it has been to get to this last major hurdle in the process. The weeks flew in before the 8 week scan but between that and the 13 week scan, I swear someone was putting the clocks back!!!!

    From the bottom of my heart, I wish everyone success in their journeys. This process has definitely shown me that I am a strong person and that I have for sure gone through it all with the best person I could, my husband.

    Sending lots of luck to everyone. Stay positive! X

  • Hi, this is my first post here. So happy to hear positive stories, great news hopeful2014.

    We have been on the Glasgow wait list since Feb 2012, I got an initial basic text last summer of 2013 at the Victoria clinic and at that point they said my partner would be contacted for a referral to the Royal, he has the main fertility issue. He emailed them to give permission for his files to be used last year and then we didn't hear from them again until I contacted them last month to ask what was happening. There had been some mix up as the secretary said the referral had not gone ahead and we had a longer wait than it should have been. As we were working on the 2year wait told to us in 2012 we didn't expect much to happen until around this time. Now reading they have reduced waiting time I really wish I had chased it up earlier, we got married this year so we had a lot on our plates, but wish I had chased it up. Have recently phoned again and been advised that my partner should be receiving a clinic app for the test soon. I don't know how long to wait before we check again and we were also told that the doctor name had changed at the Royal.

    At this point I just want something in writing, has anyone got any advice?

    I am now 39 and initially went on the wait list at 37, so time seems to be of the essence here, as with everyone I'm sure. Is there any point going to our GP, or should we just perservere with the clinic for further communication?

    Many thanks. xx

  • Hi small cat! Keep chasing them! I was getting frustrated too and although I was under dr vani, he does several clinics across more than one hospital and I remembered being confused as to what hospital I was actually being referred to. I phoned up the hospitals to check they had received my referrals. Often it was a bit of a goose chase but I eventually spoke to my doctor about my concerns over the phone as I was being passed from pillar to post and she phoned up for me. Really soon after that, I got my first letter through!

    Don't be shy, keep asking for updates. They should be able to tell u an approximate waiting time. Good luck x

  • Hi Hopeful, Thankyou for your reply, that helps to know other people have had similar. After me phoning twice and then my husband phoning I have been sent an appointment date for the Royal for the first week in December. I had my first app last year although my husband had nothing from them at all. When I spoke to the person at the clinic she seemed to think we should have been seen faster but for some reason hadn't been referred on after my first appointment in 2013.

    Still no sign of my husband being referred yet, so I'm taking him with me so we can get them to make him an appointment too. Hopefully this will move us along faster. We have been waiting since February 2013.


  • Good luck everyone. I had my treatment at Glasgow Royal and my gynecologist was also a partner at GRCM. I can't speak highly enough of the Royal. The process and wait list takes ages and you may feel like you will never reach the top but you will. Once our treatment actually started it became a blur you have so much emotions running through you that if you want to remember every step keep a diary as I wish we had. We went through icsi as I have pcos and hubby has low motility. We were successful and have been blessed with twin girls who turn 3 on the 22nd of this month. We never thought it would happen and still pinch ourselves every day. Miracles do happen we just need to keep believing xxxxx

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