Embryo on board

Embryo on board

Hi all, thank you all again for your ongoing support. This community has really helped me through this process.

On the journey home today this was the best sign...

So today we transferred a day 3, 9 cell- grade 2 embryo. We also froze 3 others.

We were given the choice to wait until day 5, but risked losing some of our others.

My gut instinct said go today, they also offered to put two in, one good and one other 8 cell poorer quality but we opted just for the one. Several reasons, one of which is that I had surgery on my womb a year ago which may impact on me carrying twins.

So far so good. I can't believe I'm in the 2 WW gang!!! Never would of believed it, this time last year.

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  • Great news, congratulations xx

  • Fantastic news- all the best with your 2ww. X

  • Awwww all the best with the 2ww.hugs and prayers to u.

  • That remind me my situation on my ET ... when we left the clinic door I said to my hubby ...we r pregnant ☺ Then on way home we stop in petrol station ...us we was on till small spider drop to my hubby shoulder and my .... Ladie who serve us said ...this is good and lucky sign ... We just look on each other smiling .... On day 6 I had dream that we r pregnant ...I said that to my hubby but he didn't take that serious ...saying is just dream .... Well Hun I believe that signs mean something ...and I'm now 24 weeks pregnant ☺ Hun I really wish u BFP ...fingers crossed for u πŸ‘ΆπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Sooooooo exciting..rest up now and good luckπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€that rainbow sure is a good sign 🌈🌈🌈xxx

  • Aww lovely how exciting for you πŸ’• Xxxxx

  • Just wanted to wish you luck!!xx

  • Congratulations!! Great sign to see 🌈

  • Best of luck take it easy xxx

  • Good luck with your 2ww, I saw that rainbow today too and it made me smile and gave me hope, so hopefully it's a good sign for you x

  • Good luck with the wait. Put your feet up and relax xx

  • best of luck to you . . congrats . .take it easy in the 2ww xx

  • Good luck with the 2WW - hope you are feeling well. How is it so far? xx

  • Hi city74, it's a bit stressful. It's hard not to symptom spot. You go through periods of a little excitement then anxiety. It's a head f**k to be honest. I've still got over a week to go. I have several symptoms of pregnancy but that's just the drugs I'm taking. Most people don't know they are pregnant by this point, so I just keep on focusing on that. My coping strategy is just having a low expectation, it's only 30% it will work- my embryologist quoted. sorry for my negativity.x

  • Hello keekee21 how u keeping on this very stressful 2ww? I know is easy to say but just try to relax and do anything that will keep your mind busy . On day 6/7 I had brown and pink spotting only and no symptoms a tall . In sec week I was thinking maybe didn't work ...all way through I had this like period pain and on my test day I was 95% sure that I'm gonna have period . It turn different ☺ fingers crossed for u Hun πŸ€πŸ€xx

  • Thanks for your support. I'm scared to be honest. I'm fine 80% of the day I just blur it all out. Nearly done week one, we are 5dpt (day 3). Think we will test day 11.x

  • Don't apologise for that KeeKee21. I can understand that coping strategy but I really hope that you are one of the 30% and you get good news. When is your OTD? Do you think you will test early? xx

  • Thank you, I likely will test early, but my husband said what happens if it's negative I'll be stressing more until the official test day. I think I'm going to get a blood test 2 days before OTD and also do a urine test.x

  • I know Hun there is lots of stress ...I remember the night before test we couldn't sleep with hubby ...but I didn't think to test early ...I didn't want to stress more then I already was ... Wait Hun for your test day your hubby is right πŸ‘ When is your test day ? Xx

  • Official test day is 12/03- which is 15dpt. I was going to test at 13.x

  • Well if that isn't a positive sign I don't know what is! πŸ‘πŸ» 🌈🌈 Hope your 2ww is going well, keeping everything crossed for a BFP! Xx

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