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Lap done, one blocked tube and mild endo, is this causing infertility?


I had my lap done at the start of october after 3 years of trying to get pregnant and they found out my right tube is blocked and I have mild endo. They removed the endo when doing the lap and my next appointment isn't till dec. What will likely happen? Will they refer me for IVF? Im 35 years old so don't want to waste any time trying to have a baby!! .HELP !!

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Hi ditsy999. Good to hear that your consultant dealt with the endo when you had your recent laparoscopy. When you go back for your follow up appointment in December, you may be referred for IVF, so if you do, ask whether your blocked tube could be a problem. Should there be a problem with any excess fluid not being about to drain out through the open end, they may need to clip it or remove it before progressing to IVF. Excess fluid (lubrication) in the tube leaking back into the womb, is often considered to hinder implantation of a developing embryo. Hopefully, there won’t be a problem, but best to ask. If you want, I do have a list of questions you may like to go through before your next appointment. It is too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence to dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com I will forward it to you. Diane

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Hi ditsy999 . We being trying from over 3 years too. I'm 35 in a month time my hubby 38. I know how u feel knowing that time is not on your side . Last year I had laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and find out that both my tubes r block. In December last year I had operation first to try safe both of them but after 2h op doctor has to remove my right tube becouse wasn't repairable and was effecting the left one . In end they open and repair my left tube . Then I had dye test if that tube is ok. Doctor told us that my health in general is good and we can get pregnant naturally but becouse that tube been once repair sometimes my block again which can end up ectopic pregnancy . We didn't want to wait any longer and they refer us for IVF in March...but we end up with BPN 😔 We being trying since and nothing . We give us selfs time to think what to do next. Is almost 7 months down the line but before we decide to go thru seconds cycle I want to make sure I'm fully ok. One of my worry was my tube that my block again but last week I had dye test done and I had good news knowing that my tube is not block :) The reason been what doctor told me in beginning that before we will going thru IVF he need to make sure that this tube is not block becouse if there is any liquid it will leak to womb and that not good that will effecting implantation. Give your self month or two before u decide to go for IVF . Read what ales u can test your self . Ask for blood test to check that u don't have thyroid ,ask for ultrasound to check if there is not cyst or fibroid . When u go thru IVF is like a roller coaster . Is heart breaking when u hear bad news 😔 U need to ask the right question and u want to make sure that u than everything it take u end up with BPP . Don't worry Hun we the same age and one month or two is not gonna make any different xxx


aww thanks for the reply hun . . I'm just worried that I will never have a baby. I just keep thinking about what the consultant will say, I just need to hear what the consultant will say. As only one of my tubes is blocked, I am wondering if they will want to sort out the tube first and then refer for IVF or get us to try fertility drugs first? Good luck with getting pregnant, hopefully you will be soon x


Hi disty999

Both of my tubes were blocked and one was unable to be saved. We was put on waiting list at start of year and after more tests and scans, the ivf clinic told us if we went through the ivf with my other tube still there my chances of it working are 25 percent. If I have it removed it goes up to 45 percent chance. Hope this helps and good luck with everything


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