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Well, that was a mess with the Pregnyl! I'm so worried I've done it wrong. I managed the mixing and so on but when I pulled out the needle, I had not 1 but 2 tiny puncture marks with a little blood!! There's a reaction at the site, so I'm assuming it went in.surely I'd notice if 1ml had spilled all over the place. So annoyed with myself that I've come this far and I might have messed the whole thing up!

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I am sure you will be ok. As you say, 1ml is enough to see if you had spilled. When I did mine I was worried that I had injected it in the wrong place. It is only the nerves of thelast day!

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Thanks, I really hope so!



Oh please don't worry and be so hard on yourself. This process is so hard and makes us all so on edge all the time. I'm sure you did fine, you'd definitely notice 1ml spilling out. It would feel like a lot!

I'm sure it's all fine, try to relax. Good luck tomorrow xx

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Thanks Spongy. I feel like it was all going so well up to now!! Finally all those built up emotions are coming to a head I think. The clinic reassured me this morning that it should be fine. It's a horrible injection though, such a faff! I broke one of the ampoules as well but lucky it was just the water and I had a spare.

You kind of think afterwards why didn't I look at YouTube or call my nurse friend for help!! But it's the tiredness and emotions at this stage. Must stay positive for tomorrow!


Everything is easy in hindsight and people who aren't going through this wouldn't understand how hard it gets. It's a lot of stress and pressure.

You've made it this far though so just keep your head up and try to relax ready for tomorrow.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

Are you having any abdo pain? I'm day 3 of fsh injections and have no pain or anything at all which is making me think it's not working!!!



Thanks Spongy, your message makes me feel better!

I'm feeling a little incomfortable in my left side alright, only for the past few days. My left side is where I have all the follicles so it makes sense. But I didn't feel anything until this week. Maybe TMI but I feel it more when I go to the loo, I guess all those organs are close together!!

Try not to over analyse symptoms. As the pharmacist told me, all these side effects have to be listed because someone experienced them in the clinical trials of the drug. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll get them. I would think at day 3 the follicles are quite small. Maybe it's why they wait until a week later to measure!

God, it's all such a waiting game though, isn't it?!


I'm so glad you are feeling a little better. You must be so excited about tomorrow. Please let me know how it goes!

I just hate all the waiting. I feel like I want to have pain so that I can at least hope it's working! I don't have a scan for another few days yet so still time I guess. It's so frustrating. Oh no it totally makes sense about when you go to the loo... I remember that from the one time I half responded to Clomid.

Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight and everything goes really well for you tomorrow xx


EC done! It wasn't so bad. Once they sedate you, you don't even know what's happening. I had a little cry though as they tried to find a vein for the sedative, it's hard not to be emotional at this point! Husband was in another room and we he been together for everything up to that point, so maybe that didn't help. They managed to get 4 eggs, so they'll let me know tomorrow what they're all looking like.

Got home and went straight to bed, felt fairly out of it with all the sedatives! Make sure you have someone to drive you home when you get to this stage!


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