Anyone selling at least 38wks of stress free pregnancy?

So, norethisterone worked as planned, cycle correctly postponed by 3 days so fitted into the clinics diary perfectly, now day 3 had my baseline scan and straight home I went for the first menopur injection (that hurts more than gonal f lol). I want to be excited, I want that omg we're here and trying feeling again. But so hard now, I'm scared more than ever after loosing Annabelle, and I miss her. God I miss her. The realisation that even if it does hopefully work and we finally get to bring home a healthy baby, he or she will never meet Annabelle has hit home and It's a hard realisation to swallow. I'm trying my very best to relax, knowing there is little I can do to control this other than what I'm doing of taking the drugs correctly, no alcohol, no caffeine, low carbs and careful eating, acupuncture and exercise, so I'm doing everything I can. I know I'll be nervous, but I'm really trying to be as relaxed about it as humanly possible.

It's weird, some things I completely forgot about last time til today. Like you don't need a full bladder for baseline scan lol. I've got 7 follicles on one ovary, 8 on the other. Does that sound normal to you guys? Could have sworn it was higher last time?

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  • My best friend lost laurel just over a year before her son was born. He and his subsequent sister both knew about laurel from a very early age. They visit her grave whenever they want and all their friends know they have a sister who is an angel. Anabelle will live on in your hearts and in those of your children. Baby dust to you x

  • We're very lucky to have support from local SANDS group, many who have living children, we knew any future child would always grow up knowing of our Annabelle and tiny ones (3 early losses and Annabelle's twin lost early), and many of the bereaved parents have shared with us how they've handled telling their living children of their rainbow and angel children. God, there's some terms I'd never wanted to know or use!

    We've visited Annabelle's memorial plaque often, and will continue to, it brings great comfort (she was cremated and scattered with her grandparents). Thank you for taking the time to reply with such lovely kind words xx

  • I'm glad you've got lots of support. I think my friend did use sands at the beginning. I know there are 2 incubators dedicated to laurel that are still saving lives today, all thanks to bliss. Good luck xx

  • Hello parentsofangels! I can relate to what you are saying after our loss at 16 weeks (can't believe we came so close yet back here again), but as one lovely lady said in this forum- what's the point of putting ourselves through this if we don't believe?! If we don't believe and don't allow ourselves to get excited, why bother? If we don't believe it can work, why bother? We and all other ladies on here who have suffered MCs (some multiple) will never forgot those babies that could have been- but I have to believe that everything happens for a reason otherwise I will go nuts, I believe last year I wasn't meant to have a baby (don't know why!) but this year I am! And so are you!!

    Re your scan results, I think I had similar during our first cycle in Feb 2015- we ended up collecting 9 follicles but only 5 eggs, and 4 of mine fertilised. We had 2 to use one of which was frozen at 5-day blasto and we are about to use that in a couple of weeks (currently down regging). Remember it's quality not quantity! Good luck with it all xx

  • Lovely post, WeeMrsH. x

    15 follicles is really good, parentsofangels! I only had 4 collected and am now at 13w4d with the only 2 viable ones transferred. So the odds are in your favour with 15.

    I could do with a few stress free weeks too, I think we never stop worrying and it makes me wonder if other women are like this because to the outsider, many women look like they sail through pregnancy.

    I wish you both best of luck with your cycles. x

  • Tlove I think you are right. In my previous work I've seen many women pg naturally and they have sailed through pg living on camomile tea and panicking at every twinge!

  • All my best wishes to you hun for the rest of your healthy happy pregnancy. Take care and look after you. You're no.1, don't feel guilty about that. I was careful in my last pregnancy, but not super crazy as I thought I'd be, just vigilant and armed with a bag of knowledge. That helped me keep calm. What worries me egg wise is out of 13 collected last time we only had 2 viable. There's supposedly nothing wrong with my eggs, other half has spermicidal antibodies, but other than that they aren't sure why so few developed. The unknown is crap isn't it. Take care xx

  • Last time 13 collected, 10 fertilised, only 2 survived to day 3, both put back, lost first early, Annabelle at 4 months. Getting so far to have your dreams ripped away is hell isn't it. After 4 losses already we ally thought Annabelle was our miracle, which of course she was, just too little. That hurts too, thatshe was perfect, mm rhyme or reason for the placenta to tear other than a tragic rare accident. Just all sucks doesn't it. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Good luck with your little one on ice xx

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