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Hi's been a couple of weeks since I said something but I have been experiencing ups and downs so I have been just counting the days. .

Like the post says I'm having my laparoscopy on the 20th of august so 5 days left...I've been reading so much about it that now I don't know what to expect, my hubby is very positive about everything and I'm trying to tink like him but sometimes it's hard because I'm afraid about what they can find. 😐

The only good thing is that after de surgery he will be at home with me because is holidays is on that week...Right now I just want to get over it so I can really concentrate on the most important fingers crossed that everything will be fine and soon I can start trying for the baby

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  • Hi pinto8. Well, when you read this it will just be 3 days away! Try not to worry too much about it, as modern anaesthetics and procedures are so much better, and the staff will look after you. A laparoscopy is such a common thing these days, and for most people, the benefits of improved symptoms and having a clear diagnosis is good to have. Afterwards you may feel a little sick as a result of the general anaesthetic or painkillers, although you may be given something to help avoid this, before you wake up. After a laparoscopy you are likely to feel a little pain your tummy, and sometimes pain in the shoulders, which is due to the after effects of using the gas to β€œblow up” your tummy in order to get a clear view. This usually disappears within 48 hours, and recovery is about a week – could be longer if any surgery is carried out. I’m sure it will all go well for you – plus you have the added bonus of your hubby spoiling you! You can then get cracking with whatever treatment is decided for you. Good luck! Diane

  • Thank you Diane I know that's for the best but I can help myself when I start to tink all the amount of things that they can find...I have tried to focus on other things but sometimes I can't, I just want Thursday to came up so I can be done with it.But it's nice to come here for support and nice words. Do u believe my boss (wich is a woman ) tough that I would came back to work on Saturday??I tried to explain to her that I will be in pain but even so she was saying that she will give me the weekend off so I can came back Monday.

  • Hi. So sorry to hear that your boss seems to be so uncaring. If you're not up to it, just get your GP to sign you off, and remind your "boss" that your wounds, although very small, take at least a week to heal, so you don't want to risk any infection. Jess has explained all about the care during and after your op, perfectly, so no need to worry. I shall be thinking of you on Thursday. Diane

  • I just wanted to wish you the very best with your upcoming surgery πŸ€

    Having recently had surgery myself I know it can be very daunting. I was so frightened of having an general anaesthetic, I really needed have worried. If I have another op I won't be. Diane's right anaesthesia these days are so much better than they used to be 😊 They only put you out lightly πŸ‘ It is scary when you are about to go under but everyone in the theatre is so lovely and they really joke around to make you feel at ease 😊 my procedure was similar to yours and I was only out for 25 minutes. And I felt fine when I woke up no sicky feeling at all. Nurses will ask you if you do feel sick and if you do they'll give you meds to stop it πŸ‘ I'm sure you'll be fine 😊 At worst they find something but if there is a problem there will be solution to it, it's a step closer πŸ‘ And at best nothing's wrong well that'll put your mind at ease πŸ‘ Promise you will be fine they will look after you. You will be closely monitored after your op πŸ’— Its brilliant timing your hubby is off work, enjoy being pampered πŸ˜‰ I was lucky my hubby had day of op off and day after, it was nice to be able to put my feet up and have someone there. They say you should have someone with you 24hrs after having an general πŸ˜ƒ they will have contact details of nurses should you have any concerns 😊 πŸ’— x x x

  • Thanks jess your words means a lot to me,I know that you were in a similar case a couple of weeks ago and reading your posts makes me feel more secure about it all.I know it's a long road but sometimes I just wanted that I miracle could just happen and I could see those amazing two pink lines.

    But it's not that simple so we have to be strong and keep fighting because one day everything will be worth it.

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