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Another scan Friday to see how many follicles I have produced....today I feel like i just want to be normal.and be able to get pregnant on my own instead of all this that we are going through now it's a long process ! Could say I'm having a down day and just wish things could for once be normal in my life and go as planned (still waiting 30 years later ) I just want the eggs to be fertalised and make a baby I am getting impatient ! Sorry ladies needed a rant πŸ™ˆ

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  • I know how you feel. I bet we all have days where we feel like this X

  • Yep I'm sure everyone does...its Not the best of feelings tho isit 😐 x

  • No 😞 It's not easy or fair xx

  • Oh gosh I've been having a lot of these days recently...I try and tell myself everyone in life has their own battles... but I think this is one of the toughest. Just wish I had a crystal ball to look at the next 5yrs!! xxx

  • I know I do the same i always think there is some 1 out there worse than me but sometimes it's just about u and ur problems I think at the time u are going through something...i care for a bloke who is paralyzed and he get on with life so sometimes I feel silly for moaning but I think Ivf we are allowed to moan and have days like these especially cause of the hormones we put in our bodies...i would also love a crystal ball to see what the future brings xx

  • My OH is a T4 paraplegic and lives life to the full! He's into all his adrenaline sports, sit skis once a year, plays wheelchair basketball every Saturday, drives, washes up for us every night, cleans the bathroom for me... honestly he's the strong one in our relationship. While I crumble he's my rock. Don't know what I'd do without him xx

  • That's amazing the bloke I care for is tetrapalegic not sure if I spelt that correct lol I'm while we speak in wheel chair rugby with him he plays for the osprays and he's got a better social.life than me...dont get me wrong when he first had his accident he hated life but he got through it...thats y I think I sound silly moaning but like I said ivf isn't just something and nothing it's quite a big thing xx

  • You're quite right xx

  • It's not about who's got it the hardest is it? We're all entitled to feel the way we do xx

  • I think we're definitely allowed to moan and feel sorry for ourselves! I try not to think about it too much as I get depressed (like properly) and I'm usually the most positive person...the longer I'm on this journey the harder it is to stay positive. I find it rubs off on everything though. I've turned into a right negative Nancy at work too!...and I used to love my job but right now it's at best a distraction and at worst an irritating annoyance.


  • Totally know how you feel. And I thought your rant was quite tame! ;-) x

  • Haha was very tame tbh 😊 being polite on hear i was lol xx

  • DOnt hold back for us! Haha x

  • Hahaha ok so next rant won't be so polite πŸ˜‚ xx

  • Bless you Tara.... it's definately ups and downs..... I know what you mean though. We have just been getting our payslips and everything ready to get a loan sorted before we start treatment. Its so sad that people have to get a huge bank loan to just even give a chance to get pregnant. It must be so lovely to just decide when to get pregnant!

    I havent even begun to imagine the emotional turmoil once we have actually started treatment. Pinning all our hopes on this... I'm not even sure how I'll cope with a negative outcome as I have struggled with my mood ever since we were told of our issues. But I just hope I can be as strong as some of the ladies on here whatever our outcome.

    My friend got pregnant in her first month trying .... I can't even imagine how that must feel! Just remember for every down day.. there will be an up day. Take care and all the best of luck with ur cycle and remember once your pregnant you can just become a normal mummy! But your child will be all the more loved after the journey you took to get there xxx

  • Aww thank u hun we all have our own way of coping and our own way of picking out selves up and dealing with situations...have u had the 2 free goes for ivf ?? I am the same with negativity I don't really know how I'm going to cope if this doesn't work...i hope when u start ur treatment the loans and the money u have saved up will be worth it im sure it will I'll keep my fingers crossed for u 😘 xx

  • Thanks so much. I'd happily pay my wages for the rest of my life if I knew it was going to work!!

    No we are paying privately as we have been blessed with a son who is nearly 4 now. My husband has low count, motility and morphology so we were truly blessed to catch on naturally despite the odds stacked against us. After 2 years of TTC and tests the doctors told us it's unlikely we will concieve again with our results so we are just at the very start of our IVF journey.

    I wish you all the best with your cycle :) xxxx

  • The very true if I could afford to pay for it until it worked I'm sure I would...but hun it worked once with u both naturally so don't give up hope my cousin got told she would never have children and she's on her 3rd I've been trying 11 years and nothing sadly I do have a 12 year old who I love very much but my partner now doesn't have any children so we were able to have the ivf free which is a big help...due.to my problems fertility wise I will never conceive naturally...dont give up hun wish u all the best with ur journey xx

  • Aww that's amazing news for ur cousin. I always love positive stories of natural conceptions even when consultants have said it's unlikely! I guess they can never say never. It only takes one. We will never give up trying naturally but have been told it is unlikely. So we are moving on with the next steps....

    That is good you are able to be funded with your cycle..... I wish you the very best with your treatment and look forward to hearing of your success :) xxx

  • Thank you I look forward to hearing of ur success also 😊 xxx

  • Thank you :) x

  • Completely get it Hun, it is a long frustrating journey but it will be worth it when u reach your goal xxx

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