Think I've had a chemical pregnancy... πŸ˜–πŸ”«


As anyone who saw my last couple of posts (after just using this site as a reference point for months I've suddenly become very active!) will know I had a faint BFP on our OTD. The clinic confirmed (after seeing a pic) that yes it was a positive - woohoo, and the following day (Monday) I did a FR test that came back a medium-ish positive, was very happy with that.

Then yesterday (Tuesday) I started getting really cocky and decided to test not using FMU with a Clear Blue Digital so I could see that magic word on the screen and feel really smug about myself. Unfortunately for me it came up with two not so magic words - NOT PREGNANT. CB certainly don't beat around the bush.

Anyway I called my clinic and she said not to worry too much as I've had 2 positives but the CBD should really be picking up the hormone by now and 'a negative is a negative'. She then called me back & said digitals are not especially reliable at this early stage and to continue with pessaries & test again on Friday morning.

Of course as I'm sure many of you ladies will expect and understand, I disregarded the whole wait till Friday thing & tested this morning with FMU with a FR and CB traditional line tests. Both have come back as extremely faint positives, there, but barely visible.

I'm pretty certain what with my initial faint positive only getting stronger for one day and to then go on to become extremely faint (and I'm talking squint in natural light by the window) again, it's looking like I have had a chemical pregnancy. I haven't had any bleeding yet but I'm sure that will start soon. I will test again on Friday morn as instructed by the clinic but I'm sure by that point it will just be a simple negative.

Thanks to all of you who wished me congratulations this week - it was wonderful to tentatively feel pregnant & experience that happiness & excitement even though it was brief! Good luck to everyone else and hope you all go on to have healthy pregnancies and babies πŸ‘πŸΌ

Hopefully I'll be back in the NY with tales of our second NHS round xx

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  • Hi Pennyprimrose. You must be feeling pretty rubbish at the moment, but please remember to do your Friday's test, first thing in the morning, as the hCG can dilute through the day. Obviously carry on as the clinic advises with the pessaries, and let's hope all does end well for you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane. Yes I'm feeling sadder & sadder as the day goes on really. I'll continue with the pessaries until Friday just in case. Thank you for your support X

  • HUGE gentle hug. Diane xx

  • Aww sweetheart this is awful news. But you still don't know for sure, especially if you still are getting the faint positives. Try and wait until Friday before reacting either way, not easy to do. I don't know anything about chemical pregnancies but perhaps phone your clinic to ask if they think it could be one, or what the signs would be.

    Sorry you're having to wait to know for sure, take care of yourself and let us know how it goes on Friday.

    Thinking of you,


  • Thanks Smallcat. It's so disappointing & I feel really gutted and a bit...angry?! Spectrum of emotions with IVF ! You're right, there is still a faint positive so I will carry on until Friday when I do the next test. I'll try not to get my hopes up though as it doesn't look good. Thank you for replying I really appreciate it xx

  • Hi PennyPrimrose, so sorry to hear this, especially as things were looking so good. I can understand why you are feeling so down heartened. All you can do is look after yourself for the next couple of days and get plenty of rest. Good luck x

  • Penny,

    I'm so, so sorry to read this. I was so happy to read your good news the other day. Still hoping it's a positive for you. Xx

  • Even when the odds are stacked against you the human body does some amazing things...

    Hang in there and stay positive xx

  • A definite roller coaster :-(

    Why does this horrible stuff happen!!

    See what happens on never know. Maybe ask them to do some blood tests too?


  • Thinking of you. Good luck for friday. Dont give up hope!! x

  • Hi PennyPrimrose

    Please don't give up hope, wait until Friday. Am I right in thinking you had 2 embryos transferred?


  • Hello, yes we had two transferred xx

  • Don't know if this is correct but nay be one of the embryos stopped developing and resulted in a lower HCG? Please don't give up, you could well get your BFP xx

  • Thanks Flower1979, I hadn't considered that but I really hope that's the explanation. Will keep you posted & thanks so much for your support xx

  • Any news? Xx

  • Yes sadly when we tested today it was negative πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ I knew it was looking that way so I don't feel too hideous today. I've started to bleed now which is actually a relief so we can just move on and look towards the future. We have another cycle on the NHS so all is not lost! Thank you for asking and for your support 😘 X

  • Very sorry to hear this, must be so disappointing for you. Sounds like you have a very positive attitude. Enjoy a hot bath and glass of wine tonight.

    Here's to your next cycle, may it be a successful one for you x

  • Sorry to read ur post, I really hope when u test Friday that it's a positive. It must be agony for u right now, thinking of u and definitely take it easy and and look after yourself xx

  • Got everything crossed for you! And really hoping Friday brings good news.xx

  • So sad to hear this PennyPrimrose, I suppose you were preparing for that news but still so sad when it is confirmed. Hope you take a wee break to recover and do some sort of relaxing, whatever that is. I gave myself a few weeks off to just be "normal" and have a few drinks and do things I used to do before I was worried about every tiny thing. Really helped to move on to the next cycle refreshed and ready. You have positives to look forward to another cycle when you are ready. Thinking of you, lots of hugs, xxx

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