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What tests to request?

I'm hoping for a bit more advice - I've written before that after trying for 2 yrs we've been offered clomid but I've only had HSG (all fine) and day 21 blood test (fine) and hubby had sperm tested (fine) should I be requesting FSH blood test, AMH blood test (avail on NHS???) and ultrasound of ovaries before taking clomid? Surely I could waste months on clomid if I don't have enough eggs!?! Feeling very confused - can anyone suggest questions I should ask or tests I should have before starting this next phase - we are still ttc naturally and praying for success but the disappointment every month is getting pretty tough. Thanks ladies xxxxxx

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Hi Hun welcome to this site hope you find it as helpful And supportive as I do.

First of all so sorry to hear you've been having a hard time conceiving know that feels. I hope I can help give some practical advice although I am not a Dr! Assuming you've been be refered to a fertilty clinic? If you haven't you need to get a referral from your gp ASAP.

. As for blood tests, There are other hormone blood tests to that need to be looked at including fsh,Lh, oestradiol, full blood count, prolactin,testosterone:androgens, thyroid function,and if you're immune against rubella(if you arent dw they will vaccinate you against it as it can cause miscarriages) Any of these hormones slightly out of whack could prevent conception.

The progestrone being normal is good should mean that you are ovulating regularly, in which case I'm confused why the Dr/consulant would recommend clomid. Clomid is taken to induce ovulation to woman who don't/not regularly ovulate. It seems old fashioned to prescribe clomid to unexplained infertility (all the tests you've had so far have been normal ,you at the moment would be classed as unexplained) usually the treatment for unexplained is ivf(if there is an issue with they can't test for ivf in therory should by cot that issue)

The amh is only free on the nhs when you are having ivf treatment on the nhs (along with several other screening blood tests that you both will under go) I beleive it costs around £50 so if you wanted to you could have that done at your gp surgery now if you wanted to,if that would help put your mind at rest. Unlike the other hormone blood tests amh can be done on any day of your cycle.

The scanning again I thought this was a standard nhs practice I would insist on one I know its very boring and tedious to have to fight with the medical profession (been there done that) but they should def do an ultrasound.

I had all my hormonal blood tests and scan done via my gp,and had a hsg at my ex nhs clinic, (discharged as I don't get nhs funded ivf)and for many years I was classified as unexplained til a fibroid was found in the lining of my uterus preventing conception from

occurring,awaiting for a date for my surgery to have it removed and hopefully can get back to trying again. I hope this info is helpful to you and if I can help you further let me know! Good luck X


Hi, hope you don't mind my message - the site tells me you live close to me, North Devon? I can relate to what you're saying and how you're feeling. I am 40 in 2 weeks and I had a MC Jan 2014 at 11 weeks. We've only been trying again for 7 months but all the guidelines advise to see GP earlier if over 35. So I made appt about 4 weeks ago and had a terrible time with GP. She basically said you've been pregnant before so it will happen again, go away and chill out!! I was so upset!! It was only when I asked her about going Private that she begrudgingly agreed to doing my bloods, and said she would 'take the flack' for it! I was so upset that I have since seen another GP who has been more helpful but has also confirmed what I have found from scouring the net, that there is no help available to me on the NHS now due to my age and has therefore told me not to delay if we are going to go private.So now i'm trying to decide which clinic to go to which is another minefield. Having a baby has totally consumed me, I am in a job i'm not enjoying just because their maternity care is good, and generally feel like i'm in limbo - not wanting to book next years holiday, not wanting to buy new clothes - 'just in case'! And I too feel so low at 'that' time very month. My partner is being so supportive but it's get to the point that i'm surprised he hasn't left me! I see my GP again next week for results of all preliminary tests and then will be looking to be referred to a specialist, with very mixed feelings about that too. Have your tests so far been via your GP? I'm beginning to think they just want to get me off their hands as quickly as possible as I have said we're prepared to go private, and am not sure whether there is anything else I should be asking them to do first. It's such a difficult time and all so confusing! xxx


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