Royal jelly before starting IVF

Hi, just wondering if any of you lovely people have tried royal jelly before IVF? I started to take royal jelly capsules before I got my 1st ever BFP (ended in blighted ovum, you may remember) and think it really did something there!

I am now passed 3 menstrual cycles after my miscarriage and will hopefully start the IVF cycle soon. Shall I go back to taking royal jelly everyday? Need some advice x

P.S. I had no idea we could tag keywords here :)

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  • I only took it for one cycle and it really messed mine up. I was late ovulating and my period was also subsequently late. I didn't take them again xx

  • Hiya, I read in a few places you're not supposed to take it during ivf. It's like lots of those things, they're not really sure of the effects. I'd probably just stick to prenatal vitamins xx

  • I started taking it but alongside like a million other supplements!!πŸ™ˆ

  • I took it for 3 of my ivf attempts (alongside other supplements such as pregnacare and vit D tablets. I was also on daily aspirin. Both first and second attempts failed, 3nd ended in a BFP which resulted in miscarriage shortly after. Not sure I'd take them again to be honest. Personally I would keep to pregnacare, vit D and daily baby (low dose aspirin) but that's me.

    Best of luck x

  • Hiya, was wondering where you get vit D from? Any brand recommended? I'm definitely being too fussy now πŸ™ˆ

  • Hi Sherry07

    I was trying to post a picture, but didn't have any luck. Personally I get mine from Waitrose for Β£5.15 which has loads in - maybe lasts 2 months or more. I only take 1 a day. I think you can get them on Vitabiotics online as well. Waitrose and other supermarkets usually do 'Mix n Match' with (3 for 2 - cheapest item free). Maybe you could buy them together with Pregnacare mulitvitamins when you buy them?

    Vitabiotics ultra-d3 tablets vitamin D3 optimum strength

    Best wishes x

  • Thanks a lot Music1; very kind xx

  • Thanks a lot; so glad I'm here surrounded by you kind and supportive girls πŸ™‚ I had a quick look online and not many suggestions on taking them during ivf. Think I'm going to stick to vitamin tablets for now Love xx

  • Yes I would say that is wise. I've actually read that royal jelly can be harmful - there's a whole section about it in a book I read called 'it starts with an egg'

  • Oh ok; thanks for letting me know. Royal jelly is definitely out then xx

  • No problem. Good luck with your IVF xx

  • Thanks a lot. All the best for you πŸ™

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