1 Embryo or 2?

Had my scan yesterday and everything was clear, lab was shut so they couldn't give me an FET date but should hear tomorrow and be able to start 12 day medication. So excited and scared to do it all again, 3rd time lucky fingers crossed. The consultant and nurses are all saying put one embryo in because they like to concentrate on making one healthy baby as putting two in runs the risk of twins where there could be complications. If I do want to put two in I have to sign a sheet to say that it's me that's wanting to do it. I pay private so each time doing this it's costing so much. Has anyone done 2? Does your clinics recommend 1? I'm on the fence.

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  • This was my 3rd go and I was given the option of one or two, I went with 2, I am nearly 14 weeks pregnant with twins. I feel like the luckiest person in the world and I wouldn't change a thing. I have been suffering with really bad sickness and HG but it's so worth it. Good luck with whatever you decide to go with hunni xxx

  • I was recommended 2 because of my background. Have had 3 miscarriages and low AMH as well as APS (blood clotting in pregnancy that causes early mc). Based on this and low follicle count, they recommended 2 embryos. I don't know if my age was also a factor. I also only ended up with 2 viable embryos anyway so it didn't make a lot of sense to freeze only 1. I am going private too and would have had to pay extra for storage and a future FET, didn't make sense to do this for only 1 embryo.

    The statistics I was told are 33% chance of IVF actually working and if you transfer 2 embryos and the cycle is successful, the chances of twins are 25%. It's actually a high statistic, when you think about it - 1 in 4 successful IVF cycles will result in twins if you transfer 2.

    Like you, my clinic has a one embryo policy but make exceptions in certain cases. I also had to sign a form saying that I accepted the risks. I am 12 weeks pregnant with twins and it was a bit of a shock initially but now I've got my head around it, it seems perfect to have 2 on the way. At my last scan, I was told that because they are fraternal twins and not identical, the chances of complications are lessened. Each twin has its own pregnancy sac and its own placenta.

    You do need to ask yourself if you'll be comfortable with having twins, it will be a big change. Do a little research and talk to your partner about it.

    This was my first cycle of IVF, I guess I wanted to maximise my chances, so I opted for the 2 to be transferred. Just waiting on my next scan now to see that all is well!

    Best of luck with whatever you decide, hope it all goes well for you. x

  • We were strongly suggested 1. On day 3, the embryologist was happy to have two, we only had two survive to day 3 anyway. Only one continued. Sadly we lost her later on in pregnancy, but I would look at two again if we are lucky enough for sure, but then twins doesn't faze me. Even though we've had a hideous experience obviously, I'm convinced if they're going to stick they'll stick regardless of one or two. There is increased risk associated with 2 or more tho (I know a lady who had 3 put back after several Ivf attempts, first embryo didn't take, 2nd didn't make it past wk 12, 3rd was delivered just before Xmas). The specialist we saw first time was very risk adverse in general, the gent we see now at same clinic is less so, and more to the point of he'll give his advice but go with out wishes so long as he's sure it's ok to do so.

    Best of luck hun xx

  • Hi it's a tough decision. I think we would all say one of we had the guarantee of success but seen as we don't I opt for 2 everytime.

    Like others have said twins don't phase me - you have to be honest with yourself if twins would or not.

    I was told clinics are pushing single transfer as the government have set single birth over twin birth targets for fertility treatment so take what they say with a pinch of salt.

    Good luck & lots of sticky baby dust x

  • Hi Suzanne. I had 2 embryos transferred in February and am the proud owner of 2 beautiful twin girls lol.

    What I would say is that you have to ask yourself do you want more than 1 child. I was so desperate for a baby I had two transferred thinking it would massively increase my chances but It actually doesn't even though you have to think about multiple births and the risks attached.

    I of course wouldn't change it for the world now but what I will say is that its very tiring. It's a constant treadmill of nappies and bottles & some days I'm lucky to get showered! There's no such thing as sleep when the baby sleeps as when one sleeps the other wakes!......but you adapt and cope because you have to.

    As I say I wouldn't change it for the world!! Xx

  • This made me chuckle! I remember this so well from my days as a multiples specialist x

  • I had my ICSI IVF in Dubai where it is the norm to transfer 2 as freezing embryos is not allowed here. I am 34 weeks pregnant with twins. I know that having twins is going to be a lot of work and is expensive- but so would attempting and funding more rounds of IVF especially if we were lucky enough to already have a child at home. Yes multiple pregnancies are more risky but most occur with no problems, especially if the mother is healthy and active. If I had to go through it again- and thank god I won't ever have to do another cycle- then I would transfer two without hesitation.

  • Thank you all for your messages, more and more I'm swaying more towards wanting to transfer 2. Having twins would be amazing and not a concern to me. one baby or two I will be overjoyed. My clinic keep saying there is a lot of health risks transferring two etc and there priority is one healthy baby.

  • One other thing I thought of - I was told with 2 embryos there's a very small chance of triplets too! One of the embryos can split so you'd have identical twins and a third non-identical baby. I can't remember the occurance but I think it's not too frequent anyway. Also, chances of twins does increase with age. My clinic had no triplets last year but have had a couple of sets in previous years.

  • I heard that there can be many complications with twins. But then I keep thinking if it happened naturally you wouldn't have a say on one or two babies, it's because I have a choice that I am over thinking it. And then I think if I put two in one might only survive or none or two you just don't know. I have 5 embryos left, if I put two in I will have 3 left.

  • That's the way I look at it too. People have been having twins for generations - I have an aunt who is in her 80s and has an identical twin sister so if they were able to cope back then, it should be fine these days. Twins are born early though - most will be born by 37 weeks and I think this may be the worry as they may end up being quite premature and in an incubator for a number of weeks. The only person I know who had IVF had it 8 years ago and ended up with twins who were born early. They are all fine now. As someone else said, there seem to be targets for single pregnancies and this may be driving the clinic's recommendation.

  • I had my FET the week before Christmas and even with the risks my consultant leaned more towards two which I found strange seeing as I'm 31.

    I got my positive result on the 2nd.

    Good luck x

  • We have the HFEA now and their guidelines do encourage clinics to consider the health of the potential mother. I think you have to look at your health in general and make decisions based on this. As ivf twins are fraternal, the risks to the babies are considerably less. Two of the main risks to twin mums are gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia (very high bp).

  • I have developed gestational diabetes with my pregnancy and I'd say it's more annoying than anything else- especially over Christmas and New Year! I started the pregnancy by having needles stuck in me several times a day and so it seems apt that I'm finishing it that way too- and the tiny needles needed to monitor blood sugar are nowhere near as bad as the IVF ones. Because of the diabetes my girls are big- which is no bad thing with twins and I've also lost weight in my third trimester meaning that I will have less baby weight to shift after they're born. I would obviously prefer not to have gestational diabetes but it has definitely forced me to have a healthier pregnancy than I would have had otherwise.

  • The gd should clear up once the babies are born and their bm's will be carefully watched too. Good luck with the rest of your pg, love the comments about the needles 😁

  • Hi

    i think you should look on this website, one at a time - google it

    it goes through possible complications.

    i'm 29 and have begun IVF and i want to have the chance to transfer two but after looking at this website i am not so sure- defo have a look first please

  • Just had confirmed that my FET is the 27th January, 2 week wait will be over my 30th Birthday, fingers crossed I get a positive test for my present. All your messages have been really helpful thank you. I have a couple of weeks to decide 1 or 2.

  • Hi Suzanne. It's great that you have 5 wee frozen embryos. I opted for 2 but that's because of my age (I'm about to turn 40) so I don't have time on my side. My clinic supported my decision to have 2. Twins would not phase me at all and as much as I'm aware of the risks with multiple pregnancies I have to say this didn't phase me a great deal either. I take on board what you're saying though about paying privately and the cost per transfer so if I was in your shoes I think I'd take my chances and opt for 2 😘 x x

  • Well, this all depends on possible risks I think. If I having no health issues want to take my chance of conceiving with twins, so what policy it should be!

    Women transfer two embryos just to boost their chances. And if you are OK and feel comfortable of having twins if it happens, so why not to try?

    Personally I was for transferring 2 embryos though that time I was 40 yo and took it as for imroving chances for the most part. Both embryos were implanted into uterus, but unfortunately with time one vanished. But anyway I gave birth to a wonderful baby girl. Now we're sure we'll pass another de ivf and are considering the options as for the abroad clinics. But if it's still possible and my health allows to do that I'll try with two embryos again, that's for granted!

    Wish you all the best whatever your decision might be X

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