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Quandry after consultation at new clinic

We went to the new clinic as they can match us with DE much much quicker than previous clinic. They have suggested immunology screening at considerable extra cost as had 2 miscarriages (had many of the tests done 2 years ago on NHS, I was informed verbally that they were all OK) and 2 failed ICSI cycles. My GP has given me forms to take to hospital for a lot of these, he said he might get an angry phone call but he'd deal with that. He said that he thinks that a lot of them are unnecessary and that's what the previous clinic have said. Hopefully they won't show anything is wrong. My last thyroid test was 3.65 (last August) and this new clinic won't treat me unless it's 2.5 or under so that's being redone and I might need to go on thyroxine before, during treatment and during pregnancy. I really don't like having blood tests done so it's this aspect rather than the money that puts me off. Plus there seems to be limited evidence as to whether the immunology factors actually make any difference. I suspect that the main reason for the miscarriages and failed cycles is due to my age and that's why we're going for DE.

It's rather confusing as one clinic weren't concerned about my thryoid level and the new clinic are, the previous clinic out me on steroids and this clinic won't unless the tests show I need them. I understand this but it's confusing that different clinics have different protocols!

All I can see at the moment is more waiting!

On the plus side their statistics for pregnancy after treatment there are good.

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Hi Hun. I hate blood tests too I'm such a wimp lol my vain always tries to hide and makes it a trickier to get to unless I'm lucky and have a very skilled nurse ☺️When I was having my screening blood tests which included the tsh mine was 3.9 although that is normal health wise clinic put me on thyroxine 50mcg daily and I had another blood test 3 weeks after taking thyroxine it went down to 1.56. My clinic also wanted my tsh under 2.5 too and I did question my clinic why that was. I was told that having a tsh over 2.5 can affect potential implantation and is linked to miscarriage, I suppose a lot of things are tho. Anything that might help your chances is def worth doing 😘 I think it's great that there is a gp out there that dose not care about budgets and is more concerned about you his patient. Wot a breath of fresh air! Good luck with the tests I hope they go well 🍀X


Thanks Jess1981,

Good to know that the thyroxine works so quickly. Did you have the prescription from your GP or private prescription from your clinic? It's difficult as we've had such different advise from the two clinics and it seems that there haven't been enough academic studies on immunology testing and treatment to say that there is or isn't a definite link.

I hope my GP doesn't get an angry phone call, I did point out that I haven't asked for NHS help with any of the other scans or tests and paid for HSG as the NHS waiting list was so long.

I shall ring to book myself in for the bloods, as I'm a fainter I have to have it done at the hospital rather than the local blood place, my GP's practise doesn't do blood there. They are usually good at the hospital and have always manged to get blood from me and I can lie down on a bed rather than sit in the chair.


Hi Hun I tried replying last night but it wouldn't let it!

No worries Hun glad I could help 😊 I was prescribed thyroxine by my clinic (I'm at a private hospital) because I live so far away from my clinic, they sent prescriptions via the post and I'd pick up my prescription at my local chemist it was dead dead cheap. It was just £5 per prescription whether it was one or two months worth. Even if I'd picked the prescription at my clinic it would only still be £11 which is still reasonable! I'm not sure my gp would've prescribed as it was my clinic who insisted I took thyroxine, and my county is very very tight but worth asking in case can't hurt 😘

If your clinic are advising you take it I would Hun anything we can do to help our chances is always worth doing ☺️.

Just to say you take the thyroxine first thing on an empty stomach to work best and you cannot take any vitamins containing magnesium or calcium as this can alter how well thyroxine works. Folic acid is perfectly safe to take tho 😊. And you will prob take it during ivf and if you conceive your clinic will want to test your tsh levels as pregnancy hormones can alter your tsh levels,

Sorry to hear you have a tough time having blood tests, it's so horrible isn't it ,I can get a bit faint ESP if they take a lot I always bring a chocolate bar or something in case 😋

Just want to wish you the very best with everything 🍀❤️


Thanks Jess1981,

Once my TSH etc levels come back I'll contact the clinic and I expect they will post the prescription out to me as we're 2 + hours away from the new clinic, at least it's a cheap bill for that one!

Got my blood tests booked for tomorrow, I always tell the person and at the NHS hospital they've always been very kind. I take water and a snack to have afterwards.


Had my bloods taken today. Lady was really lovely and looked after me, plus I hardly felt it. It's the thought rather than the actual test. Unfortunately I've had some phlembotemists you have told me I'll have to get used to it and insisted I go in the chair. I fainted both times I've had blood taken in the chair!

Hopefully the results will come back clear.


Oh I know it's not a pleasant thought. The things us ladies have to put ourselves through! When do get the results back? Wishing you good luck with the tests and hope you get the all clear. 🍀 X


Results are all fine. TSH still over 2.5 so GP prescribed thyroxine and blood retest in month's time. I'm waiting for clinic to confirm they want me to go on it. So another month to wait before any treatment can begin!


Sorry to hear that Hun! The waiting around is so vile! The only comfort you can take is you will be giving yourself the best chance of the ivf working. I know how frustrating it can be i remember last summer having an ivf consultation for egg sharing thinking maybe this time next year I'll have a baby silly me, if it could go wrong it did go wrong! Your time will come hang in Hun. These things are sent to try us. The baby will be worth it 😃 You take care ❤️ Maybe have a sneaky glass of wine! 🍷 Hope you feel better soon X


The waiting is really hard, treatment then seems to happen really quickly! I also hope that by now I'd have a baby, hopefully 3rd time lucky. Maybe the thyroxine will make the difference.

Hopefully after your surgery you won't need to go along IVF route. But if you do you'll be helping someone like me by egg sharing.

I might treat myself to a glass of wine over the weekend.


Wow PM27 information overload ! Bet you and your partner have so many questions , your thyroid level can change and it can be a factor in miscarriage I was tested 3 times for it all in all. Really hope this is the path for you wishing you all the best and lots of baby dust xxx


Thanks herrys.

I was a lot of information at one time, plus it was so different to the previous clinic. My thyroid levels have remained pretty level, I've also been tested for it 3 times now, but is over the desired 2.5 or under, the thyroxine will sort that out pretty quickly. Clinic have said we can go on egg donor list as levels will be under 2.5 by time have treatment and having blood test again in month's time.

Hope you are well.


Well hope it all works out hun fingers crossed for you ! Yes I'm doing fine thank you xx


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