Feeling stupid!

Hi everyone,

I had ET today which went well. I know I'm supposed to avoid excess heat on tummy and hot baths etc during 2ww but... After my progesterone injection tonight I used a hot water bottle behind a cushion on my bottom for about 10mins. I then really panicked and stopped but it wasn't on my tummy and was behind a cushion... Please anyone able to reassure me I won't have ruined everything already???

I'm so panicked x

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  • Hi hun I wouldn't worry to much. I'm 7 weeks today I have my scan Thursday and due to me only having a bath and not a shower I had no option but to use it I did have them warm to hot and it didn't have any affect on me. I'm sure 10mins behind a cushion is fine. Plus that little embie won't have implanted yet I think it's only when they are implanting that heat MAY affect things good luck hunni xx

  • Thank you so much for replying and congrats on the pregnancy!

    It wasn't even on my tummy just on my bum so fingers crossed I will be ok. It's all so scary!

    Thanks again,


  • Your welcome hun and thank you xx

    It is a scary time and you do think about everything your doing. But you honestly need to relax a little bit and be positive and have faith it's going to work xx

  • Hi Spongy. Sorry for the late reply, only I only work Monday, Wednesday & Friday, so have only just read your post. Try not to worry about this, as you seem to have taken all precautions with the hot water bottle. I think we can be scared by too many do’s and don’ts at this time, especially as the “wait” can be such a nightmare time. Hopefully all works out well for you, but if it doesn’t, it won’t be due to using a hot water bottle! Good luck and I do hope all ends well for you. Diane

  • Hi Diane,

    Thank you for your reply. I really did try to make sure it was never too hot and nowhere near my abdomen. Anything I read always said no direct heat on the abdomen. Is that correct?

    I'm finding this 2ww v difficult and feel like I might've ruined my chances :-(

  • Hi. Yes, that's right, so just make sure it it covered before using. The 2WW is just a nightmare, and I always feel so for anyone going through it. Try and keep busy if you can, and if you are at home, you can fill your head with some daytime rubbish on TV! Diane

  • Hi Diane,

    Thank you. I won't use it again. I'm too scared now. I just needed reassurance that I hadn't done it wrong in the first place. I drove my hubby mad yesterday. He kept reassuring me that it hadnt gone near the tummy and boiled my embryos but i was so upset! I even made him test out the bottle and cushion and see how hot he got! Turned out not very!

    My rational side had read all the advice but I seem unable to stay rational.

    Thank you for all the advice, I will try to keep positive x

  • Hi. My pleasure! All you would do is to redden your skin and maybe raise you skin temperature. The body is amazing at keeping internal organs happy and normal temperature - unless you get an infection or virus of course. Remember too that you have a wonderful thing called an endometrium to protect too! Diane

  • You are so right. I sometimes think the internet is a dangerous thing. There are so many things online that say no hot water bottles anywhere at all during the 2ww and it makes you feel like a failure and like it's your fault.

    It's nice to hear from a rational voice. I was really questioning how heating even your back can kill embryos because other wise how would anyone ever get pregnant normally??? You'd have to avoid heat in kitchens etc etc.

    Sorry for my rant I just think that sometimes I forget that it's not fact because someone said it on the Internet!!

    Thanks again!

  • Hi. I've never lost an embryo/baby to a hot water bottle yet!! Does us good to rant occasionally! Diane

  • Hi

    Glad it went well. How many did they transfer?? I have my transfer Wednesday! guess you need chill out now and try not to stress xxx

  • Just the one. Feeling like I may have ruined it already though :-(

    How many are you having? X

  • Don't worry, Spongy, the cushion would have prevented most of the heat from reaching you, so it was probably body temperature by the time it got to you. As well, it wasn't directly on your tummy. The 2ww does funny things to people, it really messes with our heads!

  • Oh it really does. I made my husband sit with the bottle behind the pillow for 15 mins so I could check how hot get got.

    He had no redness and the area was really only just warm.

    Surely that wouldn't be enough to affect anything? X

  • It sounds like you'll be just fine! Hope you have stuff to keep you busy during these weeks, otherwise it is quite hard to get through it. It's hard not to analyse every little thing as well. x

  • You have not ruined anything!! I did progesterone with a heating pad on my back side every time and that is exactly what my RE told me to do and all my friends who have successfully undergone to have a pregnancy. Don't stress too much about the small things. You gotta think and this is what I tell myself when I start to let my mind wander.... Think about all the women that are addicted to drugs and have to take harsh meds in order to detox their body and the whole time they are pregnant! Not saying it's an ideal situation but other women put their bodies through much worse so ease your mind a little and try to enjoy the possibility of being pregnant!! Baby dust flowing your way! 😉

  • Thanks so much for the reply! You are so right. I have to just try and relax my this 2ww would turn the calmest person into a nightmare I think!

    Thanks again,


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