Sign of hope: different stimulation = very different result!

Hello everyone,

Just had my second egg retrieval: 15 hopefully-soon-to-be-embryos taken out!

Not bad for a 37 year-old I reckon?

My first cycle I was quite chuffed with 8 eggs, but then most were immature. Eventually 5 fertilised but all had cleaving issues, fragmentation and eventually nothing was good enough to transfer.

That was on a long protocol with Gonal F.

The stimulation phase was long (14 days if I remember correctly, maybe even 15)

This time we went to short protocol, Menopur instead, AND a double trigger (two different drugs) to ensure a good final push on the maturation front and this is where it has gotten us. And after only 9 days of injections!

Yes, more pain during pick up, more pain after, but also tons more hope as with nearly double the amount of eggs and some measures in place that hopefully should lead to more success.

I'm cautiously optimistic...

They do make me wait till Wednesday morning though before I'll know how they're getting on. Annoying, as last time it was the next day?!

Also annoying as Wednesday I'll have a training day at work and will need to nip out to do the call - nerve wrecking and going back in after will be a real challenge, especially if bad news...

Hey ho, onwards and upwards.

Just wanted to share this to give those of you hope where the stimulation didn't have the desired result. It might be very different next time!

Good luck to all!


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  • Hey Hun thanks for writing this, i started down regulation yesterday and this is my second cycle. First time i was on bemfola but now i will be on menopur. It's nice to know things worked out different for you. I am 29 and i only had 3 eggs last time around. I was so upset. Hope this round i get more and mature ones. I do wonder about the double trigger, sounds good! Good luck with you results xxx

  • Thank you :-)

    Fingers crossed the change of regime will work for you too. Maybe ask your consultant about the double trigger? The double trigger apparently is good if you had egg maturity issues - it gives them a harder final push to mature. Someone else on here said she had a double trigger too and it was explained to her that it helps the eggs release from the follicle wall better too. Good luck and keep me posted! Xx

  • Thanks so much!! Hope it all goes well this week for you! I will ask about the double trigger at my next appointment. Last time i had 2 eggs which were borderline mature and 1 was immature. Keep us updated to! Xx

  • Keep me posted! Xx

  • I'm so glad to hear you had a better result! I hope that my change in regime helps me too. You have given me hope!

  • Hi Lizzie, glad to hear I've given you some hope. Where are you now in your cycle? Fingers crossed you have a great outcome...

  • Yeah! This is what happened to me, a bad cycle followed by a great one (menopur + double trigger did the trick). I am now 12 weeks + 1 day, hoping you the best for you in the next few days!!! XX

  • Thanks Christina, I so hope we're striking gold here! Congratulations to you, you must be over the moon! How are you feeling? Relieved you've passed the 12 week mark I reckon? Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy, hope all goes well for you! Xx

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