Our one egg surviving, but slow 😒

Clinic called this morning (day two), still want to do transfer tomorrow if continues to grow, but no guarantee. I'm sure she said it was grade one, but only 2 cells (want to see 4 by now) so far, so I'm feeling anxious and worried now as the previous time they had split more by now. Again, anyone have any positive experience with this? Xxx

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  • Sorry to hear it's not going as well as hoped. Hopefully it will continue to grow and get transferred. If it does then at least you know it is a little fighter! x

  • Thank you for replying! I've just heard from another lady who had several embryos but one was slower than the rest, but caught up and so good enough to be frozen so that's given me a little bit of a boost. Hope is all we can do now. I've got acupuncture booked in for tomorrow, the lady said she'll call me if it doesn't continue, but to just go in if I don't hear anything. Eugh. Hate not knowing!

  • I have no idea at all how much truth there is in this but I did read that girls are more likely to be slow growers, so you never know x

  • Who knows eh! Last time we had a 6 and 8 cell by day 3, both grade 2 I believe. When we realised one hadn't made it by 7wks I assumed it was the 6 cell that hadn't, but of course that could be totally wrong and we'll never know for sure. Call it weird women's intuition, but I'm convinced the first little one to not make it was a boy because from that point onwards I knew OH was right in that I was carrying a girl. I'd never had "vibes" before, always being quite analytical and believing the science of it all, but nowadays I'm more open to listening to my gut instinct I guess. Maybe that little slower one was my Annabelle after all. I just hope this little one implants better to give them a better chance than she had xxx

  • I had a slow grower that caught up with the rest again by day five so it might just be a late starter. The Embryologist considered it suitable to freeze so it must have been viable.

    Fingers crossed for you. This time is so hard as it's all out of your control. Good luck xx

  • Thank you, that's twice I've heard of that now so praying it is our case two. The last time we only had two make it to day 3, both were implanted and it did work but sadly lost both at different stages of the pregnancy, but we knew at transfer that if it didn't work there was money to use to try again. This time that isn't the case. The preparation of expecting to bring home a baby, time off work for both of us after loosing her, paying for another full cycle and now finding out we have to move, means there is no more money in the pot to try again which is soul destroying. That's why all your little bits of hope are just so important to us at the moment. Thank you all again x

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