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Hi all hope u all had a relaxing Christmas and new year and spreading lots of baby dust to you all this year xx

Has anyone heard of maca and Royal jelly? A family member who went through icsi said both are meant to be good for egg and sperm production? Will this mess with any medication - I am due to start taking my injections on 19th Jan?

Thanks in advance xx

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  • When I was injecting, the pharmacist told me to ask the clinic about taking supplements like this outside of what I had been prescribed. I wanted to start omega-3 but she discouraged me unless the clinic were happy with it. They don't like anything non-prescription, I guess in case of interaction. The best thing to do is ask a midwife at the clinic for an opinion. Pregnacare conception is fine to take though, it has folic acid which you need anyway.

  • Yeah that's what the lady in Holland and barratt said and that it may interfere with medication. I think I will check with the nurses before I start taking them!

  • I took these before Egg collection - reckon anything is worth a try. You never know if these really make a difference, but why not? Only thing is that you must stop taking the Royal Jelly after, from what I remember and according to what I read you are supposed to start it 3 months before, but in my head it can't do any harm and might do some good even if you start 1 or 2 months before....I ended up with more eggs than doctors predicted and the quality was fine. Still waiting to do FET though.

  • Thanks for the reply! Did you take them while taking your injections? Yeah exactly I can't see the harm in trying them! But the girl in Holland and barratt said it might interfere with other medication? I can't see why? So you stop taking Royal jelly after egg collection but you can take maca all the way through?

    Good luck with your FET

  • Hey I used both on my second cycle and now have 6 good quality frosties. My doc said she'd heard of them and thought they would be worth a try

    The acupuncturist told me to cut out white sugar and chocolate too

    Worth a try

  • Thanks so much. Did you use them while taking injections and all the other medication?

  • I'm so dying to know the answer to this as i'm currently taking royal jelly & want to know if OK to take while on injections which I start in a week eeek

  • I just spoke to the nurse and she said both were fine to take through injections but You may want to check with your clinic first? I worry about these things! I start injections on 19th Jan so we are at very similar stages!!!

  • I'm going abroad so I dont have a set date to start injections as its based on my cycle but it should be the 16th. Fingers crossed for us both!

  • Good luck!!!

  • I was told to stop once extracted

  • Hey I took them three months before d then stopped once the extraction was planned.

  • I would say don't take anything unless prescribed by them x

  • Yeah I took them while doing the injections. I think I finished the Maca and then just didn't buy anymore. But the Royal Jelly you should stop after the egg collection, from what I remember.

  • Thanks for your advice spoke to my nurse and she said the same!

  • Yeah I did that

  • I read about maca and royal jelly improving the quality of the eggs, I ll ask the pharmacist and see if he would recommend it. For the moment I take my vit B complex (for the inositol and folic acid) and my vit D also lot of seeds (Shia and flaxseeds) and of course the usual acupuncture. I started my injections yesterday.

    Good luck. Please Let us know what the nurse says about maca and royal jelly if you ask her

  • Hi! How did you find your first injections? I have to start on the 19th and am nervous. I spoke to my nurse and she said it was fine to take them. You may want to check with your clinic though as they may have a different opinion? I get nervous about taking stuff like this just incase but I am a worrier!!

  • I m an ex nurse so before she even starts talking it was all done and dusted. It doesn't hurt, the needle is as thin as the acupuncture ones.

    I m making hubby involved by asking him to do my injections, I think it makes him more involved as this process is mainly female.

  • What a nice idea! I think il be too nervous at first so will defo ask my partner! Good luck with everything!

  • If you're using pregnyl for the trigger shot, I definitely recommend help! I was alone when I did mine and it was such a faff to break the ampoules and mix the contents. I honestly thought I'd messed the whole thing up. And that's probably the most important injection of all. Good luck, after a couple of days injecting it gets easier.

  • I've heard the opposite and Royal jelly can have a negative effect on ovulation. The supplement Ubiquinol refined form of co-q10 so absorbed better is meant to be good for egg quality and of course DHEA but that one is more controversial. My advice is to read Rebecca Frett book it start with an egg. Lots of info on egg quality and of supplements that have no evidence or can actually be harmful. I took Ubiquinol and DHEA and went from only getting to Day 3 with embryos to having 6 blastocyst, so might be something to do with them.

  • Yes I also took the co q10. With the injections I was really nervous about doing it so I wrote down exactly what I had to do as the nurse went through it. I have a bit of fat around my tummy so I think that meant it was a bit easier! I didn't find it at all painful and after the first few injections you get used to the routine. Good luck and fingers crossed for you!

  • I have heard of the coq10 I am going to look for that in the supermarket. Thank you and good luck to you too.

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