Just about to start IVF!! (Fiiiiiiiinally!!) but got some questions x

Hi ladies,

Just looking for some advice as I have pretty bad endometriosis and lwe're finally about to start IVF at the end of January (exact date will depend on my cycle) I will be doing the 35 day protocol as the drs say this will be best for my endometriosis. They have warned that my endo will flare up even worse while injecting.

I was wanting to ask for advice and examples of anyone else's experience on the injections with endo? As my endo is horrendous as it is anyway so I just want to be as prepared as I can be.

Also they discovered a small cyst in my right ovary - I've never had cysts before- but my right ovary is my 'good' ovary as my left one is really small and damaged from endometriosis, they also saw more endometriomas on my left ovary again. They aren't going to do anything about these at this stage and just start the IVF otherwise it would mean another lap before hand and I've only just had 2 in the last 12 months!

So they said at the point of egg collection they may need to drain them to get to the follicles and eggs that will be behind them. I didn't think to ask at the time how they'll do this?

Does anyone know if they can do this while 'down below' doing the egg collection? Or will they then need to change to a laparoscopy get in to drain them away?

Thanks in advance for your help xxx

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  • Hey Hun reading your post reminds me of my journey. I myself have endometriosis and it sucks!! I have two laps within the last 3 years. The first one took 2 months to recover. Anyways! Iv started my ivf and on my baseline scan I was told I have a 6cm cyst on my right ovary! It's being monitored but at first they thought it was cancerous. Turns out it's not....but I was allowed to carry on with my injections. At first they thought I would need another lap or they would aspirate the cyst but after taking blood test they said it wasn't functional cysts so I wouldn't need it done!! Iv had my first stimming scan and all is looking well. My cyst hasn't grown bigger but it's not got smaller either. I was told to aspirate the cyst they will drain it out like what they do at egg collection.They hhaven't said if there going to get rid of it in the future and just left it! I have been researching the internet to see how to get rid of cyst naturally and iv been drinking molasses and apple cider vinegar. 8oz of warm water mixed with 1 tablespoon of molasses and 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar. Just one glass a day! You can buy it from Holland and Barret. Hope this helps xxxxx

  • Ahhh fab thank you! I'll get started on that this week then! Thanks for the advice! Are you still at injection stage now? I hope everything's going well for you! Got my fingers crossed for you πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’žπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Yes I'm currently still stimming and if all goes well then egg collection will be next week :) hope it works out xxxx

  • Ahhhh amazing! Massive good luck for you! I really hope it goes well. How have you been feeling stunning? Are you uncomfortable at all? Xxx

  • Thank you :) I actually had two failed IUIs this year and then were referred to ivf. So iv had the experience of the injections before but it's the egg collection I am scared about! The injection are not hard once you get into a routine of doing themm. In lucky that my husband has done all my injections so I haven't had to do any myself. The transfer I've experienced when I had the IUI and that was a bit painful when they inserted the speculum inside. But all in all the pain is very short lived and you forget about it after you have left the room lol. Happy to answer any more questions xxx

  • But at least you're sedated for the egg collection. Hopefully you'll feel okay afterwards? I've been told not allowed to take any ibruprophen but can have other pain killers. Hopefully just a hot water bottle will be fine and you'll be okay I'm sure!! Let me know how it goes I'm so excited for you. I feel so apprehensive about everything now it's finally here for us too! But so excited at the same time πŸ˜πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ Xxx

  • Iv never been sedated before so I'm scared! I would have preferred to have been under general anesthetic. Iv had to take a paracetamol today as iv had a pounding headache. When are you due to start treatment? I will keep you updated! don't worry about the scans and injections there ok xxx

  • I know it's a weird thought isn't it? I've never been sedated before either just general anaesthetic or nothing. So it's a new one for me too! We're starting down regulation injections in January but exact date is yet to be determined as it will depend on my cycle. I'm not due on until quite late on in January so injections probably won't start until february.It can't come soon enough!!xxx

  • We found out ivf had been approved in June this year and we didn't get our first appointment was in September. Since then it's flown by! But we're still taking each day as it comes as things change so quickly on this infertility rollercoaster! You happy one minute, crying the next! Wish you all the best xx

  • i gad a lap about 3 months ago to remove my remaining tube before ivf - endo has pretty much destroyed my insides. They got rid of custs properly on my better right side but drained ine on my left. Typically cone stimulation i greaw an endometrioma on my left about 2.6cm. My left ovary is also slightly higher than my right being stuck to my bowel... i had 16 follicles grow (mostly from my right ovary) and they managed to collect 10 eggs. They couldnt reach all my follicles though. The doctors just said they may have to go through the cyst to reach the follicles which increases chances of infection but they give you antibiotics anyway. They should be able to do it all while they have you under sedation so no lap xx

  • Ahhh good to know. Thank you. Have you had egg collection and transfer now? What stage are you at now? xxx

  • Just waiting to see how well they get on. We've got 6 that fertilised properly (day 1 today). If they look ok tomorrow transfer will be monday or wednesday xx

  • Wow that's so exciting! I've got everything crossed for you! Let us know how you get on after your 2ww! Have you got any time booked off work after egg transfer to just relax and put your feet up? Wishing you so much luck!!! β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ Xxx

  • Thanks! Going to have transfer day off to go do something nice with my other half - it not exactly romantic all these injections and poking so it will be nice. Back to work for 2ww though id go crazy otherwise! I work in a science lab it will be tough but luckily have some great friends to cover for me when i won't want to touch nasty chemicals... x

  • Hi I have just literally got my BFP after my second round of IVF, first time I did not stimulate very well. During egg collection you really don't feel a thing! I was sore afterwards. So just kept using a hot water bottle. Managed to get 8 eggs, 7 were mature and fertilised. 3 made it to day 5 blastocyst stage and had one put back 2 frozen. During stimming your ovaries tend to feel heavy, my left ovary is particularly damaged from endo and I have had 3 laps in last 3 years. So left did not do a lot, think I got the one that was not mature enough from there, it gave me a bit of pain during stimming more after stimming had finished. My pelvis is what they call frozen and they will be able to find out if they can reach your ovaries when they do a trans vaginal ultrasound, ask the sonographer! The will give you antibiotics during egg collection to stop any infection! There are a few good IVF Facebook groups that I am part of that are very supportive if you need a friendly ear xx

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