And here we go new start, new adventure and new hope


I have been prodded, poked, injected, operates on, 3 miscarriages including eptopic, 3 failed fresh cycles, cried, hated, screamed, deflated, crazy, to hell

And back and still no baby....

However with new found hope I jumped on the flight for 2016 with a hope and glimmer that this last journey on this ride will lead us to our baby.

Clinc confirmed, prescription received, tests in progress and waiting to start....

To all of us that have felt the above, to all of us that have ensured pain like nothing else, for all of us that somehow find a new hope and make it to test another round....

It has to be our lucky day one day don't loose hope xxx

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  • Best of luck Tamtam! I have a good feeling about 2016!!

  • Thanks my love...

    Hope your pregnancy is going fab xx

  • Thanks Tamtam, will find out tomorrow when I finally get a '12 week' scan. I'll be 13w5d so it's felt like forever waiting for it!

  • There's another lady on here also getting her 12 week scan tomorrow. I can't say who as I don't have her permission. I thought she had a bfn, but apparently she just couldn't face letting us know. I'm hoping I've persuaded her to come back once her scan is over. Poor thing is petrified, I think we can all relate to that.

  • Fingers crossed 2016 will be a good year to all of us! 😘

  • Good luck lovely. Fingers crossed for an awesome 2016. My dream came true in 2015 after a long journey! Wishing you lots of luck too. Xx

  • Good luck on your journey, thinking of you xxx

  • Good luck!!!

    I hope it will be a good one for all of us! Xxx

  • I'm praying for you. You really deserve this. Best of luck xxx

  • Such inspiring words! Good luck to all the wonderful ladies (and partners) on here..... 2016 is THE year.... I needed to hear this today. Thankyou xxx

  • Thank you for the uplifting message, I m feeling so low after OHSS and the pain, the injections, the daily journey, the no exercise, the husband away for a week leaving me to face it alone, it just got too much. Then I woke up today to your message and it made me determined to join the troops again and not give up not for me and not for these ladies that are on the same fight.

    Just keep going, stay focused and stay determined.

    You made my day tamtam1

  • It's a tough journey but we're all strong women to even think about putting ourselves through this. As you say, stay focused and keep positive. Take each day as it comes and don't think too far ahead with this treatment. You'll get there. Hope your hubby is home soon to take care of you, I think their support is vital in this journey. x

  • Great uplifting post. All the best wishes for 2016 for you Tamtam1, a new beginning.


  • Good luck Tamtam! I really hope this round is the 'one' for you. Infertility is definitely the one of the harshest of life's journeys x

  • Hi, Tamtam! So happy for you!!!

    I really admire such kind of people like you're! Not get stucked with the problems but just going through all them.

    I felt some of these feelings myself while being treated IUI and ICSI unsuccessfully. It was endo which made us take lapo first then seek some other procedure. In the whole intercourse it became clear that my eggs cannot mature enough for fertilization. So we had to use donor's eggs. The first two attempts were the failure. We managed to achieve pregnancy only from the third attempt. That was shock and amazement at the same time!

    Hope is just that thing that gives us the strength to go further.

    I'll be praying for you this cycle be successful. Hug you strongly, fingers crossed xxx

  • I really hope this round works for you and you get to be a mummy at last.

    Our journey has ended after 2 miscarriages from natural conceptions and 3 BFNs from 3 rounds of ICSI, 3rd round with donor eggs. I decided that round 3 would be our final go before we started it, so it is sensible to make the decision that this will be your final try.

    Wishing you lots of luck and hoping for a BFP.

  • Good luck 😃. I'm keeping everything crossed for you xxx

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