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Got my nurse planning appointment next Thursday! Counting down the days 😬 Feels like we have been waiting for ever! I am sure all of you ladies know the feeling! I also need to get all my blood tests done again as it was over a year since I first had them done but I need to have this done when I'm between day 2-4 of my period but I'm not due till the 1st April I am hoping this will not delay when treatment will start 🀞🏼 Do you think they will want the bloody results back before planning anything? Xx

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  • If your with NHS then yes, say private is too but private is so much quicker getting the results.

    I've had to have several blood test repeated due to wrong days or missing results,

    Hope you get yours back quicky. are you waiting for your start date for ivf?

    I'm hoping to get mine on 27th of this month after result of another blood test x

  • We've just had our nurses appointment and had to redo our bloods. Our treatment then starts on day 21 of following cycle and we're told could have bloods done on that cycle so I presume we don't have to wait for results. They've stated they don't give us dosages until day 10 of cycle though so perhaps they need the results but you don't have to wait for another appointment?

    Hope you get to start in April as you want. Xx

  • Good morning! Yes it is NHS. I had an appointment with the dr the other week & advised her of this but she said to still go to the appointment and just say that they are booked in to be done at my GP clinic. I think the results take about a week to get back too.

    My next appointment is the nurse planning meeting so I think I would find out when we can start treatment & that! I hope 🀞🏼.

    It's horrible when you have to wait for appointment after appointment let alone when stuff goes wrong or missing! I hope the rest of the month goes quick for you xxx

  • It sure is say this month has and is driving me mad as it's delayed over 1 thing, but they say good things come to those that wait.

    Sounds exciting when's your next meeting xx

  • Thanks MrsB76 that's very helpful. Xx

  • They do say this! But I am not the most patient of people. πŸ˜‚ My next meeting is next Thursday 😬 Can't wait 😊 xx

  • Good luck with it all Hun xxx

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