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HSG results, at last πŸ‘

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Morning all

Just an update for you. Had my HSG results yesterday, and all was as good as we could've hoped for. Tubes all clear and patent.

My consultant was shocked when she learnt we had to wait 8 weeks for the results. An agonising wait at times! She said they should've told me there and then, or at least indicated if things were/weren't ok. We are considering going to the PALS department to just raise it in the hope that any ladies in future won't have the wait.

Moving on we are starting on clomid to try and wake up my ovaries and get them ovulating. Have 3 cycles to try, with an ultrasound and blood test as close to ovulation time as possible to look at the follicles. Not quite sure what the plan would be from there, if unsuccessful I presume maybe an increase in dose before anything else.

I've heard mixed reviews about clomid but I'm going to keep positive, I'm just glad that I walked out of there with a presciption.

So we are now waiting in anticipation for AF then back onto the baby dancing bandwagon!

Hope you are all ok 😊 and thanks to those who have messaged me to see how things went 😘 xxx

11 Replies

Yes, get on to PALS! There's no reason for such a long wait. I contacted PALS about the baby tv they had on in the waiting room which infertility patients share with pregnant women waiting for ultrasounds at my local hospital (oh my god, who decided that was a good idea?!) and was really pleased with the response I got for them.

Having worked in a hospital for a long time I always feel a bit reluctant to use PALS but now I'm thinking it could really be for the better for someone else. I can't believe that about your waiting room! Similar experience for me too, the gynae waiting room is shared with the early pregnancy waiting room. One day I went to check in at the desk and told the lady I had an appointment and she said 'oh for the early pregnancy?'. What an assumption! I take a folder of my letters with me to my appointments so she may have thought that was to do with pregnancy but she couldn't be more wrong! She soon apologised when I said no! I'm pleased PALS responded to you in a positive way though xxx

They don't know it's a problem unless you tell them. That's always my attitude anyway. If they ignore it then, then they've either got a good reason or they're in the wrong and deserve to be complained about!

Hi there. Its a joke 8 weeks for the results. I would defo query that. I was also on clomid for 3 months 100mg. It did help.me to ovualte which was brilliant. The side effects were okay not too bad. Just the gmheadace slight dizzness and a tearfull for the first couple of days. The clomid made my periods lighter and shorter whoch i didnt lile becuz i think its better to have a good flow for a good number of daus. Nurse said the period are lighter becuz i m bleeding every month bang on time so the lining is not as thick. Soflow not as heavy.But i was haveing a bleed before clomid aswell not bang on time so the lining was building up so mayby thats why i had heavier flow. Dont exactly know. Unfortunately i disnt fall pregnant on clomid but it defo worked.xxxx

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sarahlovs in reply to bibi_16

Hiya sorry for the late reply

Thanks for replying though. Did you start on 50mg before 100mg? I think I'm prepared for the possible side effects I may have. I'm surprised to hear your bleed was lighter, I'd have expected the opposite! I guess that may make implantation harder?! Your AF before clomid sounds very similar to how mine has been, only just seems to be proper bleeding. Can't believe I'm actually wanting it to arrive now so I can get started on the clomid! What is your plan now after clomid? Xxx

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I was given 100mg first time. I stopped clomid in jan 17. I had regular cycle on clomid and after but untell april i was late by 15 days and again this month im late by 1 day. Before clomid i have a period every months but was 4-5 days late or early or sometimes missed a period completely. I have pcos. My next line of treatment is ivf... i only get one go at ivf.xxx

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bibi_16 in reply to bibi_16

Amd guess what when i went for my follow up app after finishing clomid i was told the blood test they did on day 21 came bk that it seemed i ovulated but cant confirm i wanted to say to the dr why did they even ask me to do a blood test to chrck for progesterone on cycle day 21 when i dont have regular cycles. I tried to tell them this and was told just to do it. But i forgot to tell the dr this. And at the appointment the dr would not give me clear amswer on how long i have to wait for ivf and i felt she was annoyed i kept asking so many questioms and her tone of voice her expressions told me shes fed up of me. I said to her while leaving that thanks for ur time amd bye she dodnt say anything amd i left i was thinking to call pals but didnt.xxx

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sarahlovs in reply to bibi_16

To be fair that makes me a little bit nervous, my cycles aren't consistent but they still insist on day 21 bloods. I'm fortunate that it seems things are trying to get to a regular cycle but it's probably still a bit hazy.

I'm sorry to hear it didn't work for you, I have everything crossed that ivf is the way forward and that you have success. I'm keeping myself level headed about clomid, if it works it works but if not then we will move on to our next option, it's all we can do.

I understand your frustration with your consultant. Up until Friday we had a different consultant for every appointment which was frustrating as we had to keep talking through our journey from the start each time. And one of them we asked lots of questions and felt a bit rushed, made us feel like a number as opposed to people.

I guess it's what pals is there for, to help those going through it in future if nothing ehse 😊 xxx

Hello .

If first cycles don't get you ovulating doses are increased . Have you been told to take cycle days 2-6? I started on 50mg and got increased to 100mg it is working just got to wait for the outcomes . I would deffinatly get a word across with pals . All the very best to you xx

Hiya thanks for your reply!

Yes I've been told day 2 of a bleed is when to start it. Then a blood test at day 21 and an ultrasound scan around about that time too. Do they have a plan if 100mg isn't successful? I guess it's like a maximum period of 6 months on clomid then? I'll be calling pals when they are open tomorrow 😊 xxx

I fell pregnant on 100mg it didn't work out but back on it again . From what the gynaecologist has told me yes 12 months is maximum . Although I want to query that for my own journey on chlomid . I was told the next step after 100mg for me was to be referred for ivf . Xx

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