update.1 embryo left

So we got the call to go see our doctor.i thought omg what now.Usually we get an update over the phone .We went in and the doc and embryologist were looking at me i think dreading to tell me that we only have 1left .The other one didnt make it.At that point I was ready for the bad news.I had a sigh of relief.The good news is that the one left is a very good grade 1 the embryologist said.They asked us if we wanted a 3 day transfer or wait for 5day transfer.we opted for a 5 day transfer.If it makes it to day 5 it has better chances of implanting in my opinion.They said the male factors will determine whether it survives or not .But they are very hopeful its a good one.Last cycle I had a 3 day transfer and it didnt implant.I had to wait the whole 2weeks to get the bad news.I cant put myself through that again.So we have 1 good embryo its developing at the right pace .Hopefully it will make it to day 5 and we will have ET on Tuesday.For now all i can do is pray and wait and hope for the best.It only takes one they say.Its hard not to be discouraged when you only have the one embryo .Its going to be a tough two days waiting .I am not as emotional as I thought I would be which is a good .😊

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  • Great news and lots of luck I wish we could have taken mine to 5 days but it was only at 4 cells when I got my call and had developed to 8 cells by time I was laid there waiting for it to be put inside me. One 8 and one 4 now on board x

  • So glad the one you have left is a strong one and sounds like you've made the right decision for you. Wishing you all the very best for a strong blastocyst on Tuesday. X

  • All the very best of luck ❤💋

  • Very best of luck xxx

  • Good luck! x

  • Fingers crossed for you Lawmom!!xx

  • Good luck for Tuesday. I know it's bn said before but it only takes one xx

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