only one follicle, one egg and one 2 day ET but failed cycle

I was so hopeful before going into IVF. But it soon became apparent that I only had one follicle growing. An egg was collected which did fertilise so we had a 2 day embryo transfer, which we were thankful for. Although I knew it was going to be a miracle if it worked - am just feeling numb right now that it failed. Because we did plan on having 3 rounds of ivf - if they only ever get one egg each time - our chances will be so low. It is so painful facing up to the fact that there is a possibility that it won't work at all for us.

I'm also angry at the coeliac disease that has so severely affected my body over the years and now this. Should I just try and remain as positive as possible until we know more? on top of everything we are moving house in 2 weeks time and also feeling like how hard it will be to meet new people and make new friends when feeling like this? thank you for listening

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  • Hey hon

    I don't have any answer for you, but then I'm not sure they ever do otherwise it would be a 100% success every time.

    What I am learning is that we need to pray for a miracle, that what we are praying for is against the odds.

    I've also learned, it's not impossible, lots of girls on here have had bfps some that last, some that don't.

    Don't give up.

    Do everything you can do in your power, if after that it's not happening, you can live with yourself๐Ÿ’•

    You are not alone, hang in there.

    The great news is, you did get one, it did fertilise, it did get to day 2. The first time is a practise run.

    It's soooo hard, but you will get through this๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  • Thanks so much - it is really hard to know what best to do. Especially when it is still so painful today. But you are right in that it is best to give it all in that there may be some peace there one day in the knowledge that you did all.

    Thanks kindly for your positivity I really needed it.

  • Aaah honey you are more than welcome, it's the least anyone here can do. Feel free to pm me anytime. Big huge hugs

  • Hi I know how you feel. I also had a failed cycle in the summer and only got 1 egg. The nhs have said they wouldnt give us a 2nd cycle if we got less than 1 egg. We've decided to go private and to use donor eggs. It wasn't an easy choice but with limited finances we needed to go with the option most likely to give us a baby. Xx

  • Thanks - its nice to know I'm not alone. I've much respect for you for making such a hard choice, but yes IVF is so expensive privately and we all have limited resources. I really wish you all the luck in the world with your treatment xx

  • Thank you its such a hard journey xx

  • Hello Hun,

    I know how you feel, I'm kind of in the same boat only I've not got to EC I've waited so long to start ivf but there was so many obstacles in our way, and after my scan last week none of my follicles were growing they upped my dosage last Friday went in for my scan today and only one has grown but they won't put me to EC with just one, so they are giving me two more days but even the nurse said I can't see anything changing as it looks like we have got the dose all wrong and looks like I need to be on other drugs instead of gonal f!

    So frustrating and heartbreaking I feel so empty! so I now have to wait again until the next available space which in our hospital will be ages!

    I think I could cope with a negative but the fact of not even being able to get to that stage to even try it, is just the worst part about it.

    Sending you big hugs, there is no words anyone one can say that makes it any better, it's just a case of you leaning on friends and family to help you through it and remember don't give up


  • oh I'm so sorry to hear that - and you're right there are no words that can help the way you feel. Especially after waiting so long to start treatment.... and now having to wait again -

    It's good that you have multiple follicles there and with different medications I am sure more will grow next time. Just try and stay positive and try best to get through the waiting game.

    I do feel for you and wish you the very best and send you much hugs - xxxx

  • Thank you Hun, getting messages back from people like yourself does really help because you know people on here actually know how you are feeling deep down.

    Yes hopefully next time the will get the dose right etc but after this let down they have been so laid back about it which is actually more frustrating.

    But I'm not going to give up just yet there is a little baby miracle waiting ready to come into the world and there will be for you too we just have to stay positive.

    If you fancy a chat via message then please feel free to private message me don't feel lonely especially with moving home.

    Big hugs to you xxx

  • Thanks so much. It does help knowing that we are not alone and others are going through similar traumatic journeys.

    Its so important to not give up - keep a hopeful heart.

    Thanks kindly big hugs and lots of positive thoughts your way xxx

  • I only had 1 follicle on round 6. I was so sure it hadn't worked. It was put back on day 2.... It was the only round that made it full term!

  • Congratulations ! wow that is really good to hear that it can work with one egg. You must have been very brave and strong to go through 6 rounds ! but great to hear of your sucess, thank you for sharing

    All the best xxx

  • im new to the forum but reading everyones posts has been has enlightened me on what the process entails.i hope you are doing ok wherever you are.and that you feel much better .

  • Thanks dear and wishing you all the best luck with your journey xxx

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