Just had scan- IM ALL SET FOR WEDNESDAY EGG COLLECTION. 5 big follicles lots of small . Is this good ??

so scan went well she said I'm ready for Wednesday egg collection depending on if my blood comes back ok .

She said I have 4 or 5 big follicles, and lots of little ones , but she said they will hopefully continue to grow by Wednesday .

She gave me my trigger shot , which I need to take at 11 pm tonight . I'm to stop merinol but have my cetrotide today and tmr .

Fingers crossed blood comes back ok.

I really can't believe it I never thought I'd get this far . So excited , just waiting for the call now. XXXX

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  • Aw fab news, it all happens so fast once you get started. Good Luck for EC X

  • Thanks Hun , it dosnt feel real . A 5 follicles food or not ? I guess it all depends if there are any eggs in there . I feel slightly strange because it all seems surreal ! I am definitely not going to be able to concern grate at wrk today or tmr . 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • I had six folicles of good size and they got 7 eggs, they really can't tell until they do collection. Exciting times ahead X

  • Exciting times Aimaim! Good luck with collection on Wed!x

  • 5 is a good number. They told me on the Monday I only had 3 yet by the Wednesday they had collected 7 eggs. Fingers crossed you get more growth between now and Wednesday x

  • 5 is good. Try not to compare to others, 5 eggs is 5 chances and you only need one!! Try to relax and not question everything. Just focus on being calm and relaxed for EC. It's uncomfortable but not horrendous just remember what it's all for and the more calm you are the better your body will react. Best of luck for weds hun xx

  • 5 sounds like a good number to start!! It only takes one! Eek! So exciting!!! Good luck for Wednesday, report back!! πŸ˜€ x x x

  • Will do . Got to do my trigger shot tonight at 11 pm. 😌

  • Trigger shot is another hurdle done. One step closer x

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