1st Stim Monitoring Scan

I had my first stim monitoring scan today. The clinic are pleased with the progress. They counted 11 possible follicles with the lead measuring 19, 3x16 a 15 and so on. Lining of womb looks good so have to go for another scan Friday and they'll decide on either Sun or Mon for egg collection xxxx fingers crossed theres eggs in those follies xxx. Im relieved meds are working and theres no sign of overstimulation. Hope everyone is doing ok xxx

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  • Wow Beanme that sounds amazing!! Well done little follies :) really positive news and fingers crossed this means you'll have lots of eggs collected in a few days:) exciting times! Xx

  • I know, I cant wait xxx Im so egg...cited lol. Fingers and toes crossed. Hope you are doing well ? Xxx

  • Haha :D eggcellent news ;) I'm good thanks, got my first scan tomorrow. Starting to feel really uncomfortable now after complaining the other day that I had no symptoms! Xxx

  • I had gurgling in the tummy yesterday, like a rumbling are you getting that? It was similar to hunger rumbling but I wasnt hungry if that makes sense☺

  • Yes I have started with a bit of that actually! Was also ravenous the last few nights despite constantly grazing on food throughout the day! If only there was a window into our tummies so we could see what was going on πŸ˜‚ Xx

  • I know it'd be cool to have an app for belly scanning lol. I hope all goes well for you tommorrow:))) Sending you positive vibes xxxx

  • Great news on the follies and they aren't that far apart in size either. I have a big one then 4 medium and two not so medium and now two small ones turned up on my final scan today. I have a good lining so ec is Friday. Good luck on your next scan bit with those sizes you can't be too far from collection x

  • Thanks emmab178 you must be very excited:) I hope all goes well with the collection. Sending you loads of baby dusrπŸŽ‡πŸŽ†βœ¨

  • Looks like I'm just a week behind you all the best of luck xx

  • Hey Sunnysam91 that week will fly by, I hope all is well with you:)

  • Woo hooooooo this is a great scan result hope you get a date tomorrow for ec. .very exciting xxx

  • Yeah Im very pleased with it, thank you so much. I should know tomorrow when ec will happen. I cant believe we've come so far aleady. It creeps up fast on you. Xxxx hoping all is well with you:)

  • Wow lucky you!! πŸ˜„ I had a 6 day scan done yesterday and only had 8 x 10 😣 Got to have an extra scan tomorrow where they may up my dose. We're here due to male factor infertility so I can't understand why there aren't more & bigger ones...fretting massively now and sitting with a hot water bottle permanently attached to me as that's supposed to help, drinking a tonne of water and off out in a mo to buy some protein shakes. ..Thank God I'm getting the extra scan tomorrow as my final one is monday and I don't think my sanity will have still been in tact by then!


  • Try not to fret they know what their doing. The dosage increase will adjust growth and best they start low and increase as if they did it in reverse it would risk overstimmulation. They main thing is they are present and growing. I hope next scan goes well for you. Sending you loads of baby dustπŸŽ‡πŸŽ†βœ¨

  • good luck! Sounds like everything going as it should for you which is great. Not long to go now. I'm just a little behind you. Got everything crossed for you xx

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