Worst day of my life!

I need some advice. I am currently 7+2 pregnant after Ivf treatment. I went to the toilet today and I had bright red blood, not a lot but still blood. I went straight home from work and when I got home I went to the toilet again I had had a little bit more but not a lot. I am on progesterone and estrogen. I phoned my clinic who advised resting over the weekend and call them back if it got any worse. I thought I would phone the doctors so got an appointment and they did a pregnancy test which came up straight away as positive. The bleeding seems to of nearly stopped now, I have got a blood test booked for Monday morning but don't know how I am going to get through the weekend not knowing. Anyone else experienced this and had good results xx

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  • Hi gemma36. I'm so sorry to hear you have experienced some bleeding you must be so frightened. Just to say I experienced very heavy bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant (like a period) and lost so much blood I thought there could no longer be a baby and prepared not to see anything at my scan, was totally shocked when he was ok (yes I went on to have a healthy now 16 year old son) My sister also bleed very heavily at 5 weeks and was told she was miscarrying and nothing she could do, well she didn't lose the pregnancy and went onto to have my niece whose 2 this November. So you can bleed in pregnancy and still have a healthy baby. I agree with clinic def rest up and let hubby spoil you 😈 Good luck I hope the bleeding continues to stop. And the weekend doesn't drag too much 😊 Wishing you the very best big huge hugs ❀️ πŸ€

  • Thanks for the reply Jess. I do feel slightly better after reading your story. I just feel so scared that it is all going to end badly. The weekend is just going to go so slowly and I am not looking forward to Monday. Glad yours and your sister stories ended happily xx

  • Hello. Bleeding in early pregnancy is quite common and the fact it has nearly stopped will be a good sign. I know it must be really difficult and you will be stressed all weekend but hopefully it's nothing to worry about. Best wishes x

  • Thanks hopeful, the support on here means a lot when things like this happen. Haven't had any bleeding or spotting since about 7 so fingers crossed it has stopped. Going to take it very easy this weekend and pray for good news on Monday xx

  • Try not to worry when I had some bleeding at 6 weeks it was over new year so the clinic was closed but I rang the early pregnancy unit and they told me to go in and they did a scan to confirm everything was alright, might be worth ringing your local hospital EPU and explain worth a try rather then worrying yourself x my bleeding was nothing think it was caused with a pesserie currently 32 weeks pregnant.

  • Thanks for your reply py987. Think I might give epu a ring tomorrow xx

  • Hey, I bled at 7 weeks too and spent 2 days in hospital. It started red and then became brown spotting which lasted for three days. There was so much blood I was sure I was miscarrying, however both my babies are hanging on in there and the last scan showed everything was normal. When I saw that blood I felt like my world was ending, it was awful. Rest, stay hydrated and keep your brain busy as stress and worry definitely won't help. I was dreading the ultrasound after my bleed but when the sonographer confirmed she could see two heartbeats my husband and I burst into tears of joy. The fact your bleeding has now stopped is a good sign so take comfort in that, also, try to console yourself with the knowledge that bleeding in early pregnancy is more common with IVF pregnancies due to the amount of hormones they give us- not necessarily because anything more sinister is happening. I'll be thinking of you on Monday. Xx

  • Hi Gemma, Im pregnant and I bled badly at 12 1/2 weeks. Was so frightened and I posted on here too after being told I was possibly Miscarrying. I rang early pregnancy unit and a and e saw me straight away and I was scanned 2 days later. They found a reason to my bleeding and I went on bed rest, I was told to refrain from any lifting, stretching to get/do things, driving, sex and to stay off work and rest until my 20 week scan. The bleeding did stop and the problem was resolved. I'm sure you'll also be fine, it is common, but I know its very upsetting. Take care and let us know how you get on xx

  • Thanks 1000stars. Thankfully I didn't have a lot of bleeding only for a few hours at the most. Didn't have any yesterday and none so far today. Also my pregnancy symptoms seem to be worse today. My boobs are really sore, feeling extra tired and am hungry but just don't fancy anything to eat. Hoping all of these are a good sign and the bleed was just a blip. Am feeling a lot better about things today but still feeling nervous about my hgc blood test tomorrow and then another one on Wednesday then our first scan on Wednesday.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, how long have you got left?

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