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Pregnyl Injection for IVF/ICSI!


I am at the last stages of injections before egg collection and will be taking my Pregnyl injection this weekend! Very excited but I want to make sure I do it right, so was wondering what other people's experiences were preparing the injection? 

Do you inject straight from the fridge or take it out early and let it get to room temperature? I've heard injecting straight from the fridge hurts!

Thanks in advance 😊

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Hey sweet, sorry to jump on your post, your a little ahead of me, I start my home injections on Tuesday, I wanted toknow the answer to y your question lol!! Xxx

Exciting! I was so scared before I started but it was so much easier than I thought it would be. You will be absolutely fine 😊 Good luck xx

That's reasurring thank you, do they hurt? Did you have to do your in your leg? I was thinking about putting ice on my leg first to try numb it, but didn't know if that would work lol xx

Yeah I did them in my thigh, swapped legs each time. I thought about doing that but you won't need it, they are completely painless, sometimes might sting a little as the liquid goes in but no pain and you can't feel the needle at all! Before I started I had a huge phobia of needles and cried just at the sight of one! I've overcome my fear and realised it was nothing to be scared of. If I can do it you can 😊 Trust me, you will fly through this! You'll do great xx 🍀🍀🍀

Thank you lovely, its tomorrow that I do them, I'm so nervous! I didn't sleep much last night. And when I did I was dreaming of these flipping injections lol!! What'ss the baseline scan like tomorrow, will that hurt? Xx

How did you get on? The scans don't hurt at all, just feel a bit of pressure but that's all 😊 xx

Absolutely fine, don't know why I've been stressingso much haha. SScan was a little uncomfortable but not painful at all. Home injections were perfectly fine too :) xx


I took mine out of the fridge and got started straight away and it didn't hurt. It left a red mark but wasn't itching or anything like that and next day it was back to normal. I hope it helps!

Excited times ahead. Good luck with everything! 


Hi, the nurse told us to get it our 30 mins before time to inject but think that was just to prepare it. 

Good luck x 

I got it out straight away, and it was fine, just like the other injections didnt feel any different x

I found it a bit of a faff having to break the ampoules and mix. I had to mix 1 water with 2 powder, so I broke the water first, knowing if I messed it up I still had another water. Lucky I did because I did mess it up and the glass shattered. I don't know how I did it wrong. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is make sure you read the instructions and make sure your partner is around to help if needed. Otherwise you will end up stressing yourself.

I opened all my vial of water and powders 10 mins before (I found it  to be a struggle, probably because I was half asleep having to inject at 1am in the morning!!) I then got the Pregnyl out the fridge. It was the same as all the other injections tbh didn't hurt any more or less. X

Hi, hun! I'm pleased you've come to this step :) May it go smoothly for you.

This is what I should say. Always take this medicine exactly as your doctor has told you.

Your doc has already chosen the most suitable starting dose for you. The usual starting dose for women undergoing ivf is 5,000–10,000 I.U. Pregnyl 30–40 hours after the last injection of other fertility drugs. It's advisable that the very first injection of Pregnyl should be given under medical supervision. Also it makes a big difference whether it is given into a muscle or under the skin. The latter one only can be given by yourself or by your partner. This is the detailed instruction on how to give it properly:

" Step 1 - Preparing Pregnyl

Pregnyl comes in two glass ampoules whose contents must be mixed together and used immediately.

First, break the top off the ampoule with the sodium chloride solution (a).

Draw up the liquid through the larger needle into the syringe (b).

Break open the second ampoule containing the dry white powder (c) and add the sodium chloride solution from the syringe (d).

Do not shake, but gently swirl until the solution is clear. The Pregnyl usually dissolves immediately.

If the solution contains particles or does not become clear, do not use it.

Draw the Pregnyl solution up into the empty syringe (e), and now replace the needle with a smaller sterile injection needle (f). Finally hold the syringe with the needle pointing upwards and gently tap the side to force any air bubbles up to the top; then squeeze the plunger until all the air has been expelled, and only Pregnyl solution is left in the syringe (g).

Step 2 - The injection site

The best site for injection is in the stomach around the middle of the tummy (h) where there is a lot of loose skin and layers of fatty tissue. Pinch up a large area of skin between the finger and thumb. You should change the injection site a little each time you inject. It is possible to inject in other areas. Your doctor or nurse will advise you where to inject.

Step 3 - Preparing the area

A few taps at the injection site will stimulate tiny nerve endings and help reduce discomfort when the needle goes in. Hands should be washed and the injection site swabbed with disinfectant (for example chlorohexidine 0.5%) to remove any surface bacteria. Clean about two inches around the point where the needle will go in and let the disinfectant dry for at least one minute before proceeding.

Step 4 - Inserting the needle

The needle should be inserted at the base of the pinched-up skin at an angle of 45° to the skin surface (i).

Step 5 - Checking the correct needle position

If the needle position is correct the plunger should be quite difficult to draw back. Any blood sucked back into the syringe means that the needle tip has entered a vein or artery. If this happens pull out the syringe, cover the injection site with a swab containing disinfectant and apply pressure; the site will stop bleeding in a minute or two. Do not use this solution but flush it away.

Start again with Step 1 using a new needle and new ampoules of Pregnyl and sodium chloride solution.

Step 6 - Injecting the solution

Depress the syringe plunger slowly and steadily, so the solution is correctly injected and the muscle or skin tissues are not damaged.

Step 7 - Removing the syringe

Pull the syringe out quickly and apply pressure to the injection site with a swab containing disinfectant. A gentle massage of the site - while still maintaining pressure - helps disperse the Pregnyl solution and relieve any discomfort. Any remaining solution should be discarded. Do not mix Pregnyl solution with any other medicines.

Step 8 - Disposing of needles "

Hope this helps. Fingers crossed for you treatment to be success!

Thanks so much thats very helpful! 😊 xx

I didn't think I was as bad as I thought it would be. My husband would prep all the injections for me and then I'd stick it in. I think its psychological more than anything.

I did it in my thigh. At first it wasn't too bad, but as per my nurses advice it did start to hurt a bit more later on, probably because if injecting and my body changing from the meds. I started putting on ice on the area once they started hurting.

Just remember that it'll be totally worth it!

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