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Hi All,

Just wanted some advice in regards to my test results from blood test, I had my bloods taken and also had the internal vaginal examination, I had 5 follicles on one ovary and 7 on the other, the Dr said at my consultation that this is a normal account considering Im not yet taking any injections to make me produce more follicles? All my bloods came back normal no signs of anything being low or high he has just basically said my body is ready for pregnancy its just the endo that is causing me not to fall pregnant, I did become pregnant naturally in 2008 which i unfortunately had a termination, I did not release that this horrible disease was going to ruin my future as a mother, I punish myself everyday for this but i was young and knew i wasn't able to give a baby a stable life at that point in my life, I then had a miscarriage 1 year after the termination, (With my previous partner) I am classed as what they call secondary infertile which means ive been pregnant before but its now difficult for me to get pregnant because of the endo, I personally think my eggs are the problem i think the endo has damaged alot of my eggs and when i release an egg every month its not live,(I ovulate every month without fail and even though i have endo my periods are regular) this scares me for my IVF process as i worry that my follicles are going to be empty, my tubes are not blocked as after 2 lots of surgery the dye fell through both sides which is what makes me believe its my eggs, as anyone had or got a similar situation Im trying to keep positive for my process but im so worried that im not going to see it through till the end, Dr as said my womb is fine apart from i have a tilted womb my fiances semen is above average, im worried if i do get the embryo transfer it wont hold, what a wait for all the woman having to face this horrible journey. Any advice about anything will help as I am new to all this, ive got stage 4 endo, thanks laddies Abbie xxx

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  • Hello Abbie103,

    It sounds like you're working yourself up into a real panic. I don't have endo but I do have unexplained infertility which basically meant they couldn't find any reason why we couldn't. This meant I fretted about everything - including the quality of my eggs, quality of my cervical mucus (was it killing the sperm?), whether I had natural killer cells. The list was endless but worrying really doesn't help and you need to try and make your brain switch off and concentrate only on what is in front of you today.

    It's the same when it comes to worrying about the past. It doesn't help and there's definitely no point in punishing yourself. Again, just try to focus on today.

    I went for counselling which really helped and you may find it useful too. It definitely helped me feel calmer and more relaxed and prepared me for IVF.

    Best of luck with your journey Abbie x

  • Thank you for your reply, I have been considering counselling as im always on over drive worrying about everything going wrong, There is so many hurdles to cross and so many things that can go wrong in the process, what stage are you at with your IVF? how r u finding it all xxxx

  • Hi Abbie,

    Counselling is so worth it. I thought I was going to lose my mind before I went! It's important to be in a good place when you start IVF. We had a positive result 3 weeks ago following our first round of IVF. I genuinely don't think it would have worked if I hadn't been for the counselling first.

    Good luck! x

  • Always nice to hear a happy ending, well worth the wait, im going to speak to the clinic about it as they do offer it there, i think this will help me alot to calm down as i also suffer with worry and anxiety which makes me always thing of the worse, Im being put on prostap for 3 months which will put me through menopause its meant to be a higher success rate with endo so im hoping this will be a nice break for me for 3 months ready for the process which will be nov dec time xxxx how r u finding pregnancy xxxx

  • Hi abbie103. I have read your posts and the replies you have had. Seeking some counselling, as already suggested should benefit you greatly, and prepare you for when you do start IVF. Being on prostap will seem a little strange, but hopefully as you have stage 4 endo, it will help to settle it down before you start your cycle of treatment. Your clinic seems to be β€œhandling” you correctly, so I do wish you well with the eventual outcome. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, i have been on prostap before I was put on this after my surgery for endo i didn't find it to bad tbh just the hot sweats that did me lol....suppose its worth it if i get the outcome i want, trying to think positive think its slightly frustrating that i have to go on prostap for 3 months as this slows the process right down but they think the success rate is higher with woman with endo to take prostap first xxx

  • Hi. Definitely - go for it, as I think it should enhance your success rate. Diane

  • Thank you means alot i think that used to bad news its hard to think positive, when i go to clinic next week for prostap aim going to speak about some counselling xxx

  • Hi. Yes, go for the counselling, as it will enable you to offload a little. They're not there to tick boxes, just to reassure you and to get you in the right frame of mind. Diane

  • Think this is defo what I need even though my Dr was brilliant at the consultation he had a lot of other patients to get through and time was cut short, He did say if i had any questions in the meantime to call him back but the clinic line is very busy so il speak with the nurse next week defo think counselling is the answer for now, xxxx

  • Hi abbie103. I don't know if you think it might help, but I do have a whole list of questions you may like to go through before your next consultation. It's too long to add here, but if you send me your email address to my confidential email address I will send them to you. Diane dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com

  • il inbox you thank you on here and send you my email address and would be greatful if you could send me the info would mean alot thank you xxx

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