OMG,OMG,OMG! I had the "Talk" prior starting ICSI earlier this month and I was offered counselling in january, i get a call this morning that the counsellor won t be with the kingston hospital anymore starting january and that appointement is canceled and i was offered an appointement this afternoon!! I m freaking out i don t know why but i m just freaking out, maybe because i ve never been to one before and i don t know what to expect maybe because even though i m starting my pill first week of december and after 3years TTC and 1year to make peace with it it s still a sore subject and an open wound that only a healthy baby can heal ???

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  • I've been to some counselling over the last year or so and found it great. They act impartially, she won't judge or give advice as such but it is great to have someone to just vent to. It's a little like using this forum but actually doing it face to face with someone! I'm sure you will find it useful, it's probably just that it's been sprung on you and fear of the unknown. But you can talk about absolutely anything knowing that it will not be told to anyone else.

  • Hey go, it can't hurt. And at least it's free. Here in Spain it's 70 euro an hour

  • Hello

    I went to see a counsellor last year. I cried for roughly 59 of my 60 minute session 🙈 so don't worry, they will be used to seeing some very hurt women dealing with infertility! Their role isn't to judge.

    Good luck! Or if you've already been I hope it went well! x

  • Just camr back from the hospital, glad i made it home in one piece as i was very distracted, had a cry from the moment she said Hi have you had counselling before to we need another session. Then came back home hubby asks how it went and i spilled every thought, every feeling that was going in my mind and i couldn t share it with him. Now i can rest in peace

  • Glad it went well for you. I remember my first session, it felt like such a release!

  • Well done. It gets easier and you should really feel the benefits after a few sessions x

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