Surgery all done home 😊❀️

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is ok ❀️

I've got some brilliant news. I was so scared of having surgery today and going under general anaesthetic,really needn't have worried,it wasn't that bad.All the staff at the hospital were really nice and put me at ease 😊 Anyway consultant performed a hysteroscopy to have a look and low and behold the damn fibroid or polyp (whatever it was) had gone on its own accord! Really weird as the consultant told me previously that she'd believed it had been there whole time we'd been trying and had caused us infertility due the location and potential embryos not been able to implant coz of it. And the moment it's time for it to be removed it goes on its own oh lol πŸ˜† Pretty happy tho coz I was worried I could've bled badly and ended up having a hysterectomy . I know it's rare ,but my uterus bled badly during a HSG and I was worried how much I might have bled during fibroid removal and scared of not ever being able to have another baby again would've broke my heart πŸ’”πŸ˜”Great result bodies can be very mysterious at times!πŸ˜ƒConsultant also performed a endometrial biopsy where the polyp/fibroid was to be on the safe side as agreed before😊 And I can start trying next month .next period is due 10 days, so wait for the following cycle to start to give womb a chance to recoverπŸ‘ And its all systems go! But this time will be less stressed about it and get stuck into my college studying in September, coz the one good thing this has shown me is life is for living and I was just existing before. But it's lovely to have that reassurance that I have every chance now of conceiving and that I now believe that to be true and let it happen when it's meant to πŸ’–

Good luck to everyone trying or having treatment don't give up we will get there ❀️

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  • That's amazing news! I am so happy for you! Hope you recover well and you can get on with starting that family of yours! Yey!! Xxxxx

  • Thanks Emma 😊 Massive relief to know all is normal πŸ˜ƒ Hope that the pregnancy is going well 😍 X

  • Brilliant news x

  • Thank you button-123 😊 I hope that all is well with you too ☺️ X

  • Brill news Jess. Been thinking of u today. Make sure u give yrself time to recover xx big hugs

  • Aww bless you Looopylou2015 😊Thank you πŸ˜ƒ I'm feeling surprisedly well nurse was shocked how well I was 😳 must be all that running I do lol!! πŸƒ Hubby is home and he is making sure I don't over do it lol, he's very strict lol πŸ‘

    How are you? How is everything going your end? Any progress? I hope you're ok ❀️X

  • Hi Jess

    Glad ure being well looked after xx and glad u feel better than u thought u would. Im ok ta just got results of day 21 progesterone test and it came bk saying id ovulated this month. So first cycle of clomid has done its job. Dont feel pregnant though so prob take a few cycles. Been thinkin more positively which has kept me in a better place. Just a waiting game now :)) good positive news about clomid so bring on next month

  • Hey loopylou2015 that is wonderful that the clomid is working and you're now ovulating πŸ‘ You have a good chance at getting pregnant now πŸ‘ It may not be within the first month, not many couples do conceive that quickly, so please don't feel bad if you don't. Then again whose to say you couldn't be that lucky someone has to be πŸŽ‰ At some point within the 6 months of taking clomid you'll conceive I'm sure of it 😊 It's like me once I'm trying again, I'm not expecting to fall immediately ,but I am hoping to fall within 6 months now that there is nothing wrong if not its IVFπŸ‘

  • No way! That's great news Jess. Glad that you can start trying again. Are you still looking to egg share or are you putting that on hold for a bit? x

  • I know oh how I laughed with hubby about it!! Typical! πŸ˜† Think we will give it 6 months or so now I'm now ok πŸ‘and if it still doesn't happen go back and have ivf,πŸ‘I think our age we can't expect it to happen straight away πŸ’

    Thinking of you today doing the dreaded test. Must be really scary. I really hope with all my heart you get that BFP that you deserve πŸ€ It's such a long hard journey πŸ˜” I remember when we started trying and id do a test every month just to get the same result didn't do that for too long 😒 Can't imagine how much harder it must be doing a test having gone through ivf. I would make my hubby look at test lol πŸ˜‚ Here if you need a chat. Big hugs ❀️

  • Thanks Jess. I tested this morning (at 4.37am!) and we got our BFP! I honestly thought it would never happen for me. I instantly burst into tears 😭😭

    I know what you mean about pregnancy tests, to date we have not been friends! I was terrified to look at it today and turned it upside down. When my hubby came down the stairs we looked together.

    All I need to do now is make it to the first scan on 18th August 😁 All going well I will be 7 wks and 5 days then!

    This is such a long, hard and often lonely journey but I can see today that it will all be worth it in the end.

    Best of luck with the rest of your journey Jess. Truly hope you get your BFP! x

  • Aww hopeful1982 huge congratulations πŸŽ‰that is such wonderful news. I am so happy for you πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈπŸΌHow exciting! Wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy πŸ‘ Good luck with your scan, I'm sure it'll be fine πŸ€πŸ˜Š All the best with it ,and try to enjoy it ,and not worry too much , if you can . I know that must be quite hard ❀️

  • Great news :-)

    Take good time to recover x

  • Oh thank you hollibob 😊 I feel much better than I thought I would do πŸ‘ and my hubby is home today and he is not letting me lift a finger lol πŸ˜† I cooked a load of meals so he hasn't got too much to do 😊

    Glad your scan went well πŸ‘ that's wonderful πŸ˜ƒ. I saw your post yesterday and I was going to reply but I felt a bit spaced out . Good luck for the egg collection Wednesday.i hope that they retrieve lots of healthy good eggs πŸ€ I'm sure it doesn't get easier each ivf cycle you go through. It's very emotionally draining,let alone wot you went throughπŸ˜” Are they going to do anything different this time? Give you any different meds? Hope you don't think I'm being nosy, I just want you to have the best chance of it working 😊 All of us here deserve to be mummies 😍❀️ X

  • The only real change they made was my stims dosage starting off lower and then increasing it for the final part.

    I had mild ohss last time, which they said the higher hormone levels can sometimes contribute to a miscarriage, so they wanted to keep it down a bit.

    Awaiting the phone call this morning to let us know how things went overnight, but from the 6 eggs collected yesterday, 3 were suitable for icsi... We had 12 collected last time with 10 being suitable and 4 say I'm nervous is an understatement!

    Hope you are feeling much more in the land of the living x

  • I'm glad it all went well today.

    Wishing you all the best for college in September.

  • Thank you pm27. 😊

    Hope that all is going well for you ❀️

  • Yes all fine. Finally heard back from clinic about previous clotting screening and that's all ok so can now go on waiting list for DE.

  • Can't believe it had gone of it's own accord. Just a shame you had to go through the procedure but at least you're in good form and feeling hopeful & positive. Wishing you the best of luck with your journey & a speedy recovery 🌻 x x

  • Thank you noodle. I'm actually surprised how well I am feeling 😊I know , I did think that afterwards . But the thing is I know I'm in clear. That does give me the reassurance that I needed. You know what it's like when you have a thought in your head and you can't get rid of it. Plus she took a biopsy to make sure there's nothing nasty, which I'm sure will be fine, still nice to be told that πŸ‘Maybe I should've threatened my body a long time ago with a knife lol πŸ˜† Sometimes you just have to laugh at it!!

    How are you anyway? I hope everything is going well with you. ❀️X

  • Hi been reading your posts and that's great news. Weirdly I had exactly the same thing ... They said I had a polyp and when I went under nothing there ! She said womb is pristine. I still only have on tube as one is blocked.

    I'm now on the losing weight drive as been offered ivf if I lose 2 stone. So doing cambridge to lose as quickly as possible.

    I've been really optimistic ... just have to keep going don't we xx

    Luck to us all x

  • Thank you kc21 😊Oh my god how strange you had that happen too! My consultant says she sees it happen a lot! I don't know about you but I was pretty surprised but happy it had gone πŸ‘ Did your consultant do a biopsy on where the polyp had been? I hope you don't mind me asking. I had a biopsy.

    Good luck with the weight loss. I know how hard it is losing weight.It will so worth it to get IVF ,and it'll have a best chance of the IVF working . πŸ€ I found using live strong to track my calories helped my lose weight and I also started the c to 5k running program,which builds you up slowly to running so you don't get injured. I found I lost weight really quickly by running and best of all its free! And touch wood it's stayed offπŸƒ

    Yes we are nothing without hope. It's the driving force to keep us going πŸ‘And it will be so worth it,once we have our much wanted baby πŸ‘β€οΈπŸΌ

    Good luck with everything πŸ’–

  • Hi they said there was no polyp to begin with! It can happen sometimes where they think they see something but it's not there. To be honest I think I would have rather one be there as now in same position as before and no idea why not getting pregnant.

    I always gym just need to watch portion sizes !

    Keep me updated at what you are up to


  • I know what you mean Hun. When I saw my consultant she implied that sometimes scans aren't always correct and there was a chance there was nothing there. But,she thought because of my heavy periods ,and the bleeding in between periods, she was expecting to find something there. We had already agreed to an endometrial biopsy on the first consent form. I guess when she found nothing there , I was lucky that she still went ahead with the biopsy. Should get the results within a few weeks. I'm expecting it to be normal and to be implied nothing is/was there.

    Don't worry Hun I'm sure you did have a polyp. The Dr doing your scan didn't imagine it! And the NHS would not spend all that money for you to have an operation when there was or a chance that there was nothing there! It's not a cheap operation it's about 5 grand 😳 Obviously they believed something was there. The fact that body had got rid of it is irrelevant. It was there. Actually it is much better really that both our bodies got rid of our polyps, I personally was pretty scared of instruments going near my uterus. The body can be an amazing thing πŸ‘ it's very resourceful πŸ‘

    I don't know if this helps but my mum conceived 3 times naturally (sadly lost one), and that was with only one tube working,so there is always hope πŸ‘ I think that's why has 2 of each organs πŸ˜ƒ my left ovary has prematurely aged small not producing many follicles, but the right one has picked up the slack ,and is doing the work for both ovaries 😊

    Keep up the good work, the weight will come off 😊 And when you've got a goal somehow it helps to keep you going πŸ‘ it will be worth it 😍 Keep me posted with your progress πŸ’–

  • Great news x x good luck x x

  • Thank you jojostayinghopeful 😊

    How are you anyway? Hope everything is going well with you ❀️

  • Hi. Really good thanks. Things are finally moving forward. Start my injections on the 8th August for icsi! X x

  • That's great news, really happy for you jojostayinghopeful 😊 That'll come quickly how exciting πŸ˜ƒ All the very best with your ICSI πŸ€. I hope it results in a BFP πŸ‘πŸ˜ X

  • Thanks me too! X x wish you all the luck with getting your bfp too x x

  • hi! jess1981, it so lovely to hear your positive news and vibes. I wish you all the best in the future. Hope you will get better soon, take care.x

  • Thank you hop36 😊 Nice to know all is okπŸ‘

    How are things going your end? Hope you're ok ❀️

  • Hello! Beside having my moments, everything is actually okay with me. As they say time do heal. I had a difficult time accepting it after my second failed IVF cycle but I picked myself up and trying to make some changes to try again in a few months. i did some blood test and presently waiting to do my Karyotyping test and Natural killer cells biopsy. Am bit scared to try sooner not ready to deal with the 2 weeks wait.

  • Hi hop36. I think it's wise to run further tests when IVF doesn't work. Sometimes you need answers as to why the IVF hasn't worked ,and if there is anything ,that might need to be tailored for you ,in order for an IVF cycle to be successful. Good luck πŸ€ with the tests, I hope you get the answers and you can move forward πŸ‘ I don't blame you. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to have an IVF cycle fail 😒 I have struggled when just trying naturally 😒. I imagine that IVF would be 100 times worse than that. πŸ˜” It's very grim ,and it's always the people ,who would be good parents ,are the ones who struggle 😒 Don't know what nature is thinking! 😑

    I've enjoyed having time off from the struggle and trials of trying to conceive. I get where you're coming from it's so difficult.Part of me is looking forward to trying again now that everything is ok with me,and feel hopeful it could happen for us now. But part of me doesn't want to try again, and get upset and be like I was before 😒 Get my biopsy results , in 2 weeks time ,which I'm sure it'll be fine πŸ‘

    Let me know how the tests go thinking of you. All the best πŸ€πŸ™β€οΈ Xhv

  • Hi! jess1981, I wish you all the best with your result. I know the feeling, but never mind, we will get there even if it later. Yeah, will let you know! Am doing my natural killer cells test and the karyotyping test next Tuesday, so hopefully I can see if something wrong. I did all the other test, like my vitamin D, thyroid and etc. They all come back okay. Am trying to cover all the areas before trying again. In the mean time am trying naturally. Am keeping my finger cross for us, take care till.

  • Hi jess I'm so glad to hear about the news,it's amazing how our body sometimes work,after all the tinking everything worked out good. Reading your post gave me more reassurance about my upcoming surgery showing me that there's no need to worry.

    It's good to feel your excitement and I hope that you soon get your great news. Now just relax and enjoy the care from the hubby .

  • Thank you pinto08 😊 All I needed to do was threaten my body with the knife and it decided to correct itself lol πŸ˜‚

    Please don't fear surgery the general anaestic was really nothing to worry about at all .You are very safe and the anaesthesia Dr will be watching you closely the whole time you're under πŸ‘ They're so lovely in the theatre ,and really put you ease they are very jolly and it really helps to calm you πŸ˜ƒ First the anaestic will put a plastic tube in the back of your hand in a vein,with some meds(I can't remember wot it is called) this point you're still awake, then they tell you that they are about to put the anaestic through a tube into the vein and you will fall asleep very quickly afterwards. I remember them telling not to fight the sleep just after it was inserted and I was sleep within about four seconds of it being done! The last thing I remember is the cold sensation from the anaestic going up my arm and being told not to fight the sleep and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery saying is it all done?! I went down at 11am and woke up at just before 12. I was under for about 25 minutes. It was strange it was like no time had passed. But I tell you Hun it was an amazing sleep πŸ‘ the best quality sleep I've ever had πŸ˜‰ it'll be the best sleep you'll ever have Hun it's nice 😏 Then they wheeled me on a trolley to my room where I was closely monitored for about 3 hours till I was discharged,once I managed eating I was given biscuits and tea and could pass urine ok (sorry if tmi).

    Honestly this was so much easier than all the other fertility investigation tests/gynae examinations.I've had done, wish they were as easy as that was lol seriously 😜

    Good luck with it hope it all goes well , will be

    thinking of you . Make sure you get plenty of rest afterwards as you will probably feel a little tired .Sending lots of love your way β€οΈπŸ€

  • I totally agree with you, I had two surgeries and they was both easier than any test/ gynae examination. First was keyhole and the second was open to remove my right tubes. It was over before I knew it started.

  • You go girl... Mysterious workings of the body eh😘

  • Thank you tamtam 😊

    Haha yes def! the threat of the knife made my body sort it out itself πŸ˜‚

    How are you? You still under going investigations ? I don't blame you for running further tests,I'd be same,sometimes you need answers, so you have the best chance of ivf working πŸ‘ Hope you get some answers and can make good progress ❀️

  • Hi! Well done! So pleased you're back safe and sound. Diane

  • Thanks Diana 😊 I will get my biopsy and report from consultant within a few weeks and hopefully will be able start trying again 😊 My consultant has advised me to re visit my GP if I still do not conceive after this. I'm wandering who the best person is to advise me on that front? I don't feel at all comfortable talking to my GPs as I haven't found them to be very supportive of our infertility. X

  • Hi jess1981. Once you've got all your results through, if you want, I can talk them over with you via email, so we can "chat" about your options. My email address is; and is fully confidential. I shall be away from 3rd - 10th August, so if you do get in touch, I will reply upon my return - and I WILL listen. Diane

  • Thank you Diana 😊 that's so kind❀️ I doubt that I would get my results before then anyway. My consultant is very busy ,as it was her last official day of working at the hospital when I had my op,and she has a lot of paperwork to do ,for all her patients. Have a lovely holiday β˜€οΈπŸ¦πŸŽ‰X

  • Cheers! Will speak when I get back. Just got sister-in-law coming down from Manchester, but got some serious restaurants to visit! Diane

  • Good luck and hope it all works out now you have had your surgery.

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