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IVF Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well?

I'm just reaching out to anyone that has received IVF treatment at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

After unsuccessful IUI treatments this year I asked to be placed on the waiting list for IVF at GRI. I have received a letter for an appointment in August (rescheduled for September as we are on holiday) I was very surprised that an appointment has came up so quickly as we made the decision in May.

Could anyone share their experience and give me a timescale of events from the 1st appointment to when you received your treatment?

I'd appreciate any info.

thanks in advance,


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Hi Kitty,

Sorry to hear of your unsuccessful IUI attempts.

I had treatment at GRI. I was told at my first appointment that it would be about 20 months to wait but only ended up waiting about 8.

Have you had your testing done? AMH etc?

On the basis you prob had to wait for your OUI it might be that you can go straight to IVF?


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Hey LMB,

Thanks for getting in touch.

How is your treatment going? What stage are you at?

The IUI was unsuccessful so we took the decision and asked to be referred for IVF as the chances of being unsuccessful were slim.

I had the AMH, Lap & Dye and all other possible tests this year before and during the IUI treatment. My OH has had all his tests done too. I have the unexplained infertility.

When was your first appointment - just so I can gauge your timescale. 8 months doesn't seem that bad if you were told 20 months. I had in my head 12-18 months waiting time.

I really appreciate your help,

Nat x


Sorry Nat I had a typo. It was 10 months we were told and started after 8.

My cycles were unsuccessful unfortunately and I'm now about to have a donor egg cycle.

The time goes by quickly so hopefully your wait is not too bad xx


Hi Nat

We have did both our NHS cycles at the Royal. Both successful but unfortunately ended in mc's. we're taking a year off to look at our options as we now need to go private.

Answering your question regarding time scales...this will be your initial assessment appointment you will then go onto the waiting list. We were seen in the April and did our 1st cycle in the Feb.

If you want to know anything else feel free to send me a message x

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Hi WeeJacs,

Thank you for the reply. I'm sorry to hear about your mc's. I hope the year out will help you heal and look at other options.

Ok, so that was about 10 months between the initial appointment and 1st Cycle. That's good to know.

Thanks, Nat x


Hi Kitty,

I have just been referred to GRI for ivf after discovering stage 4 endometriosis. I was curious about the waiting time and can see you have been through this recently. How long did it take you from being referred to getting first appointment and then starting treatment?

Thanks in advance xx


Hi hellokitty33,

We waited for about 3 1/2 years but that was due to various circumstances and funding etc... basically out with our control and more to do with service managers higher up! However, I’m now 5wks pregnant and waiting on a scan at 8 wks! 😄 xx


Hi everyone. Im so glad i fund this post. I live in england and me and husband has decided to move to scotland. Im in the pipeline of being ref for ivf. But hubby work means we might need to move bak. We have decided that we will be moving scotland n the next few months. I would just like to know the process. We will be moving to North Lanarkshire so will be having treatment at GRI. Im so stressed at the momment so much info to find out and to take in. If anyone could help me with some of the question i have would massively help. If i move to scotland and register with a gp and the gp ref me to GRI how long is the wait and because i have had all investigation done here and have been on clomid will have to redo all the test. will i have to go back of the line. Allso will i have to have iui before having ivf even though i have had 3 rounds of clomid. My husband has hep b and take medication for that so does GRI have facilities to store his sperm. Many thanks everyone xxx


Hi bibi_16,

Lots of different stuff happening for you at the moment, it's not surprising that you are stressed. I am currently undergoing treatment at GRI (I too am in North Lanarkshire). I can't give advice on transferring from outwith the authorities & timescales etc regarding this. But just wanted to drop you a wee note to say that we were first referred to Monklands which is north Lanarkshire's first port of call for us (the staff there are lovely) before being moved across to GRI. If you already know you need ivf & not iui I wonder if you would be referred directly to GRI?? (staff there are lovely too). Would your current clinic would do the transfer? I'd ask them & see what they say! Xx

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Hi Rainbow

Many thanks for your reply. how nice to chat to someone from the same area. I have had 3 rounds of clomid and will be referred for ivf most likely end of feb here in england. If move to NL iwill be having treatment at dundee becuz of husbands heb b as GRI dont have the facilities to store embroys and sperm for patient with heb b as it has to be kept separate dundee will be 2 hours away from home in scotland. so thats another thing to think about. is it true i will have to iui before ivf if i move scotland ??? i hope not becuz i have already had 3 rounds of clomid so its wasting precious time but that another thing ill have to check.

Just felt really emotional today becuz hubby doesnt relise how stressed im trying to sot all this out becuz hes busy doing other stuff which i appreciate so dont want him to know im stressing becuz i know what ever hes doing right now is probs stressing aswell and i dont want to add more stress.. fewwwwww stress stress stress :'(

thanks hun.xx


I think you need to speak with your hubby. I know you don't want to add on more pressure for him but it's not doing you any good. I always feel much better once I've spoken things through.

I don't know if you'll need to go the iui then ivf route I'm afraid but I'd hope not if you have already been through it. Can't believe you'll need to travel to Dundee though, that's a bit of a bummer. Xx


thanks for your reply hun. im thinking about looking at Edinburgh also as its closer to home but dont know if i can be treated there and becuz of the heb b i might not be able to have ivf there plus they have all these limits on partners age they will not do a fresh ivf cycle if hubbys age is 39 at the time and if hes age is 40 at a frozen cycle they will just offer one cycle im not quite clear on this will need to check this aswell.

Is the Edinburgh nhs ivf clinic called the Edinburgh fertility and reproductive endocrine centre just checking im reading from the right website

how many other nhs ivf clinics are in Edinburgh

Tanks hun x


I have to be honest, not sure what clinics are in Edinburgh. To be fair didn't even know about Glasgow until we needed it. Hopefully you'll get through to someone who is not as rude next time who might be better placed to answer your questions unlike the previous Admin lady you spoke with. Fingers crossed! Xx

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Depends on your diagnosis but I know for me In north east Scotland, they don’t do IUI unless you have difficulty having sex, or are in the same sex couple. Otherwise you go straight to IVF.. for example we were unexplained and went straight to IVF. Hope that helps. My clinic follows the guidelines set by NICE nice.org.uk


Hi, I know this post has been up for a while but thought I'd answer anyways...

I got the go ahead in the summer last year from the GRI after all test were completed & we knew what treatment we needed. I called each month on day one & I have just started my treatment. In May last year we were given a 12 week timescale due to us being in the process before for a length of time & were seen within the 12 weeks. But then it's down to how busy the dept is when you call regarding starting your treatment! Let me know how you get on! Xx

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i was told by the rude admin lady that its 8-9 months wait i said why when i have had most of the investigation done she said she cant comment and i would need to go to the waiting list which fine but 8-9 months wait while already been waiting almost 2 years doesnt sound right. i felt she couldnt be bothered to give me the accurate info unless i get my notes over to them.

One thing after another

im supposed to not stress becuz fsh came bk 9.2 and lasy year it was 5.5 weird how its jumped up so much but i was advised to not stress lol.



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