Feeling bit confused but trying not to stress

Morning ladies hope all are as well as can be, I got my bfp last Fri and after the phone call I took a clear blue digital test came up said I was 2 to 3 weeks when I was really 4 then this morning a week later coz I have two left I took another one thinking it would have went to 3+ weeks but it's still saying 2-3 should I be worried??? Also was on sites last night checking hcg levels mines was 215 wasn't sure if that's good or not but the girls were saying with there hcg levels were at 1St blood taking and what day the bloods were took and then date and level of there 2nd, should I be getting another blood test done? Hate the not knowing if baby is OK or not ๐Ÿ˜ขBaby dust to all ๐Ÿ’–

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  • The same happened to me Hun, I took one because I was spotting and I should have been 6 weeks or more so fed expected a 3 but got 2-3 which freaked me out but it was because my urine was dilute, I read loads online and they are not that accurate, it is still early Hun, are the hospitals re checking your hcg? I don't think it matters what the start figure is it just has to double in approx 48 hrs, if worried ring them because peace of mind is everything at this stage. We just lost our baby but in the 1st trimester with him I had loads and loads of heavy bleeding, I had so many miscarriage scares but all the time he was fine, it was a really tough time but what I learnt is to not google everything (it will drive u insane) and to do whatever made me less anxious, I.e pay for an early scan or ring and ask for extra bloods etc. It's totally understandable that you will be on edge after all u have been through and your clinic should understand this xx I know how u feel Hun but be kind to yourself xx

  • Omg hun am so sorry, hope don't sound insensitive here but u said u lost ur baby are u expecting again the now after u had a lost? I phoned them there they said they don't do a another blood test but I asked if there was anyway I could so going to phone me back, so will happens if the hcg levels are kinda the same that mean am no longer pregnant? Am so confused with it all its strange how the test didn't go to 3+ isn't it xxxx

  • Honestly don't trust those tests Hun x I think as long as they are around what they would expect for your date then all will be well, there will be a range because everyone is different. That's why sometimes it's best not to keep re testing but I totally get the need to!!! We lost Harrison at 36 weeks, no heartbeat at my midwife appt, been through hell but pulling myself back up (well trying to!) and we are back TTC again! When we have PM results in September we can then have our 3rd embryo transfer.. This journey is so tough! Even when you get pregnant the journey is still tough, so just do whatever makes u feel better Hun, hope clinic will check your bloods for u Hun x when is your scan? I am sure all will be well! Even when I was haemorrhaging little Harrison was fine inside me :) X

  • Hey, just bear in mind the clear blue test results are number of weeks from Conception, not how far along the pregnancy is- so you would add two weeks to your result ie on this basis you'd be 4-5 weeks along along. Hope this helps xx

  • Yeah my partner said he red that hun just really wanted it to move up a week as I was getting wee kinda like butterflies in belly and really sore boobs but now nothing apart from wee cramps now and then xxxxx

  • Them Clearblue tests cause soooooo much trouble and stress. I must have spent 60 quid on them at least on this pregnancy!! Gave up trying to get a 3+ after about 7 weeks. Got my self thinking alsorts Then I had a dopey midwife who tried to pick up a Doppler heartbeats at 10 weeks and couldn't find it. Mega stress at that point. Anyway had my first scan on Tuesday and everything is totally fine, healthy and normal. I was further in the scan then I thought I was so I was actually about 8 weeks when I did the last digital and still never got the 3+

    They aren't worth the stress Hun xxx

  • Aww congratulations hun๐Ÿ’– ohh really so u are really 8 weeks and still getting 2-3 weeks it's horrible isn't it as makes u stress was trying so hard not to cry as promised my partner who didn't want me to take them incase that happened I wouldn't get upset but it's so hard just am so worried as was getting wee feeling in belly and really sore boobs just before and just after found out we were pregnant and now just wee cramps now and then am so worried xxxxx

  • Hi no were 14 weeks but I stopped buying them at 8 weeks but I was literally making myself I'll with worry every time it didn't go up. I should have spent that 60 quid on private dating scan!! Admittedly I was still poas at 12 weeks, because from finding out at 6 weeks to having the no heartbeat with Doppler charade to wait until 14 weeks for scan was torture ๐Ÿ˜ž!

    Just needed some validation every week. But honestly Hun, don't do it to yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a marketing scam to make you keep buying them. Xxxx

  • Oh that's great your 14 weeks do u have wee bump yet โ˜บ it really is all so worrying that's alot of money to spend on them when not giving u the right number of weeks people are think it could be aswel I just need to hope I get allowed to come in for more bloods as then will no if number has doubled then I will not worry as much xxxxx

  • Apparently your hcg levels have to be over 3000 to register for the 3plus weeks. So if your hcg doubled every 48hrs yours will be just under this. I bet by sun its 3+ ๐Ÿ˜„ You did well to get 2-3 wks on your test date, so don't fret, all will be good! xx

  • Ohhh God mine was only 215 last week don't think it will be that high now, am on way to hospital there going to take bloods and let me no tomorrow morning what my hcg levels are at xxxxx

  • I'll sure you'll be fine ๐Ÿ˜Š With your level last week you should be in the 2000's now so by sun/mon in the 3000's. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป xxx

  • Thank you babe I've to phone back at 5 if not ready tomorrow morning xxxxx

  • Good luck Lynsey86! Those clear blue tests are very a bit of a gimmick and aren't accurate. The range that your hcg acne be in early pregnancy is massive!!x

  • Starting to think the same cinderella5 I've got one test left but putting it in the bin for sure lol cause how high my bloods were earlier when got my blood test results back is making me relaxing bit more now xxxxxx

  • Try not to worry. I'm sure mine said 2-3 weeks when I was 4 weeks too! I know this is a stressful time and after everything you've been through its hard to believe everything is going to be ok!

    Take care X

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