BFN but no af. UPDATED again

Hey, looking for others experiences (positive or negative, a mini survey). My official test day is tomorrow but I should have started spotting on Saturday and so far no sign. I caved and tested on Saturday morning (3 days before test day, 4 days before 'missed' period) and got a BFN. I've read lots of stories on line about people testing negative before OTD but positive afterwards but I assumed that they ovulated late (obv not possible when your entire cycle is under medical control). Does anyone have any experience of this (I'd like answers either way please e.g. tested negative and it stayed negative or tested negative and got a positive later). I'm not on any meds like progesterone and I had a clomid IUI with pregnyl.

Otd is here. My doctor issued urine test is showing an incredible faint positive but the clear blue is a pretty clear BFP! This is officially the most pregnant I’ve ever been. 🤞🏼

Sadly my tests only got stronger for 1 day. After that they got progressively weaker until today when I got a negative. A chemical pregnancy was confirmed today by my clinic. I’m going to take a break from this site for a while. Thanks for all your support and good wishes. Xx

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  • Hey. I have read of women on here who tested a day earlier and got a bfn but by otd it was a bfp. Having said that the reason Af might not show is if you are on progesterone support, this often delays af. On my first round I didn’t get Af until about 3-4 days after I finished cyclogest. Obviously I had a bfn on otd. I’m not saying this to worry you, I just don’t want you to have false hope. Test again tomorrow and good luck for a bfp when you do xx

  • I’m not on and meds at all. No progesterone from my clinic for an IUI, only IVF. I know that it’s unlikely that I am pregnant. With my history it’s more likely that I’ve been pregnant and already lost it. (That has happened to me so many times, I test out the hcg from the trigger shot, then I test positive 4 or 5 days before otd, then negative on otd as it’s a chemical pregnancy). The only time my period has ever been late is when I have been pregnant. I decided not to put my self through daily testing this time round as it’s too stressful. I’ve never managed to make it to 4 weeks pregnant.

  • 😞 I’m sorry to hear that..

    Probably a good idea not to test every day. Still hope you do one on otd and that it’s a positive 🤞 xx

  • Thanks. All I can do is hope. X

  • Hi, I’m exactly the same as you. Tested yesterday and got a bfn, otd is tomorrow and im going to get a first response early response test now ready. I was due to have my period Monday gone but as Tugsgirl has said with the cyclogest it can delay the period (I actually didn’t know about that). I’m hoping to get a bfp tomorrow but im in doubt now because of yesterday 😢 xx

  • Good luck to you too xx

  • Thank you lovely x

  • It’s such a crap situation. I know my chances are tiny but I can’t help but keep thinking what if I’m the lucky one. Fingers crossed we’re both the lucky ones. It’s driving me insane. I’m actually too scared to take the test. My poor husband is going to be handed a pot of urine. He’s been so amazing throughout this whole process. I’m not sure I could have survived without him. X

  • We’re so the same except for the drug route. I’ve been pretty positive up until yesterday. I was thinking about being the first time go and it being successful (also feeling guilty if I was pregnant with others trying so hard) it’s just so hard but I’m coming round to the fact that if I’m going to do the second round then I will!! Fingers crossed for everyone xx

  • Your clinic should have told you about the effects of your meds. They didn’t tell me the side effects when I had my ivf either. It seems like such a small thing but it’s so unfair because people get their hopes up. Fingers crossed for us both for tomorrow. X

  • They didn’t really tell me much at all!! I’m going to be proper full on with questions when I see them next!! Good luck lovely xx

  • I had negative at 13DPO and an almost undetectable squinter of a positive at 14DPO, then a better squinter 15DPO. Xx

  • It’s nice to know there are some positive stories. I’m actually dreading taking the test tomorrow.

  • Good luck xxx

  • Thanks 🤞🏼 X

  • Congratulations! I’ll keep my 🤞 that this one sticks for you!

  • Congratulations! Xx

  • Great update 😊 xx

  • Lovely update, congratulations xx

  • Congratulations hun. Really pleased for you xx

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