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Just had scan app not good

Well just had my scan to see if ready for injections .

Nurse said lining still too thick but could see something ( she said she not sure if a follicle as its outside the ovarie)

She then said she needed to speak to consultant - off she went - came back and said that I need to have urgent blood test for estradol.

By this time I was close to tears as she made out something's wrong.

nothing was explained properly -

She then came back and she said was I available all day ? I said not really as have to get to wrk she said that she will show me how to do inj jist incase I'm ok to start today !!

She basically said you need 1 liquid 3 powders 123 green needle in belly !!

Then gave me my a big bag of stuff needles ect and said she will call me in 2 hours to let me know if I am actually starting inj tonight.

Went and had blood test and bus on way back to wrk !

Guess I'll have to wait for call.


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Oh they really know how to stress you out don't they.

Can you not say to work you have a migraine and I back and speak to them face to face?

You'll be useless in work today anyway xx


Oh how rubbish, couldn't they atleast tell you what they were testing for? Talk about stressing you out! Try not to worry hun...easier said than done I'm sure! X


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