1 embryo or 2 cant decide πŸ™„

Hey all

So heres a bit of background as its my first post

Same sex couple

First round of ivf egg sharing failed due to immature eggs only 1 out of 8 was mature and a slow 3 day embrto being transfered

2nd cycle was refused to egg share againnso had to pay! this time round i got 10 eggs 2 immature 2 didnt fertilise and i have 6 that did so tomorrow could be my ET or if they are good will go to blast and transfer sunday

So my dilemma is i cant afford another round my AMH is only 7 and im 33 do i transfer one embro or two if theres two to put back????

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  • Personally I would go for two, goof luck for transfer πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you 😊

  • Think I would suggest getting advice from embryologist on day 5. We had a slow transfer 1st time (I'm 37) but had 3 good blastocysts 2nd time. We were advised although there was a slightly higher chance of pregnancy with 2, there was a 25% chance of twins, and if it was twins the added risks mean a lower chance of a live birth than if 1 had been put back. Because it was the first time with a good quality blastocyst we felt putting 1 back was safest. Now we know that didn't work, we feel happy to put back 2 for our fet. If you get to day 5, they may recommend 2 if lower quality but only 1 if top quality so it's hard to make decisions in advance. If it helps, our fet is going to be a lot cheaper that a full cycle - about Β£1700. Still pricey but not as bad. Xx

  • I had two put back, I now have twin girls. They're a lot of work but I know two was the right decision for us and knowing that we never have to go through IVF again is a huge relief. Good luck. Xxx

  • πŸ€ Two πŸ€

  • Personally would go for 2. God luck with your decision

  • I would go for two! My AMH is around the same as yours and we had thought that if we had two then we would go for it. Our embryologist emphasised that they recommended one but when I asked ultimately whos decision it was they said ours. Sadly it didnt work out for us and we had none to put back but next time will still be hoping for two. Good luck for what you decide!x

  • Hi ya!

    We had 3 cycles so far

    First 2 cycles went to day 5 embrios and we had only 1 each time with good quality ( both times resulted in BFN).

    3 cycle we had much more eggs collected, so we had 7 5day blastocysts of top quality and as this was our last attempt on ivf( as it was really difficult and different experience physically for me) we had last min choice to put 1 or 2...

    We decided to go for 2...

    Im pregnant with quads now( i know! What the chances?! Hah.)

    Basically both embrios split in 2 so we r having 2 sets of identical twins.

    Im only 8,5 weeks along and so far felt not too bad at all... No morning sickness or anything ...

    But when we found out that its 4 babies we had that... OH WHY DID WE GO FOR 2?! But then again what are the chances (0.0000000001????!!!!).

    Read and research, think are you ready for 2,3 or possibly 4 babies?!

    Best of luck and loads of baby dust!!!! Xxxxx

  • QUADS 😱😱😱😱 my goodness what a shock that must have been for u

    Thank you for telling me :)

  • The same question was for us once. We passed DE IVF in Ukraine some time ago. So we doubted about the number of embies to transfer too. Women say 1 embryo is just enough to conceive, but I think 2 is better. But here the thing should be considered. Your dr must evaluate your medical history and say whether multiple pragnacy is not forbidden for you. If you're healthy and strong enough to carry twins in case it happens then why not to have your chance doubled?! Talk to your dr, he should have the last word, hun.

    Wish you good luck and keep my fingers crossed for your successful ET for Sun XX

  • Definitely two! x

  • Hi,

    Good luck on your cycle. We had our first cycle in May/June and we were adamant that we were only going to have one embie transferred because our chances of success on paper were fairly high however at the time of transfer we were told that our embies did not quite make it to blastocyst and we were actually advised to put in two. We went with the advice, only one took but I miscarried at 8 weeks. Looking back I am glad I went for two because I would of felt like it was a waste if none took. Hope that helps

  • I will put two πŸ˜ƒπŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you everyone for ur tips and advice think we will put two of theres two to put in eeek :)

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